39 adjectives to describe lung

Casimer surprised them by his skill in music, for, though forbidden to sing on account of his weak lungs, he played as if inspired.

Jones was shot through the right shoulder, the ball passing clear across the breast, grazing the upper ribs, and lodging just above the left lung.

They load the air with noxious effluvia or vapor, or with particles of dust; none of which ought ever to enter the delicate lungs of an infant.

Diseased lungs are exasperated by a certain diet, and pacified by one of an opposite kind.

At such times Dave and Dan shouted with all the power of their lusty young lungs.

The pictures of this first steam-turbine show the head and shoulders of a bronze man set over the flaming brands of a wood fire; his metallic lungs are evidently filled with water, for a jet of steam spurts from his mouth and blows against the paddles of a horizontal turbine wheel, which, revolving, sets in motion some crude machinery.

The children, meanwhile, sprawled and played upon the grass, and the song and chat at the fountain would not unfrequently be interrupted by a shrill scream from one of the mothers, to stop a quarrel, or to silence a cry which showed the stoutness of their little lungs.

It is my opinion, that the above pills would be extremely proper to be taken with Asses milk, and might contribute towards the renewing and restoring decayed lungs.

I felt very tired yesterday, but to-day I inhale with eager lungs the fresh sea-breezes, that leave a salty taste on my lips.

As soon as the contractions cease, the elastic lung tissue resumes its original position, just as an extended rubber band recovers itself.

He advanced more slowly and drew deeper and deeper drafts of air into his exhausted lungs.

My instincts, as well as what I have noticed, tell me that a diver must be in the best of health, must be rather thin, have excellent eyesight, sound lungs, steady nerves, and a strong heart.

This spasmodic action produces a gasp, causing the air to rush through the mouth and nostrils, and enter the windpipe and upper portion of the flat and contracted lungs, which, like a sponge partly immersed in water, immediately expand.

There is a tonic vigor in the atmosphere, which communicates itself irresistibly to one's mental state; the gladdened lungs inhale it eagerly, as a luxury.

The greedy lungs of fifty hot-blooded boys suck the oxygen from the air he breathes in his recitation-room.

When yellow, add the hashed lung and heart, salt, pepper, soup stock and thicken with flour.

Laughing, like crying, has a good effect on the infantile lungs; nor is it less salutary in other respects.

This old earth's (I'm sometimes thinking) One menagerie of freaks Folks invested with abnormal Lungs or brains or galls or beaks.

" He struggled valiantly with that broken constitution, with that stomach disordered by poverty, with those lacerated lungs and with that heart subject to constant disturbance of its functions, with that human machine dislocated by a life of suffering and trials.

O raucous throat, O leathern lung, O big belabouring fist!

But she began to need help, possibly a lancet, possibly a pocket-pistol, possibly hot blankets, possibly somebody to knead these lifeless lungs and pommel this flaccid body, until circulation was restored.

The cheers of the boarders had been heard, at a distance; and rockets shot into the air, from the other boats, whose crews answered the shouts with manful lungs.

A boy with mighty lungs and violent gesticulation recited an abridgment of Hayne's speech, beginning: "If there be one State in the Union, Mr. President, and I say it not in a boastful spirit, that may challenge comparison with any other for a uniform, zealous, ardent, and uncalculating devotion to the Union, that State is South Carolina.

Children are sometimes severely beaten across the middle of the bodythe region where lie the vital organsthe lungs, the heart, the liver, &c.

if you can, I will no[t] press you further: yet look upon him: there's nothing in that hide-bound Usurer, that man of mat, that all decai'd, but aches, for you to love, unless his perisht lungs, his drie cough, or his scurvie.

39 adjectives to describe  lung