35 adjectives to describe linings

Every cloud must havedo you not saya silver lining?

A careful use of the thermometer indicated that the metallic surface of the former was now nearly zero C., or 32° F. The inner surface of the windows was somewhat colder, showing that the crystal was more pervious to heat than the walls, with their greater thickness, their outer and inner lining of metal, and massive interior of concrete.

For, strange to say, though they watched all the usual channels of information, as Ministers say; in Parliament, and also tried to open up some unusual ones, they never heard anything again of the Sergeant, of the sack of gold, of the yawning tomb with its golden lining, of its silent waxen-faced enthroned guardian who had defeated them.

" Moll nods, and with ready wit takes the ribbon from her head, letting her pretty hair tumble all about her shoulders, and then whipping up her long skirt, tucks one end under her girdle, thereby making a very dainty show of pink lining against the dark stuff, and also giving more play for her feet.

The lamp, shaking in the district attorney's hand, illuminated each detail of the casket's interior linings.

The harness-room should have a wooden lining all round, and be perfectly dry and well ventilated.

He is painted with a black cap, cloak, and breeches, edged with velvet, all slashed, through which appears the crimson lining.

I believenay, I am sure, it contains a sheet of lead under its delicate lining of satin.

A, membrane of the hair-follicle, cells with nuclei and pigmentary granules; B, external lining of the root sheath; C, internal lining of the root sheath; D, cortical or fibrous portion of the hair shaft; E, medullary portion (pith) of shaft; F, hair-bulb, showing its development from cells from A. ]

Measles consists of a fever, in which the mucous lining of the air- passages is principally affected, and which, after about three days' duration, results in an eruption of a red rash over the surface.

We went by a rather pretentious house, with pear trees in front of it and a big barn alongside it; and right under the eaves of the barn I picked up the short jacket of a French trooper, so new and fresh from the workshop that the white cambric lining was hardly soiled.

This semi-fluid lining is protoplasm, which thus constitutes a kind of bag, full of a limpid liquid, and roughly corresponding in form with the interior of the hair which it fills.

His phrase, the apparel of his mind, is made of divers shreds, like a cushion, and when it goes plainest it hath a rash outside and fustian linings.

Delicate, hair-like filaments, not unlike the pile on velvet, called cilia, spring from the epithelial lining of the air tubes.

Every man would have, tied about his neck or to one of his buttonholes, the German field-doctor's card telling of the nature of his hurt and the place where he had sustained it; and the uniform of nearly every one would be discolored with dried blood, and where the coat gaped open you marked that the harsh, white cambric lining was made harsher still by stiff, brownish- red streakings.

And although the work he undertook was a very small work, it was like all God's great works, for every loop he made had a little love looped up in it, like an invisible, softest, downiest lining to the stockings.

This Hewitt took down and examined very closely, smearing his fingers with the dust from the inside lining.

This is supplied by sheaths which form a double lining around the tendons.

Sahwah fingered the torn lining and wondered if the artist would make them pay for the damage.

And then his heart went thumping, and the perspiration damped the lovely lining of his new hat; and his legs trembled, literally!

Twa had manteeles o' dolefu' black, But ane wi' lyart lining; The third, that gaed a wee a-back, Was in the fashion shining Fu' gay that day.

This, say Crowe and Cavalcaselle, "was made up of one ream and twenty-nine quires, or about 288 square feet of royal folio paper, the mere pasting of which necessitated a consumption of eighty-eight pounds of flour, the mere lining of which required three pieces of Florentine linen.

Slevin had left his hip boots in the cabin, and as Laughing Bill turned down their tops and set them out in the wind to dry his sharp eye detected several yellow pin-points of color which proved, upon closer investigation, to be specks of gold clinging to the wet lining.

Near by, within a palisade, is the old castle well, with hart's-tongue ferns growing on the damp brick lining.

Hardy opened the leather case, placing it upon the grass, and I saw the two derringers lying against the plush lining, deadly looking weapons, with long steel-blue barrels, and strangely carven stocks.

35 adjectives to describe  linings