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968 adjectives to describe  lit

968 adjectives to describe lit

Time was when a theologian, it was thought, must be separated from the worldan ascetic working in the dim half-light of the old library, or scriptorium, or hall.

Bruce, in trying to ring the bell, unfortunately turned out all the electric light in the house, and was standing alone in despair in the dark when, fortunately the porter, who had been out to post a letter, ran back, and turned up the light again....

"A little light on the subject, Milt." "Let me, Mrs. C." Facing her from the outer side of the counter, Mr. Milton Bauer stretched also, his well-pressed, pin-checked coat crawling up.

But when the sun came caressingly, inspiring gentle confidence, bathing the body in warm moisture, the tenacious hold was relaxed, then the disputed coat was thrown over his arm, and as the vista spread far away in golden light, the victim cast the garment by the wayside and the sun came off victor.

The black silhouette of the hills against the dark blue of the night sky; the white of breakers athwart the indistinct heave of the ocean, a faint light marking the position of the Laughing Lassthat was everything in the world.

Thus, in a while, he beheld a door above: a small door, yet stout and strong, a door that stood ajar, whence came a beam of yellow light.

Gradually, as I looked, I became aware that fine points of intensely brilliant light, traversed the rays.

XXI THE DARK SUN How long our souls lay in the arms of joy, I cannot say; but, all at once, I was waked from my happiness, by a diminution of the pale and gentle light that lit the Sea of Sleep.

The windows are open; the pure light creeping into poisoned rooms carries with it a Sabbath peace, they think.

This was followed by a sudden bright light, which seemed to proceed out of the recesses of the wardrobe.

The entire garrison, even including women and children, was astir when the first gray light of coming day appeared in the eastern sky, and as each man came out upon the parade-ground I noted the fact that he had all his weapons with him.

How like a great war vessel it looks, with sails all set, as seen by the uncertain light of the moon.

PHILIP DODDRIDGE SURSUM Ye golden lamps of heaven, farewell, With all your feeble light; Farewell, thou ever-changing moon, Pale empress of the night.

He felt round for his hat, his gaze obscured behind the shining glasses, tiptoed out round the archipelago of too much furniture, groped for the door-handle, turning it noiselessly, and stood for the instant looking back at her bathed in the rosy light and seated upright like a sleeping Ariadne; opened the door to a slit that closed silently after him.

But the thirty crowns a year were afterward granted to the admiral, who had seen the light in the midst of darkness, a type of the spiritual light which he was the happy means of spreading in these dark regions of error.

The wide difference between the two epochs of Teutonic history arises, we are apt somewhat glibly to say, from the fact that our ancestors worshipped and were ruled by brute force, whereas we follow the broad light of intellect.

And in the sixth century it was celebrated before daylight had gone and before there was any need for artificial light.

My thoughtless youth was wing'd with vain desires; My manhood long misled by wand'ring fires, Follow'd false lights; and when their glimpse was gone, My pride struck out new sparkles of her own.

"Northern lights," hazarded Pulz.

The rising sun, owre Galston muirs, Wi' glorious light was glintin; The hares were hirplin down the furs, The lav'rocks they were chantin Fu' sweet that day.

Edith went into the drawing-room to read it; there was not sufficient light on the veranda....

I have oftentimes feasted on the beauty of these noble trees when they were towering in all their winter grandeur, laden with snowone mass of bloom; in summer, too, when the brown, staminate clusters hang thick among the shimmering needles, and the big purple burs are ripening in the mellow light; but it is during cloudless wind-storms that these colossal pines are most impressively beautiful.

At the touch of this divine light, the mountains seemed to kindle to a rapt, religious consciousness, and stood hushed and waiting like devout worshipers.

I shut my eyes for a moment and tried to realize all that had happened to me; but nothing save a whirl through my head of disconnected thoughts seemed possible, and some force was upon me to open my eyes again, to see the blank room, the dull light, the vacancy round me in which there was nothing to interest the mind, nothing to please the eye,a blank wherever I turned.

And she" He paused, and a new, fierce light came into his eyes.

A ray of heavenly light illumined the vacant space.

The Brahmin and myself remained together two days, and partedhe to explore the Andes, to obtain additional light on the subject of his hypothesis, and I, on the wings of impatience, to visit once more my long-deserted family and friends.

" She did not speak again, but lay looking at the ceiling until long after the moon had risen,the waning moon, that comes up so weirdly, late in the night, like a spectre of light appointed to haunt the solemn old earth, and punish it with the remembrance of a brighter, better light gone, and a renewed consciousness of its own once unformed, chaotic existence.

They had stories about Austin that shed a lurid light.

Quicker, and ever quicker, ran the flicker of day and night; and, suddenly it seemed, I was aware that the flicker had died out, and, instead, there reigned a comparatively steady light, which was shed upon all the world, from an eternal river of flame that swung up and down, North and South, in stupendous, mighty swings.

But now it was not so dark; and the sun was belted by a thin line of vivid, white light.

I was soon cold in my shirt-sleeves, and the leaning wall threatened to engulf me; yet it was hard to leave the delicious music of the water and the lovely light.

The Father of eternal light Shall there His beams display; Nor shall one moment's darkness mix With that unvaried day.

So that religious light, like that of civilization, is now moving from the westeastwards, instead of, as in times past, from the easteastwards.

" During the interval which divided morning school and the free time before dinner the three friends mooned about together, trying in vain to regard the future in a more cheerful light, and to make plans for keeping touch of each other by an interchange of letters and a possible meeting in the holidays.

Edith was sitting in a becoming corner under a shaded light from which she could watch the door, when Vincy came up to talk to her.

" And a pleasant light, like the light of home, Lit her eyes, and life and pain were o'er To the Lady Cecile. HOME.

Herein is no Calvary, no Cross-symbolism, by whose miraculous power he is relieved of his infinite burden of sorrow, starting onward with hope and joy in his heart; nor does he ever find his Calvary until the deeps of his spiritual nature are broken up and flooded with celestial light, as he knocks reverently at the portals of heaven for communion with his Father who is in heaven.

219 years since the ancestors of those who now follow the "inner light" were termed Quakers.

The sky was still aglow, although the sun had set, and in the subdued light the coarse adobe huts and rickety frame dwellings were endowed with a picturesque appearance they did not really possess.

She had sunk below the top of a huge towering cloud, the edges of whose jags and pinnacles she bordered with a line of silvery light.

But viewed at a distance in a favorable light, it was of a fine lively purple, flower-like, enriching the earth.

Do the shadows make it seem more weird and grand, or does midnight lose its awesomeness when one is upon four legs?" He looked away to where the stars were throbbing with tender light, crimson and green and gold, and the words of the book which he had been studying every leisure moment for the past six weeks swept across his mental vision.

"Whenever I went strolling at night, he would produce his curious lights.

Mysterious lights.

General Chetwode's Corps relieved General Bulfin's Corps during the day of November 28, and viewed in the most favourable light it appeared that there must be at least one week's work on the roads before it would be possible for heavy and field batteries, in sufficient strength to support an attack, to be got into the mountains.

He turned and beheld the divine Buddha, radiant with a mild and benignant light.

But then I languisht even to death for him; But Love who suffer'd me to take no rest, New fire-balls threw, the old scarce dispossest; And by the greater flame the lesser light, Like Candles in the Sun extinguished quite, And left no power Alcander to resist, Who took, and keeps possession of my breast.

Through virtue of that sweet light, So be my comfort, Christ Jesus.

" They turned their eyes to the direction indicated, and beheld a majestic rolling volume of purple light.

But, because of the magic in the colored lights, she knew just enough to keep her from realizing the truth about her identity.

" They had approached the shore close enough now to perceive that the distant lights betokened a large town.

We pride ourselves on our superior light, and our improved civilisation, and look down on the old Roman Catholic missionaries, who converted our forefathers from heathendom in the Middle Ages.

Back to the Ark, the waters o'er, The primal dove pursued her flight: A branch of that blest tree she bore Which feeds the Church with holy light.

Thy sacred presence is an inward light.

We lay for over two hours under the weird light, over-canopied by the red- brown cloud, while the explosions shook the foundations of the world.

Honoria the darksymbolic of passionate depth; Argemone the fair, type of intellectual light!

A misty light came in through the port, sufficient to show me all was exactly as I had left it, and I flung off my jacket preparatory to lying down for a short rest before being recalled for the watch on deck.

But in the heart of the Duchess Helen, Spring was come, and all things spake to her of coming joys undreamed till now as she hasted on, flitting through the pallid moonbeams that, falling athwart rugged hole and far-flung branch, splashed the gloom with radiant light.

What is a dazzling light for those just emerging from darkness, is darkness for those in a yet stronger light.

His face was above the radius of the reversed carriage-lamp, while Juanita standing on the dusty road in her nun's dress looking up at him, was close to the glaring light.

In other words, he began, as Signer Guasti pithily describes his method, 'to change halves of lines, whole verses, ideas: if he found a fragment, he completed it: if brevity involved the thought in obscurity, he amplified: if the obscurity seemed incurable, he amputated: for superabundant wealth of conception he substituted vacuity; smoothed asperities; softened salient lights.'

There was no tail-light visible on the road before them.

" Then, as they plunged anew in the gloomy deeps of swamp and brake, the friendly lights were lost and the depressed wayfarers struggled on with something of the feeling of a crew cast away at sea, who, thrown upon the crest of a rising billow, catch a near glimpse of a great ship, light and taut, riding serenely havenward to lose it the next in the dire waste.

oh, come safely back to me, my dear!" XII TRAVELS WITH AN ASSASSIN Under a sky whose misty silver pulsed with waves of violet light and dim glimmerings of gold, Lanyard, grey with the dust and weariness of twenty leagues of heavy walking, trudged into the sleeping streets of the town of Tournemire.

It was a morning of ominous calm, with an hour of bright sun, gradually softening into a white shadow, as a fleecy cloud of fairy whiteness rolled over the sun's face, giving a light on the earth like the garish light in a tent at high noon, a light of blinding whiteness that hurts the eyes, although the sun is hidden.

He would show her such lovely things!for instance, liquids that changed from one gorgeous hue to another; bubbles that burst into flame, and ascended in rings of white revolving smoke; light so intense, that it seemed to darken the daylight.

They had been thoughtful enough to fetch one along, a clever little contraption that took only a small amount of room, and yet afforded considerable light.

So came they where torch and lanthorn smoked and gleamed, by whose fitful light they beheld a barricade, rough and hastily contrived, whence Sir Benedict fought and Walkyn smote, with divers of their stout company and lusty fellows from the town.

Mysterious darkness flooded the room, so that the moonbeams entering through the window filled it with vague lights and vaporous reflections.

It was dark down there, though some reflected light came from an incandescent light at a distance.

From the Emblem before mentioned a rose-coloured light pervaded the scene; scarcely discernible in the general atmosphere, faintly but distinctly traceable in every herb, shrub, and tree, more distinguishable and concentrated in each animal.

From the top of the benches to the ceiling the walls are glass to ensure daylight in every corner, and by night the system of indirect lighting gives such perfectly diffused light that not a heavy shadow falls anywhere.

And can Mrs. Thrale forget the advertisements which he wrote for her husband at the time of his election contest[1064]; the epitaphs on him and her mother[1065]; the playful and even trifling verses, for the amusement of her and her daughters; his corresponding with her children[1066], and entering into their minute concerns[1067], which shews him in the most amiable light?

To the southward this plain was bounded by the sea, bathed in the peculiar light I have tried to describe, and lying in what seemed from this distance a glassy calm.

Some fifty members of the Order sat to right and left immediately below; but Esmo, on this occasion, seated himself on the second leftward step of the Throne, which, with the silver light and the other mystic emblems, was unveiled in the same strange manner as before at his approach.

"I am sorry, mon ami," the woman said, hesitating after she had left her chair before the fire; whose play of broken light was, perhaps, responsible for some of the softness of her eyes as she faced Duchemin and gave him her hand"sorry our last evening together must be so brief.

All day they sailed: at nightfall the pleasant land-breeze died, The blackening sky at midnight its starry lights denied,

The days were very short now, bringing only about five hours of pallid light, so little of which struggled through the famous bottle-window that at all hours they depended chiefly on the blaze from the great fireplace.

Women donned their evening gowns, thankful for handsome shoulders; got out their diamonds, real and paste, their rouge, cosmetics, what not; prepared to go forth and conquer, to play the old, old game which, by the calm light of the morning, seems so flat and savourless!

Yet, standing on the east side of the Common just before sundown, when the western light is transmitted through them, I see that their yellow even, compared with the pale lemon yellow of an Elm close by, amounts to a scarlet, without noticing the bright scarlet portions.

In the lantern light I could see the yellow and black stripes.

Review articles, based on no real knowledge of Russia, announced a desire for serf-emancipation, and then, in the modern English way, with plentiful pyrotechnics of antithesis and paradox, threw a gloomy light into the skilfully pictured depths of imperial despotism, official corruption, and national bankruptcy.

They came floating slowly down through the dusky light, just as if they had been a precipitate from that solution of moonbeams.

And the key appears to have been taken away," he added, bending down and feeling about in the imperfect light.

He's a regular revolving light, is the Captain,a beacon always burning and saying plainly, 'Here are life-boats, ready to put off in all weathers and bring the shipwrecked into quiet waters.'

Now in a while, he started to feel a hand among his hair, and the hand was wondrous light and very gentle; wherefore, wondering, he raised his head, but behold, the sun was gone and the shadows deepening to night.

What a strange orange light there was in the north-east!

He's got a pretty nice way with him, Rance has, and I guess if he came along now with his sorrel pacer and says to you, 'Come on, Miss Thornley,' you would get on that boot and stocking in two jiffies and be off with him like any young girl!" Miss Thornley mumbled a denial, and an angry light shone in her pale blue eyes.

Duchemin was grateful for the moonlight which alone enabled him to keep the road and avoid the worst of the goinguntil he remembered that without the moon there would have been no expedition that night to view the mock ruins of Montpellier by its unearthly light, and consequently no adventure to entangle him.

I could see her blinking at the marble columns, at the velvet pile rugs, and the innumerable electric lights just turned on.

Thou hast heard me discourse on the subject of persecution, and knowest that poison was administered to me personally on account of my inability to perceive the supernatural light emanating from the navel of Brother Gregory.

Ah, would I were, as I was once, To fair Astronomy a dunce, Or launching jeux d'esprit at her, Of light zodiacal making light, Deaf to all tales of comets bright, And knowing but such stars as might Roll r-rs at our theatre!

The writer of this period who held agnosticism in its purest form, and who turned the dry light of reason on to theological opinions with the most merciless logic, was Mr. Leslie Stephen.

Above thy deep and dreamless sleep The silent stars go by; Yet in thy dark streets shineth The everlasting Light; The hopes and fears of all the years Are met in thee to-night.

Beneath The calm, blue waters of thine eyes Deep in thy steadfast soul it lies, And, undisturbed by this world's breath, With magic light its jewels shine!

In the grounds I could see tiny lights moving about, like fireflieslights that came, I thought, from electric torches.

what's this at his feetsoft, clammy, shining in the flaring light?

" They were now in the cool green light of the living room.

Both ladies regretted that their meeting had to take place in a moment when their house appeared in its most unfavorable light.