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642 adjectives to describe « levels »

642 adjectives to describe « levels »

  • HENDERSON, MABEL J. Easy growth in reading workbook to accompany Mac and Muff pre-primer level one.. SEE HILDRETH, GERTRUDE.
  • At last, however, reaching the upper level, he saw by lamplight, through the open door, two figures struggling.
  • Without heeding for a moment my anxious inquiries as to what was the matter, he kept right on, leaping the logs like a deer, looking neither to the right hand nor the left, but with his coat tail sticking out on a dead level behind, making a straight wake for home.
  • They make, at a certain level, good slave drivers because they feel within themselves a driving force.
  • It also splits powers both between the federal and state levels and between the legislative (law-making), executive (government), and judicial (courts) branches.
  • We need create no inquiry into the value of raising the subnormal to the normal level.
  • The edition has since folded and it is a shame that the paper doesn't do more at the international level now, perhaps utilising new technologies available to streamline the whole process.
  • Bloomfield today floated the idea of tightening alert level 1 settings to increase the chances of avoiding moving back to lockdown or lockdown lite in the future.
  • The deeper levels are buried and pressed down, slowly growing firm and rigid, but still keeping the marks of the layers that make them up.
  • That you should persistently remain at your present depressed level!
  • Both these data points are trending towards pre-COVID levels,Noronha said.
  • But the district's superintendent said they wanted to start on the same day as the high school district, and also needed a little more time to prepare for pandemic-level learning.
  • He first played senior-level hockey for Brandon YMCA in 1907–08.
  • The Hours of Idleness seldom rise, either in thought or expression, very far above the average level of juvenile verse; many of the pieces in the collection are weak imitations, or commonplace descriptions; others suggested by circumstances of local or temporary interest, had served their turn before coming into print.
  • but in summer, at ordinary water level, it would be about one hundred feet wider.
  • International marketing is developed by many multinational companies on a global level.
  • Some of them have been to public schools and to the university, and they naturally live their lives on a more elevated level.
  • She's a child of the people, and ought not to be raised from her proper level.
  • Quote: Mr Donohoe told reporters on Tuesday, The necessary restrictions to limit the transmission of the Covid-19 virus have resulted in a severe recession and unprecedented levels of unemployment.
  • But the Nile begins to rise in the middle of June, and returns to its usual level in October.
  • At noon passed the last sandy ridge; before us lay an immense plain, covered with thickets, and not a hill or valley could be observedthe country seemed to settle into one vast level of dense and almost impenetrable scrub or thicket.
  • In the US, 14% of adults are at the "below basic" level for prose literacy; 12% are at the "below basic" level for document literacy; and 22% are at that level for quantitative literacy.
  • Alcohol can produce hazardous side effects, reduce heart rate, and drop blood pressure to a dangerous level.
  • If we are at that intellectual level where we can see nothing but chance governing the world, then this underlying universal mind will present to us nothing but a fortuitous confluence of forces without any intelligible order.
  • Sociocultural theory, as stated by Cole, John-Steiner, Scribner, and Souberman, is the belief that "every function in the child's cultural development appears twice: first, on the social level, and later, on the individual level."
  • Change is also being effected at the grassroots level.
  • The piles of drifted sand had for some time prevented the brightest eyes on board "The Swallow" from seeing any thing to seaward; but now, as they came around the point and a broad level lay before them, Ham Morris sprang to his feet in sudden excitement, as he exclaimed, "In the breakers!
  • He compted at elite level between 1994 and 2006.
  • But a conclusive fall below the key support level of 100 can drag the stock down to 90 and then to 80.
  • Players take control of a specific Care Bear in 12 quests containing multiple levels.
  • Its people play together, for play's sake and for finding their honest human level.
  • "We'll have to use elimination," said the teacher when she had her pupils out on the green level that was back of the gymnasium and walled in by tall Lombardy poplars planted closely.
  • The candour of Sir Walter's historic pen levels our bristling prejudices on this score, and sees fair play between Roundheads and Cavaliers, between Protestant and Papist.
  • Steering east-north-east two miles across wide level plains, with patches of box-trees, turned north at noon and struck the Albert just below the junction of the South Creek and Beame's Brook.
  • Attempts are being made in various regions to effectuate stable authorities at the regional level, such as the United States of North America or the United States of Mexico.
  • At 4 p.m. bivouacked on a small watercourse running through a level grassy flat, bounded on both sides by thickets of wattle.
  • This is but one of many incidents showing his marvellous power in restraining his patients and raising them to a higher moral level.
  • In his 1956 publication Statistical methods and scientific inference, he recommended that significant levels be set according to specific circumstances.
  • An unsuccessful attempt was made in 1983 to introduce Arabic as a required language in primary and secondary levels.
  • A degree of level IV requires more theoretical knowledge than the previous level.
  • Almost all stop at the moderate level, where human efforts appear to have their boundary established in the determination of God.
  • Not only their men of affairsgenerals and statesmenbut their men of thought and feelingphilosophers and poetswere among the greatest the world has ever seen; yet these philosophers and poetswho, as everywhere, must have been far above the emotional level of their countrymen in generalknew nothing of romantic love.
  • In World versus World the player also gains the maximum level, but can not use abilities that are not unlocked by the players character.
  • By studying at such an advanced level, it could help to improve their English skills to get high scores in other English exams.
  • It is a pity that but few people meet and enjoy storms so noble as this in their homes in the mountains, for, spending themselves in the open levels of the plains, they are likely to be remembered more by the bridges and houses they carry away than by their beauty or the thousand blessings they bring to the fields and gardens of Nature.
  • King and her daughter Emily were the first British mother and daughter team to represent Britain in their respective age groups, Mary at senior and Emily (15 years old) at junior level.
  • Corruption has reached alarming levels and Zimbabwe is desperate, so there is no need to follow procedure in fighting graft any gun should shoot.
  • In following this stream into 'the gulf,' you walked on a level plain between walls of rock, rising two or three hundred feet on either hand, and a dozen or more rods apart, until you came to 'the falls,' down which the stream rushed with a plunge and a roar, when its back was up, or over which, in the dry season, it quietly rippled.
  • Aflatoxin is an adulterant from a human and animal food safety perspective; blending aflatoxin-contaminated grain with lower- or non-contaminated grain for the purpose of lowering the overall aflatoxin level is illegal.
  • Without further comment readers are left to form their own opinion of a Press which breeds such filth, and the cultural level of a people which consumes such garbage.
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