1132 words to describe  love

1132 words to describe love

They sung that morning the affection of conjugial love; the sweetness of which so affected and moved the hearers, that they perceived sensibly a blessed serenity instilled into their joys, which at the some time exalted and renewed them.

True love has no final habitation on earth; there is no abiding-place for our deepest affection, our most tender yearning.

With a great effort Mary brought herself down to the earthto the earth of romantic love from the heaven of professional triumph.

It takes the pure love of noise, and trains it to pitches, harmonies, intervals, and makes a musician of the boy who used to whack his spoon.

Father turned his back on the empty wall, praying with a sudden rush of passionate love that when the last call should come for him, it would be after he had said "Good-night, Mother," to Angy and after she had said "Good-night, Father," to him, and that they might wake somewhere, somehow, together with God, saying, "Good-morning, Mother," "Good-morning, Father!"

Its ideal of human love is sacred, because founded on the deeper love of the soul in God.

"My dear and only love, I pray That little world of thee Be governed by no other sway Than purest monarchy.

Its ideal of human love is sacred, because founded on the deeper love of the soul in God.

Contemplating the works of these flowers of the sky, one may easily fancy them endowed with life: messengers sent down to work in the mountain mines on errands of divine love.

Real love means giving always, of our best."

'Perfect love casteth out fear' and there is no duty about it, for when we love, it is a joy to serve and give.

Come then, as ye are children of God, go ye in brotherly love together henceforth, and may heaven bless ye, valiant sons!"

His wife Alecia in her sleep by chance reveals to him her adulterous love for Mosby; but Arden forgives her on her promising never again to see her seducer.

His nephew and the elder sister made mutual love.

She died the death of martyrs, my sweet love, My fair'st one, with Koheul-tinted lids!

He had a genuine love of solitude as an alterative; but he could not subsist without society, and, Shelley tells us, wherever he went, became the nucleus of it.

To feel the sensation of resting, that weariness is leaving you, and that the process of recuperation is an active, living agency, going on all through the system, while the natural love of repose is being gratified as an independent emotion, constitute the very perfection of mere animal enjoyment.

The friar Savonarola, who had exercised such influence in the council, evinced at the same time an ardent love of mankind, deep respect for the rights of all, great sensibility, and an elevated mind.

And Henrich could do more than sympathize in her aspirationshe could instruct her how they might be fully realized in the attainment of divine knowledge, and the experience of Christian love.

It would have required the eyes of maternal love of Rosa's to recognize our jaunty Dick in the emaciated, fleshless face that lay imbedded in the disarray of the cot.

Shall it be law to stab the petty robber Who aims but at our purse; and shall this Parricide Worse is he far, far worse (if foul dishonour Be worse than death) to that confiding Creature Whom he to more than filial love and duty Hath falsely trainedshall he fulfil his purpose?

Carnal relationship and carnal love are transposed into spiritual relationship and spiritual love.

Not only old Charlie's unprovoked goodness was prevailing; the eulogy on Belles Demoiselles had stirred the depths of an intense love for his beautiful home.

No saint's face,a very woman's, its pale, reserved beauty unstrung with pain, her bosom full of earthly love, but in her eyes that look which Mary must have given, when, after she thought her Lord was dead, He called her, "Mary!"

And fondly, too, with eternal love, does Mother Nature clasp her small bee-babies, and suckle them, multitudes at once, on her warm Shasta breast.

They retained for each other the tenderest love, though the years that had separated them had given rise to so many new impressions and habits that they did not prepare themselves for the interview without apprehension.

And notwithstanding the scene is so impressively spiritual, and you seem dissolved in it, yet everything about you is beating with warm, terrestrial, human love and life delightfully substantial and familiar.

My faithful love, sweet enemy!

He is, however, beaten back and even wounded, and later his fury is inflamed by Pisaro's tale, who also informs the favourite that Galatea, for whom the narrator cherishes a hopeless love, dotes fondly upon him.

In our own comfortable little house, with its trellised porch covered with roses and honeysuckle, that faces the blue Channel at St. Margaret's Bay, beyond Dover, we lead a life of mutual trust and boundless love.

No, he never said any such thing, for all her looks and expressions of fondest love; for, alas!

And you can love your neighbour as yourselves, because, and in as far as you have in you the Spirit of God, the spirit of universal love, which proceedeth out for ever both from the Father and the Son to all beings and things which They have made.

The evil world said that the impossibility to accomplish this heavenly union often induced those people to imitate it for the time being with the earthly means of wine and the indulgence in sensual love.

The Spirit is continually giving us deeper insight into the love of the Son, just as the Son came to make known to the world the wonderful love of the Father."

Nay, Hegel does not even say that sentimental love did not exist in the life of the Greeks and Romans; he simply asserts that it is not to be found in their literature.

Young Romilly is divine, the reasons of his mother's grief being remediless,I never saw parental love carried up so high, towering above the other loves,Shakspeare had done something for the filial in Cordelia, and, by implication, for the fatherly too in Lear's resentment; he left it for you to explore the depths of the maternal heart.

Page 361: all the passage about Love (where he seems to confound conjugal love with creating and preserving love) is very confused, and sickens me with a load of useless personifications; else that ninth book is the finest in the volume,an exquisite combination of the ludicrous and the terrible.

Young as she was, Edith felt the influence of her brother's character; and she looked up to him with feelings of devoted love and admiring pride.

Platonic love, how it generally ends.

The wide, wide world around: Be it east or west, and ne'er so far, In east or west shall peep no star, No blossom break from ground, But minds us of the wreath we wove Of innocence and holy love That in the meads we found, And handsell'd from the Mower's scythe, And bound with memory's living withe

And all this constant love to old Francisco has but engaged me more.

The love which he means is the Christ power, for no mere human love could reach the altitude of the 13th of 1st Corinthians.

The duke enquired if this lady died of her love, but to this question Viola returned an evasive answer; as probably she had feigned the story, to speak words expressive of the secret love and silent grief she suffered for Orsino.

He had received all the proofs of his mistress's affection which it was possible for chaste love to bestow, and with the greatest scorn refused to believe it; but as the duke, with the air of a man who could not help the melancholy communication, quietly persisted in his story, the unhappy lover found himself compelled, at any rate, to let him afford those proofs of her infidelity which he asserted to be in his power.

This is the doctrine of the Symposium; the scorn of merely sexual love is also Platonic.

Oh happy love, where love like this is found!

But equally impossible was it to converse with her, for even a minute, without hearing, in the gentle and melancholy music of her voice, the sad echoes of those griefs to which her early beauty had been sacrificed, an undying sense of lost love, and happiness departed, never to come again.

We felt truly prepared to sympathise with them, and think they were sensible of our visit being in the sincere love of the Gospel.

Of course, it works the other way too, and he said the way to tell if it were a real true, undying love, was to try the 'expulsive power of a new love.'

(A Snow-Bird brings this with our kindest love,) We're sorry you prefer Those frigid walks (ever so far above The 80th parallel, we guess!)