36 adjectives to describe loop

First of all, he made a second bit of channel for the stream, like a little loop to the first, so that he could, when he pleased, turn a part of the water into it, and let it again join the principal channel a little lower down.

Proudly mounted, she curbs with the single rawhide loop a wild-eyed pony.

So Theo sat on a green sofa and smoked a cigarette, hoping that she looked like a snake charmer with the sinuous, serpentine smoke-loops weaving and writhing round her head.

Her dark and beautiful smooth hair was most becomingly dressed in two broad plaited loops, hanging low on the back of the neck; the front hair in bands according to the prevailing fashion.

If Persian damsels thus in arms engage, Who shall repel their warrior's fiercer rage?" Then from his saddle thonghis noose he drew, And round her waist the twisted loop he threw "Now seek not to escape," he sharply said, "Such is the fate of war, unthinking maid!

The point of intersection would then continually return upon its own track in a series of minute loops forming those lesser loops, which, moving circle-wise, registered the involvement of the helix in the plane.

This was Ambialet, so called from the extraordinary loop which the Tarn forms here in consequence of the mass of schistous rock which obstructs its direct channel.

Here, the voyager must sail around twenty miles of frivolous loops to make five miles of progress.

He flashed and darted hither and thither as if fairly demented, screaming and shouting, swirling round and round in giddy loops and circles like a leaf in a whirlwind, lying down, and rolling over and over, sidewise and heels over head, and pouring forth a tumultuous flood of hysterical cries and sobs and gasping mutterings.

About his head a hundred rings Of gold loop down to meet his wings, Whose feathers, arched their stillness through, Gleam with slow-gathering drops of dew.

From the higher branches of the alders that shut out the sky with their dainty, silvery-green leaves, hungwith many a graceful loop and knotropes of wild grape-vine and curtains of virgin's-bower.

From the edges of this highland country, which is geologically very ancient, the affluents of the Amazon to the north, and of the Plate to the south, flow, with immense and devious loops and windings.

Sometimes, the air of scandal to maintain, Villains look from thy lofty loops in vain; But who can judge of crimes by punishment Where parties rule and L[ord]s subservient? Justice with, change of interest learns to bow, And what was merit once is murder now: Actions receive their tincture from the times, And as they change, are virtues made or crimes.

Galloping to meet him, Jack gave his rope a forward, downward fling and formed a little loopa loop not one-third the size of José'sand held it dangling beside Surry's shoulder.

The farmer, attended by his wife, goes out, and slipping a loose loop of rope over his feet to keep them together, so that when he gets the trunk of a tree between them it may fit like a wedge, he clasps one of the trees with his hands and goes up at a surprising rate.

It was impossible for the bystanders to help laughing, for there was Fletcher hopping wildly about, with one foot nicely caught in a muslin loop, and there sat Kitty longing to run away and hide herself, yet perfectly helpless, while every one tittered.

Once it came to rest well in the chute, he unhooked the line, freed the choker (the short noosed loop of cable that slips over the log's end), and the haul-back cable hurried the main line back to another log.

" "If your presence is not indispensable here, I can lead you to my painting-room, where there is a loop directly opposite to the gate.

The partial loop here formed by the Lot is hidden and defended by a forbidding wilderness of rocks and forest, as if it were one of the last retreats of the fluvial deities, where they can defy the curiosity of man.

The riata loop shot from his upflung hand and sped whimperingly on its errand, even as Tejon tried to swing away, tripped, and tumbled to his knees.

Nicholas, it seemed, had given him a noose made of twisted sinew, and showed how it worked in a running loop.

So Theo sat on a green sofa and smoked a cigarette, hoping that she looked like a snake charmer with the sinuous, serpentine smoke-loops weaving and writhing round her head.

It held him close now; he could feel the smooth soft loop of her hair as she bent down to say good-night; he could hear her sing, "Do-do, p'tit frère.

There was a prairie-bred girl on the train, coming back after a year on the Continent, for whom the pine-belted hills, with real mountains behind, the solemn loops of the river, and the intimate friendly farm had nothing to tell.

Although I did not see it in use, I was given to understand that when climbing trees, he used this stout loop to fasten his ankles together and thus secure a tighter grip for his feet.

36 adjectives to describe  loop