440 adjectives to describe lipping

Although not fallen to a crippled state, are you not now too advanced to smudge your upper lip and stalk agreeably as a villain?

His auburn locks, his Roman nose, his little grey eyes, his thin lips, his big ears, and each particular hair of his red whiskers, expressed intense disgust.

And sometimes his parted lips would twitch curiously....

He flung up his arms, the pale lips moved convulsively, but no sound came forth.

His eyes fairly rolled in excitement, his thick lips were drawn back to expose his teeth, his powerful figure was gathered with the tensity of a bow.

For Christ's sake, let me go!" "Look here, Jack, is the little bag yours?" Jack wet his dry lips and nodded "Yes." The Colonel snatched up the smaller bag and thrust it into the man's hands.

"Pitty lady!Nan loves oo, dear," and the child whom John held seated on the broad top rail of the gate, held up her rosy lips for a kiss.

The soft arms held her close, the sweet lips caught hers in a kiss, and Evadne felt with a great throb of joy that the weary bird had found a resting-place at last.

Lady Studley looked terribly weak and excitedthe hectic spots on her cheeks, the gleaming glitter of her eyes, the parched lips, the long, white, emaciated hands, all showed only too plainly the strides the malady under which she was suffering was making.

This Beltane saw 'twixt hood and wimple, by aid of the torch that flickered against the wall; and she, conscious of his look, stood with white hands demurely crossed upon her rounded bosom, with eyes abased and scarlet lips apart, as one who waitsexpectant.

The true life of prayer is as simple, as unteachable, and as vital as the life of a child with its motherthe little lips daily learning new ways of approach to its mother's heart, and new words to make its wants and interests and sorrows known.

Well, come along then," as the wily schemer drew down her pretty lips into the aggrieved curve which always conquered his big, soft heart.

" "Master," said Black Roger, stooping to wipe sweat from his face with fettered hands, "I have store of money set by" But Beltane laughed with pallid lips, and, pulling upon the rope, dragged Black Roger, choking, to his feet.

But you'll keep a stiff lip even to that, seeing you are the braver of the two of us.

Twice remarks were flung after her from passing figures in slouch-hatsfurtive remarks through closed lips.

And the face the same: the same lips, sensitive, ready to quiver; the same innocent, candid brow; the look of a common race, which is more subtle than mere resemblance.

quoth Roger, kneeling beside him; then Beltane set the water to the squire's eager lips, but, striving to drink he choked, and choking, fell backdead.

Isabelle, the eldest, was tall and fair, except for a chill hauteur which set strangely upon one so young, while her firmly set lips betokened the existence of a strong will which completely dominated her less self-reliant sister.

The laughter shone in her eyes like dazzling sunlight and quivered on the firm but delicate lips.

Fly from this wretched house while you still remember your mistress who fed you from her coral lips.

A tongue ran back and forth between the colourless lips.

Nearly all of his music is sweet and tender, lapsing from his round breast like water over the smooth lip of a pool, then breaking farther on into a sparkling foam of melodious notes, which, glow with subdued enthusiasm, yet without expressing much of the strong, gushing ecstasy of the bobolink or skylark.

After a long time he opened his eyes again; he tried again to speak; when the words did not come he managed a strange, shadowy smile with his bloodless lips and in another moment had sunk again into that heavy sleep that was so like death.

"O sweet St. Gilesand what of me, brother?" spake a voice in his ear, and turning, Beltane beheld the archer smiling upon him with swollen, bloody lips.

I glanced a piteous appeal to authority, while old Leggett, still standing by, crumpled his shaven upper lip into a professional sneer that I did not like.

440 adjectives to describe  lipping