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118 adjectives to describe  madnesses

118 adjectives to describe madnesses

A carpenter's hammer, in a warm summer noon, will fret me into more than midsummer madness.

As our army had approached through the wilderness, the Indians who lurked upon our flanks had carried greatly exaggerated stories of our strength to Fort Duquesne, and M. de Contrecoeur prepared to surrender on terms of honorable capitulation, deeming it mere madness to oppose a force so overwhelming in strength and so well disciplined.

If Germany was afflicted by a kind of madness or divine dementia previous to the present war, Britain can by no means throw that in her teeth, for Britain certainly went mad over Mafeking; and it was sheer madness that in 1870 threw the people of France and Napoleon IIIutterly unready for war as they were, and over a most trifling quarrelinto the arms of Bismarck for the fulfilment of his schemes.

Perchance you turn from passionate vows, words wild with love's sweet madness, With soft eyes looking far sway, in yearning trust and sadness; A look that tells his alien soul how widely you are parted, Though he knows not whom your rapt eyes seek, my sweet, my loving-hearted.

or that the child had crost The savage humour of the beast, or that Some sudden madness had embolden'd it, He saw the child lie bloody mid the sheets, Slain by the hound, as it would seem, for there Lay Gelert lapping from his chaps the blood, That hung in gouts from every grisly curl.

The abrupt approach of Brodie with his repulsive faceat a moment when the world swirled away from her underfoot and a divine madness was in her bloodthe reaction and revulsionall this and the resultant conflict of emotions had worn her out.

Events were in train which were to intensify a thousand fold my amazement at the seeming inconsequence of really vital facts in this big life-plot of which we are the puppetsevents so incredible that to dwell upon their relation to the minor accident of a mere Potts were to incur confusion and downright madness.

The first thing is to be sure: Hamlet has never been sure; he spies at length a chance of making himself sure; he seizes upon it; and while his sudden resolve to make use of the players, like the equally sudden resolve to shroud himself in pretended madness, manifests him fertile in expedient, the carrying out of both manifests him right capable and diligent in executiona man of action in every true sense of the word.

To her came the sultan of that place, and slew the Hindu, and would have married her, but she was faithful to her lover and feigned madness.

I believe one is in a state of temporary madness, of perfect rage.

And how that they loved and did be married, and she to die, and of the utter and desperate madness of grief that nigh destroyed the man; and how that he sudden to wake into the future of the world, in a New Time, and did come to learn that His Own did also to live in that Time.

The man who may be said to have devised the land-basis for railroads through unsettled tractsa financier of unsurpassed sagacity, and once the soul of commercial honor as well as intelligenceshould not, in his dishonored grave, and far beyond the reach of human scorn or vengeance, be denied the credit of what he accomplished before the fatal madness seized his soul and dragged him to perdition.

But a furious madness constrains me to follow the worse course; vainly does my heart, insatiable in its desires, long for strength to enable it to adopt thy advice; what reason enjoins is rendered of no avail by this soul-subduing passion.

It is impossible that a collective madness such as that which has had possession of Russia for three years could be produced on the spur of the moment; the regime of autocracy contained in itself the germs of Bolshevism and violence.

For this is fire and flame within my heart That sways my senses in delirium, The awful madness of tormenting love!

He fell into a state of melancholy madness, and at last, having with the craft and ingenuity of a madman succeeded in stealing the body of his love, he conveyed it to a ruined crypt in one of the neighbouring islands, which, bearing the reputation of being haunted, was seldom visited by any one.

[Footnote 7: Now first the Play shows us Hamlet in his affected madness.

'But there is no sense in it; it is pure madness.

I might well chance his making me unhappy since he could make me a countess, and to refuse him would be absolute madness; Mrs. Morriston's face grew black at the very thought of it.

Besides, the lunar madness of the scheme was its strength; that the Queen would venture to cross

"It would be a romantic madness, for a man to be a lord in his closet.

It is rather oddly said, "that Alderman Wood shortly before the demise of George the Fourth, obtained leave to bring in a bill for the purpose of preventing the spread of canine madness."

Sheila's Irish mother had wooed and won him and had made a merry midsummer madness in his life, as brief as a dream.

Oh, dear, I hope fate will not force you to commit some mid-summer madness, as I did, to regret to the end of your days!" All the way to my room her words puzzled me.

Sublime madness, ravishing delirium, delicious frenzy.

Oh, dear, I hope fate will not force you to commit some mid-summer madness, as I did, to regret to the end of your days!" All the way to my room her words puzzled me.

The cruel madness of love The honey of poisoned flowers, or in Drayton's 'Tis nothing to be plagued in hell

It is but a very few degrees better than "moody madness, laughing wild, amid severest woe."

But there is, in truth, as little of affected as of actual madness in his behaviour in her presence.

But all shrank back in terror from the King, Who stood in frenzied madness there alone.

"More particularly as they have in their drunken madness hampered themselves in the mountains.

Owing to an outbreak of dumb madness in the Rosehill kennels, a very large number of its occupants either died or had to be destroyed, and this no doubt accounted for the extreme scarcity of the breed when several enthusiasts began to revive it about the year 1870.

As some great lord of acres when a thief Steals from his park some flower he never sees, Calls it a lily fair beyond belief, Prisons the wretch, and fines before he frees; Such jealous madness did Lanciotto seize: All in an instant is Francesca dear, He claims the wife he never cared to please, All in an instant seems his castle near, And those poor lovers sleep, forgot at last their fear.

And useless madness?

I may not deny but that there is some folly approved, a divine fury, a holy madness, even a spiritual drunkenness in the saints of God themselves; sanctum insanium Bernard calls it (though not as blaspheming Vorstius, would infer it as a passion incident to God himself, but) familiar to good men, as that of Paul, 2 Cor.

This soul sublime, This soul lord paramount o'er space and time, This soul of fire, with impious madness sought, Itself to prove of mortal matter wrought; Nay, bred, engendered, on the grub-worm plan, From that vile clay which made his outward man, That shadowy form which dark'ning into birth, But seem'd a sign to mark a soul on earth.

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It was as though they wanted to reveal the savagery of war to the last indescribable madness of its lust.

" There was nothing to be done after that but to touch my hat and go out, but as I went I heard him talking of "inexplicable madness and years of wasted opportunities.

"To save myself from the effects of my own sinful follymy own infatuated madness," replied Caroline, summoning with a strong effort all the energy of her character, and with a vehemence that flushed her pallid cheek with crimson.

We who have no such initiativeno proud madness?

To drain this cup no man shall rue The innocent madness of the dew Who shall repent, or frenzy fine Of morning star, or the divine Inebriation of the hours When May roofs in the world with flowers!

What insufferable madness is thisto wage war with so great cost and labor, but with no pay except either death or crime?

Charles devoted his life to her whose life was an intermittent madness, yet who, in her months of sanity, was a worthy sister of such a brother.

His brain was afire with the joyous madness of possession.

A great bitterness comes up, a little madness gathers behind the eyes; I walk about the room and then I sit down, stunned by the sudden conviction that life is, after all, a very squalid thingsomething that I would like to kick like an old hat down a road.

[1730]Magninus gives the reason, Ex frequenti ira supra modum calefiunt; it overheats their bodies, and if it be too frequent, it breaks out into manifest madness, saith St. Ambrose.

His conception of non-co-operation did not involve rapine, plunder, incendiarism and all the concomitants of mass madness.

When they have left the stage Aeglamour comes forward and resumes his lament in a strain of melancholic madness.

"To be pat, it ought to be the deluge," chuckled Evan; "but as these are prosy times, it simply means the end has been reached, and that to-morrow they will put away mild summer madness, and return to the Whirlpool to paddle about decorously as of yore.

Upon their way back to the hotel, guardian and ward met Mr. BENTHAM, who, from the moment of becoming a character in their Story, had been possessed with that mysterious madness for open-air exercise which afflicted every acquaintance of the late EDWIN DROOD, and now saluted them in the broiling street and solemnly besought their company for a long walk.

I confess I never was nearer madness,every word and gesture stung me like asps,I walked on burning coals.

The place was a deserted garden, where the ruins of a European houseburnt by natives in some obscure madness, years agosprawled in desolation among wild shrubs.

Of madness; two sorts of it described, the dumb, and outrageous madness: its dreadful effects.

But he had become more convinced than ever of the importance of Thomas Roch's discovery, and was extremely apprehensive lest the partial madness of the inventor should become general, or lest he should die during one of his paroxysms and carry his secret with him to the grave.

She began to relieve the worn-out nurse during the day, and she prepared herself for the first ordeal of actual experience of Dorn's peculiar madness.

My physician insisted I should come to this climate, where I am told it is exceedingly dry and healthful, and live entirely out-of-doors; to return to our healing mother, Nature; to salute the rosy youth of Morning from a couch of sod, to bid farewell to Day from some yearning height, far from the petty madness of citieswhat did you say, Mr. Scraggs?' "'I said "Ya-a-s,"' says I, quick, because I'd forgot myself a trifle.

People now supposed that she had gone suddenly mad, or, rather, that the latent madness so plain to read in those splendid eyes of hers had been suddenly developed, and that under its influence she had rushed away, and probably drowned herself.

Or drink the king's health, every man standing upon his head naked? JOHN (to Lovel) We have here some pleasant madness.

In the coldness and the uncompromising scorn with which she abominated any poetic madness in love, an important part was doubtless played by the suppressed memory of her husband's adventure with the actress, which everybody had tried to conceal from her and which had deeply disturbed the preparations for her wedding.

Thus far the furious transport of the news Had to prophetic madness fired the Muse; Madness ungovernable, uninspired, Swift to foretell whatever she desired.

Dream ye, my lords, that thus with open ears, And gaping mouths and eyes, ye sit and drink This curbless torrent of rebellious madness.

The commercial madness of the fourteenth century gave way to the religious madness of the sixteenth.

A similar madness of superstition, responsible for a like cruel sacrifice of innocent lives, was the terrible belief in witchcraft.

I cried; 'it were sinful madness!

And the birds know nought of gladness, They are only song-machines; And a man is a skilful madness, And the women pictured queens.

The village grew, as hundreds of other frontier villages had grown, in the flush times; it died, as so many others died, of the financial crash which was the inevitable sequel and retribution of speculative madness.

Much madness is divinest sense To a discerning eye; Much sense the starkest madness.

Not only did he persist in the stereotyped madness of the conquest of Milaness and the kingdom of Naples, but abandoning for the moment the prosecution of it in person, he intrusted it to his favorite, Admiral Bonnivet, a brave soldier, alternately rash and backward, presumptuous and irresolute, who had already lost credit by the mistakes he had committed and the reverses he had experienced in that arena.

The summer held to her lips a glass whose rosy effervescence, whose fleeting foam, whose tingling spirit exhaled a subtile madness of joy,a draught whose lees were despair.

What piercing influences of heaven have stirred Thy heart's last mansion all-corruptible to wake, To move, and in the sweets of wine and fire Sit tempting madness with unholy eyes? Begone, thou shuddering, pale anomaly!

Claudius, my paternal instinct Makes me fear Chrysanthus' sadness, Makes we tremble that its issue May result in total madness.

His mother was mad, a tragic madness of bloody prophecies and dim fears; his only son a witless creature of eighteen, who, for all his height and bulk, spent his days catching butterflies in the woods on the hill, and his nights in laboriously pinning them, wings outspread, upon the bare walls of the house.

There is an appropriate object for every shade of feeling, from the light touch of a passing admiration, to the triumphant madness of soul and sense, or the deep and everlasting anguish of survivorship....

When the scene shifts to Boston, the language, which was in perfect keeping with the tropical madness of Antony's flight and the tropical splendor of the Southern forest, is extravagant to actual absurdity, when used with reference to ordinary scenes and ordinary events.

He was also free to reflect upon his own personal shortcomings, a speculation perhaps less damaging than the recent one he had indulged in; and he thought about it sometimes; and sometimes about Ailsa Paige, whom he had not again seen since the unaccountable madness had driven him to trample and destroy the first real inclination he had ever had for a woman.

"It is unadulterated madness (es ist heller Wahnsinn) to search for enemy motors in our land.

It was an undeniable madness in Kimberley even to dream of loving the Lady Ella Santerre.

Unfathomable madness of Heaven!

And, if so, is it right for organized society to ignore its responsibility and place it on the young men that they innoculated with the universal madness?

" A hundred men were reaching for Arden, and from the crowd rose that hoarse, low, hideous sound which is the first deep bay of the unleashed blood-madness.

Great genius, rare beauty, a fitness for noble enterprise, the venturous madness of passion, account for ninety-nine cases in the hundred of a woman becoming the subject of general conversation and interest.

The world wonders what pleasure or content can be in the service of God, because they see not by tasting how good he is; to be prying into and poring upon invisible things, is to them visible madness, but to the enlightened mind, the things that are not seen are only worth seeing, and while they appear not to be, they only are; whereas the things that are seen appear but to be, and are not.

It is evident to me that the grounds of this widespread madness of information for information's sake must be sought in other and deeper parts of human nature than those daily needs which lie so near the surface that even social philosophers have discovered them somewhere in that profound and eternal instinct for enthusiasm and minding other people's business which made great popular movements like the Crusades or the Gordon Riots.

Also he may be supposed confident that Ophelia would not understand him, while his uncle would naturally set such worse than improprieties down to wildest madness.

He kept three things going at the same timethe antic madness, the sanity, the sense of the theater.

Hamlet's apparent madness would seem to pass into real madness in Ophelia.

Ambition is a proud covetousness, a dry thirst of honour, the longing disease of reason, an aspiring and gallant madness.

PALAMEDES, one of the chiefs of the Greeks at the siege of Troy, a man of inventive genius; discovered the assumed madness of Ulysses, but incurred his resentment in consequence, which procured his death.

Blind madness his haughty stomach spurred, And he slandered the Godhead with sinful word, And strutting in pride he blasphemed, the crowd Of servile courtiers applauding loud.

Oh, brave, sweet madness!"

But all passion may be called madness, because therein the mind is absorbed with one idea; 'anger is a brief madness,' and he was in a 'towering passion': he proclaims it madness

We have nothing to do with the play except to say that Ophelia looked lovely, and performed with admirable wild pathos, laughing, weeping, gazing wildly, waving her beautiful white arms and flinging about her snatches of flowers and songs with the most charming madness.

The commercial madness of the fourteenth century gave way to the religious madness of the sixteenth.

And odd whiles, as I walkt, I called Mine Own by her olden love name, and by the new name of Naani; but never did she move or seem even that she lived; and surely my heart sickened within me with a mighty despair, so that a constant madness did begin to thrill in me and to make me something monstrous in strength, with my fierce agony and intentness to save.

Phrenitis, which the Greeks derive from the word [Greek: phraen], is a disease of the mind, with a continual madness or dotage, which hath an acute fever annexed, or else an inflammation of the brain, or the membranes or kells of it, with an acute fever, which causeth madness and dotage.

Truly it were but a daintier madness.

From the black deadly madness of despair Will she redeem my soul, and in soft words Of comfort, plaining, loose this pang of death! OCTAVIO.

It was felt that he was developing a condition of mind that would gradually lead to definite madness.

Before me lies A lawn of English verdure, smooth, and bright, Mottled with fainter hues of early hay, Whose fragrance, blended with the rose-perfume From that white flowering bush, invites my sense To a delicious madness,and faint thoughts Of childish years are borne into my brain