319 adjectives to describe lies

" At this wicked speech Dotty's heart almost sank into her boots; for she had never known before that Lina would tell a deliberate lie.

Mrs. Cowley was ashamed to advance a direct lie, but she was not ashamed to insinuate a falsehoodA Naeuio uel sumpsisti multa, si fateris; uel, si negas surripuistiCicero.'

And in various cases he insists that "it is lawful to tell a lie," although "the lie must be charitable and useful,"a good lie, and not a wicked lie; for a good lie is good, and a wicked lie is wicked.

Among the monstrous lies exposed by these investigators, are reports that Belgian priests paid eight shillings for every German head brought to them; high treason charges against Catholic priests in Alsace; all kinds of monstrous crimes charged to the priesthood; that a Belgian boy was caught with a bucketful of dead Germans' eyes; espionage by priests etc., etc.

A man may as well be detected in a great as a little lie.

" "But won't you see what an infernal lie has been practised on you, and all the rest of us who had any conscience or heart in us, all this while?

" Wil-lie trem-bling-ly took off his hat, and re-pli-ed in an hum-ble voice, "If you please, prin-cess, I wish-ed to know whe-ther you want-ed a ser-vant to as-sist in your mag-ni-fi-cent cas-tle.

Like the whiffle-tit, they were just a damn lie.

The dart of his hand had betrayed him; that, and a look in his eyes, a tell-tale mirth which had seemed to mock both her and himself, and had made his ingenious lie even at the moment unconvincing.

While the explanation might seem to be fairly plausible, he felt positive the man was telling a downright lie; and Max believed he knew an easy way to prove it.

" "Thou lookest at the wall, Gino, and art consulting thy wits for some plausible lie!" "I look at the wall because conscience tells me that too much weakness for thee is about to draw me astray from duty.

The charge was a tissue of the most barefaced lies, but I had to ride fifty-four miles in the burning sun, ford several rivers, and undergo much fatigue and discomfort.

"The publicwho is at times very densesaw it clearly nevertheless: of course, every one at once jumped to the natural conclusion that Mrs. Ireland was telling a liea noble lie, a self-sacrificing lie, a lie endowed with all the virtues if you like, but still a lie.

Have you do;why, I wou'd have yed'ye see'twill not out; why, I wou'd have ye lie with the Sultan, Huswife; I wonder how the Devil you have the face to refuse him, so handsom, so young a Lover; come, come, let me hear no more of your Coyness, Mistress, for if I do, I shall be hang'd;

Conventional lies of our civilization.

It is evident that the specious arguments put forth by young Chrysostom, in defense of his inexcusable lie of love fifteen centuries ago, have neither been added to nor improved on by any subsequent apologist of lying and deception.

Nevertheless the temptation to regard these regulative principles as constitutive and these problems as knowable objects is almost irresistible; for the ground of the involuntary confusion of the required with the given absolute lies not so much in the carelessness of the individual as in the nature of our cognitive faculty.

"I will not believe this," exclaimed the Doge, whose very soul revolted at this unfeeling apathy, even more than at the disgrace of being the father of such a child; "thou art not he thou pretendest to be; this foul lie is uttered that my natural feelings may interpose between thee and the block!

This opened an earnest discussion of the question whether there is such a thing as a "lie of necessity," or a justifiable lie.

"It is a damnable lie; but it is the most cruel way of getting rid of me, and therefore the one most congenial to your heartlessness.

When ill success shall make thee idle lie, Mayst thou in bed be impotent as I. Car.

" "Thee did tell a dreadful lie while thee was about it," said Mrs. Crowder, "

"It is a damned lie," cried one of them, a handsome, over-dressed fellow who had been conspicuous for his public insolence towards me.

Our joy, our health, our strength, have at the last day become mere lies.

If you stroke a cat, it will purr; and, as inevitably, if you praise a man, a sweet expression of delight will appear on his face; and even though the praise is a palpable lie, it will be welcome, if the matter is one on which he prides himself.

319 adjectives to describe  lies