76 adjectives to describe liars

"The little liar!"

Oh, they were awful liars.

But the person who pretends to say so has the reputation to be a notorious liar among persons whom I know to be of undoubted credit.

The fellow is not only, beneath his pretense of gentleness, a fiend at heart, but he is also a consummate liar.

"You dirty liar; I'll slap yer face if yer say that again!"

'Bout time he knew.") "Joe Blaine" (speaker faces Mr. Blaine, and tries not to choke), "if any one tries to say that you had anything to do with the firehe's a damned liar!

But Bob's eyes lighted in a way that made me feel a deliberate liar.

If it had been said to Homer, that his gods cannot be "good" because their behaviour is consistently cynical, cruel, unscrupulous and scandalous, he would simply think he had not heard aright: Zeus is an habitual liar, of course, but what has that got to do with his "goodness"?Only those who would have Homer a kind of Salvationist need regret this.

"From the little I've seen of Mr. Bruce Latimer," I said, "I should put him down as being one of the most accomplished liars in England."

"He's an abominable liar!" said Thoroughbung, "a wicked, wretched liar!"

And because of these things, and the kindness in which I stood to thee, it grieves me sore that thou shouldst return such a remarkable liar.

Baldly stated, because Ulysses was the shrewdest and most successful liar in classic antiquity.

They are the pathological liars with little or no initiative or conscienceamoral, not merely theoretically, but instinctively and unconsciously, with all the certitude and perfection of the unconscious accomplishment.

" "I ain't doubting yore word, Swing," Alicran said, tactfully, "but they seems to be a difference of opinion sort of, and" "I say that Luke Tweezy is a damn liar," reasserted Swing, "and they ain't no difference of opinion about that.

"If thou art Nam-Bok," Opee-Kwan was saying, "thou art a fearful and most wonderful liar; if thou art the shadow of Nam-Bok, then thou speakest of shadows, concerning which it is not good that living men have knowledge.

"But you must remember he's a desperate liar, John, and can't be trusted as a guidepost.

A careful observer of the people of India, who was long a resident among them, says: "More systematic, more determined, liars, than the people of the East, cannot, in my opinion, be found in the world.

They are extremely poor, egregious liars, the greatest thieves in the world, and very treacherous.

Everybody finds out that GEOFFREY is an enormous liar and an unmitigated blackguard.

"Why, you eternal little liar, you're a genius!

But I am inclined to hold that the Devil has no one body, nay, no body of his own; but ceaselessly usurps or counterfeits bodies; for he is an everlasting liar, yea, the lie which is the colored shadow of the substance that intercepts the truth.

As an extemporaneous liar you are very clumsy.

"Captain be damned; you're my cousin, George Ormond, or I'm the fattest liar south of Montreal!

Jimmie is a frightful liar, and would sacrifice his hope of heaven to torture us successfully for half a day.

Now, my dear Stubby, I know that you are a gifted and accomplished liar, and for that reason I insist that you work your brain and tongue in this matter.

76 adjectives to describe  liars