18 adjectives to describe kite

To all of their remarks Sahwah paid no heed, stubbornly keeping her determination to enter her beloved kite.

In sum, he is like a mongrel dog with a velvet collar, a cart-horse with a golden saddle, a buzzard kite with a falcon's bells, or a baboon with a pied jerkin.

He said of course we couldn't build a decent kite, no girl could, but if we wanted to go into the contest and get beaten the Scouts wouldn't care.

"I tell you everybody will laugh at us and our one-eyed kite.

"Old Elsie is a fierce old kite, with strong beak and long claws, and will not let the poor girl have any good of her youth.

"A foreign kite, I daresay?" said Feltram.

The men about the post were summoned, burros were loaded, and at 2 P.M. the whole rain-making force was far up the foothills unloading and preparing to fly gigantic kites and explode in the upper vaults of the atmosphere bombs and rockets and all sorts of things to make a rainstorm.

Benjamin Franklin sent aloft his historic kite and found that electricity came down the silken cord.

Now that fellow Sidi bin Tagim in the hospital is an honest old kite in his way.

No rich man had stepped in to snatch, in spite of all his own flocks and herds, at the poor man's own ewe- lamb, and set him barking at all the world, as many a poor lover has to do in defence of his morsel of enjoyment, now turned into a mere bone of contention and loadstone for all hungry kites and crows.

His last clear thought had been an intense anxiety about his snow-shoes as they sailed away, two liberated kites, but as he went on falling, clutching at the airfallingand felt the alder twigs snap under his hands, he said to himself, "This is death," but calmly, as if it were a small matter compared to losing one's snow-shoes.

" "I would not have undertaken it," said Elsie, "had I not been frightened by that hook-nosed old kite of a cavalier that has been sailing and perching round.

Prairie kites soared far overhead on motionless wings.

My pretty, buoyant, darling kite, To pass for ever out of sight?

90 While, near the midway cliff, the silvered kite In many a whistling circle wheels her flight; Slant watery lights, from parting clouds, apace Travel along the precipice's base; Cheering its naked waste of scattered stone, 95 By lichens grey, and scanty moss, o'ergrown; Where scarce the foxglove peeps, or thistle's beard; And restless stone-chat, all day long, is heard.

Mitchell the sorry kite.

Justly punished for wounding Redbud's hand, throwing Miss Fanny on her face, and periling the life of Longears, the unfortunate kite struggles a moment in the clouds, staggers from side to side, like a drunken man, and then caught by a sudden gust, sweeps like a streaming comet down into the autumn forest, and is gone.

But she did not dare to tell her visitor that he was an unregenerate kite, lest her husband would not support her.

18 adjectives to describe  kite