268 adjectives to describe lesson

You have tried, and tried not unskilfully, but you see now that the right man cannot always wina useful lesson, is it not?

" Froebel believed that contact with nature helps a child's realisation of God, and any one who believes in early religious experience must agree; a child's early questions and difficulties, as well as his early awe and fear show ithe is probably nearer to God in his nature work than in many of the daily Scripture lessons.

A shot struck the corner of the target just as we got away from it, slightly splintering it, so as to give the bewildered Indian a pleasant practical lesson in the science of gunnery and fortification.

In physical games, too, the social side is strongly developed: leadership, self-effacement and co-operation are more valuable lessons of experience than fluent reading or neat writing or accurate additions: but they have not counted as such in our economic system of education; they have taken their chance: few inspectors ask to see whether children know how to "play the game," and yet they are so soon to play the independent game of life.

In the older breviaries, the reference to the little lesson at Compline stood, I. Pet.

It was hoped by her best friends that the bitter lesson which Dorothe had learned would prove effective, but it did not.

So far so good; but he had to be taught, by severe lessons, that his brute courage was not enough,that he wanted spiritual courage, the courage which came by faith, and that if that failed him, the brute courage would fail too.

There was a vague suspicion of sensual softness about his body, as if this might have been a man who loved comfort and ease, who had always chosen the primrose path, had never learned the salutary lesson of self-denial.

I have been taught the plague of my own heart since, by many a sharp lesson.'

Well, indeed, might the insulting enemies of our Faith reproach us with a supine and disgraceful inattention to the real interest of Virtue, and the true glory of Religion, could we suffer any other order of men to surpass the Ministers of CHRIST in a meritorious zeal to honour this faithful servant of Heaven, whose life exhibits a lesson more instructive and sublime than all the eloquence of the Pulpit!

Nature then is hard and stern; Living things sad lessons learn.

Nor this alone; much had her Highness heard What flowers of learning graced the royal speech; What gems of wisdom dropped with every word; What wholesome lessons he was wont to teach In pleasing proverbs; and she wished, in sooth, To know if Rumor spoke the simple truth.

The story of Faustus's adventurous life and shocking death, with its impressive lessons, appears at first to have been kept extant only by oral tradition.

But whatever the original design of this statue to Reynard, the old fox read me a solemn lesson, and seemed to be always saying, "Take care, Harry; be on your guard.

Ritz sat down to finish, with many a sigh, a delayed arithmetic lesson.

But he had exposed her weakness; had forced her to see it, naked and pitiful, with no chivalryeither manly or brotherlycovering it; and seeing it with nothing to depend upon, she learned for the first time in her life the high, stern lesson of independence.

"I want to do an extra lesson."

I know no better lesson for the instruction of a prince than is afforded by the actions and example of the Dukefor, if the measures he adopted did not succeed, it was not his fault, but rather owing to the extreme perversity of fortune.

After his death, men used the empty forms awhile; but the surviving aristocrats had learned their awful lesson.

He also was actively interested in the schools, and not only advocated public schools and plenty of them, but was a frequent visitor to the city and district schools, talking to the children in that interesting, entertaining way that always clothes some helpful lesson in a form long to be remembered.

The liberality of Virginia, or, as the result may prove, her folly, which submitted to, or, if you will, PROPOSED this measure, (abolition of slavery in the N.W. territory) has eventuated in effects which speak a monitory lesson.

Is it not the plain lesson of this stupendous and disastrous war that there is no way to secure civilization from destruction except by an impartial control and protection in the interests of the whole human race, a control representing the best intelligence of mankind, of these main causes of war.

GRIFFEN, ELIZABETH F. Advanced lessons supplementary to Foundation to band playing.

A melancholy and monitory lesson this, to all time-serving and temporising statesmen!

And while surely every one but a fanatical anti-Christian must allow the greater prophetic worth of the Galilean, who could teach these sublime lessons so that "the common people heard him gladly," it seems difficult to deny to the heretic Jew of the Hague the second rank among the teachers given to the world by that strangely gifted race.

268 adjectives to describe  lesson