50 adjectives to describe like

And this was wisdom of the Maid; but I to be a little irked-like and restless; and this mayhap because that my blood did itch me, because that it did be so full of the poison of my bruises.

I might say the like of angry, peevish, envious, ambitious; Anticyras melior sorbere meracas; Epicures, Atheists, Schismatics, Heretics; hi omnes habent imaginationem laesam (saith Nymannus)

He walked for miles, creeping ant-like between the immensities of the brown plain and the tumbled sky.

Another facethe bearded facered-eyed, almost animal-like in its fierce questioning, bent over him.

Another facethe bearded facered-eyed, almost animal-like in its fierce questioning, bent over him.

"I'm sure the house itself seems lighter and more cheerful-like without her, ma'am," said this young person, who was of a vivacious temperament, and upon whom the dowager's habitual dreariness had been a heavy affliction; "and you're looking all the better already for not being worried by her.

This was Hagar Warren, who in her cottage by the mine has grown older and more crazy-like since last we saw her.

" Her cool eyes ran over the assembly till they lighted on the one I had already noted as more decent-like than the rest.

It is true that compared with Madame Bonanni in her prime, as he remembered her, Margaret was as a lily of the valley to a giant dahlia; yet when he recalled the sweet and healthy English girl he had known and loved in Versailles three years ago, the vision was delicate and fairy-like beside the strong reality of the successful primadonna.

And me sittin' here calcilatin' eggs an' milk domestic-like and thinkin' what bliss . . .

Society is so dull and dense, so lacking in spiritual vision, so dumb and so beast-like that it does not know the difference between a thief and the only Begotten Son.

Another facethe bearded facered-eyed, almost animal-like in its fierce questioning, bent over him.

I'm watching the house, faithful-like, and hear 'er scream.

His face was bandaged up, and when 'e come in he walked feeble-like and spoke in a faint sort o' voice.

Said Jephson, who has a practical mind, approaching at times the commercial: "The question is not what we like, but what the female novel-reader likes.

He saw her light figure flit ghost-like across the dim stretch of grass and vanish into the shadows.

Nothin' seemed to be the matter with him: he was only frightened-like, an' couldn't be quieted.

I ain't over-sentimental, But old Blake is so blamed gentle An' so thoughtfull-like of others He reminds us of our mothers.

With a curve and a sweep he circles round, down come the long bony legs, the bald and hideous neck is extended, and with talons quivering for the rotting flesh, and cruel beak agape, he hurries on to his repast, the embodiment of everything ghoul-like and ghastly.

Picked fresh from the tree, the cocoanut consists first of a green outer covering; next of a fibrous coat, which, if the nut is mature, is hairy-like in appearance; and then of the woody shell, inside of which is the meat and milk.

Then, Mucedorus, do as thou didst decree: Attire thee hermit-like within these groves; Walk often to the beech, and view the well; Make settles there, and seat thyself thereon; And when thou feelest thyself to be athirst, Then drink a hearty draught to Amadine.

I told un that I were within about three hundred red yards of late master when he had that ugly fall; and that when I got up to un, he sort of pulled me down, and whispered hoarse-like, 'Send for Reverend Zachariah Zimmerman.'

Our missus may barge as hoo likes, I'll keep it oppen.

But what about the poor human soul itself, with its inherent vices and virtues, its fears and indulgences, audacities and nobilities, jealousies, shames, blunders, incurable likes, cravings and diseases? Can science change the texture of the slave and careerist, if they represent the subnormal and the abnormal?

He'll walk in kinder stately-like and say, "How do, Miss Brown?" And teacher, she'll talk sweet as choclate cake; And he'll put on his specs and cough and pull his eyebrows down And look at us so hard 't would make yer shake.

50 adjectives to describe  like