180 adjectives to describe limit

In the summer time the drouth lapped up its waters, and it dried away to a little brook, trickling over the falls, and went winding, a small streamlet, around the base of the hill; sometimes it disappeared in the gravel, or among the loose stones, save here and there a pool of narrow limits and shallow depth.

He looked to March as if he were approaching the elastic limit of complete exhaustion.

The extreme upper limit of the belt is reached between the middle and south forks of the Kaweah at an elevation of 8400 feet.

Above this region of giants, the trees grow smaller until the utmost limit of the timber line is reached on the stormy mountain-slopes at a height of from ten to twelve thousand feet above the sea, where the Dwarf Pine is so lowly and hard beset by storms and heavy snow, it is pressed into flat tangles, over the tops of which we may easily walk.

For within the territorial limits of any great and permanent state, the tendency is for warfare to become the exception and peace the rule.

It lies just beyond the northern limit of the higher portion of the range between the main axis and a spur that puts out on the east side from near the head of the Carson River.

To direct it within reasonable limits is the only safe way.

This is the fact brought out by the Challenger's work, that they have a southern limit of distribution, which can hardly depend upon anything but the temperature of the surface water.

Mexico held that the western limit was the Nueces.

Mon's apartment, indeed, in the tall house next door to the Posada de los Reyes on the Paseo del Ebro was a known resort of the more cultured of the pilgrims, of these who came from afar; from Rome and from the farthest limits of the Roman Churchfrom Warsaw to Minnesota.

In the way of mere outward show, I really think you deserve high praise, for you have transformed a very ugly dwelling into one that is almost handsome, in despite of proportions and the necessity of regulating the alterations by prescribed limits.

" He could, however, place strict limits as to how much a patient might work.

On the western slope it is first met at an elevation of about 2000 feet, and extends nearly to the upper limit of the timber line.

Two experiments with those treacherous Stuarts were necessary before the conviction became fastened on the mind of the English people that constitutional liberty could not exist while they remained upon the throne; and the spirit which had burst out into a blazing flame two generations earlier, was now confined within constitutional limits.

We have, sparingly, in North Hampshire, though, strangely, not on the Bagshot moors, the Common or Northern Butterwort (Pinguicula vulgaris); and also, in the south, the New Forest part of the county, the delicate little Pinguicula lusitanica, the only species now found in Devon and Cornwall, marking the New Forest as the extreme eastern limit of the Atlantic flora.

Geographical limits of this country.

Only when the gulch which marked the uttermost limit of Poker Flat was reached, the leader spoke briefly and to the point.

It is impossible to fix an exact limit to the time it should occupy, for much depends on the age and the number of the children.

The definite territorial limits of the new nation were not set, according to the proclamation, and would not be until the close of the war.

And again: Resolved, That the preceding measures of Congress relative to Indian affairs shall not be construed to affect the territorial claims of any of the States or their legislative rights within their respective limits.

The population at present engaged in agriculture will in times of peace buy up to the practical limits of its purchasing power, and is hardly likely, especially in the early stages of a war, to "consume a part of the products which cannot be disposed of abroad," except in so far as they buy German goods (the production of which the declaration of the war may have seriously impeded), instead of commodities produced abroad.

My father's dwelling was on the outer limits of the round-faced village.

"A great many of the ladies on board spent all their time in playing Bridget whist, and after watching them for a couple of afternoons they offered to teach me the game with a moderate limit.

Let us say you have your individual domicile or the cramped and sunless apartment you dub your habitation within corporate limits.

It may indeed be permanently impracticable because there seems to be an upward limit to the size of an aeroplane engine.

180 adjectives to describe  limit
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