51 adjectives to describe malignity

While I was in this alarming condition the grandmother appeared, and began to taunt me with the utmost malignity.

The fate of both chiefs was similar, for both perished in captivitythe one the victim, perhaps, of inordinate ambition, the other of unscrupulous avarice and envious malignity.

Hear him, in his wrath against Prospero and Miranda: "A wicked dew as e'er my mother brushed With raven's feather from unwholesome fen, Light on you both!" The wild malignity of this curse, fierce as it is, yet wants the moral venom, the devilish leaven, of a consenting spirit: it is all but human.

The contempt poured upon these people by our laws, our churches, our seminaries, our professions, naturally invokes upon their heads the fierce wrath of vulgar malignity.

and, as usual, the English purpose in this is viewed as one of pure malignity.

Some say they are cannibals; and then conceive a Tartar fellow eating my friend, and adding the cool malignity of mustard and vinegar!

The standing author of the paper is always the object of critical malignity.

There is in him no trace of either the cruel, icy-cold malignity of the fiend of Goethe, or the awful grandeur of Milton's Tempter.

These were, in fact, mitigated symptoms of that same moral disease which raged with such deadly malignity in his friends Savage and Boyse.

My heart, indeed, acquits me of deliberate malignity, or interested insidiousness.

The determined malignity of the Spaniard toward the adventurous men of our race who were fringing the Atlantic coast with sparsely peopled and widely separated settlements was promptly disclosed.

have not what?" "Have not a house-warming in prospect," reply I, with distinct malignity.

SWEATING SICKNESS, an epidemic of extraordinary malignity which swept over Europe, and especially England, in the 15th and 16th centuries, attacking with equal virulence all classes and all ages, and carrying off enormous numbers of people; was characterised by a sharp sudden seizure, high fever, followed by a foetid perspiration; first appeared in England in 1485, and for the last time in 1551.

Nothing short of childish personal animus could account for the filthy malignity of Pope's revenge.

His chief assailants are the authors of The Canons of Criticism, and of The Revisal of Shakespeare's Text; of whom one ridicules his errours with airy petulance, suitable enough to the levity of the controversy; the other attacks them with gloomy malignity, as if he were dragging to justice an assassin or incendiary.

You might show the impotent malignity of your own heart; but, in the circumstances in which you were then placed, I knew you could not hurt me.

Uninured to misfortune, she had suddenly and without preparation been made the subject of the most infernal malignity.

[Footnote B: We do not attribute the spirit of Dr. Ingleby's book to any inherent malignity or deliberately malicious purpose of its author, but rather to that relentless partisanship which this folio seems to have excited among the British critics.

It was more ferocious than the merely brutal glare of a tiger; it was an intentional malignity, super-beastly and sub-human.

One easily becomes accustomed to see the same features, however regular they may be, and when a little malignity does not give them life or action, their very regularity soon destroys the sentiment they excite.

A retired trader might desire a little more slumber, "a little folding of the hands to sleep;" but the lofty malignity of a fallen spirit sickening at the beams of day, would not be among the feelings of an ordinary mind.

It had only one peculiaritya character of malignityunfathomable malignity.

There is high devotion in Caponsacchi, a large-minded and free sagacity in Pope Innocent, and around Pompilia the tragic pathos of an incurable woe, which by its intensity might raise her to grandeur if it sprang from some more solemn source than the mere malignity and baseness of an unworthy oppressor.

For rehabilitation it has neither time nor inclination, and it pursues certain luckless reputations beyond the grave with a mysterious malignity.

The correspondence then passed into the hands of Nathaniel Pendleton on the part of Hamilton, and William P. Van Ness, a man of peculiar malignity of character, upon the part of Burr.

51 adjectives to describe  malignity