3491 adjectives to describe manes

One day, a plain, quiet little man stepped into the chief hospital, looked about a moment, and set to work.

This appears to be a fundamental economic law: Every physical, mental, or spiritual advantage offered to an honest working man or woman increases his economic efficiency.

He was a tall, good-looking man, with a charming easy manner, very cultivated and very keen about everythingart, literature, politics.

Captain Parkinson, they must have been brave men who faced the unknown terrors of that prodigy.

It was now clearly remembered that there had once been rumors of terrible cruelties by a PENDRAGON family to an aged colored man of great piety; who, because he incessantly sang hymns in the cotton-field, was sent to a field farther from the PENDRAGON mansion, and ultimately died.

Seven blind men were given employment at their own homes in London; materials were supplied to them at cost price, they manufactured them, and received the full price that the articles were sold for.

"If you must go," said Chief Edem, "then you must take two armed men with you.

Do what has to be done: Kill him, and let a better man rule in empty court.

But Lachesis, quite as ready to cast a favourable eye on a handsome man, spins away by the handful, and bestows years and years upon Nero out of her own pocket.

We hear of occasional great reformers, but forget that there has been a prevailing influence extending over the ages, of holy men of God, who have preached and taught and prayed; who have preserved our social institutions of spiritual import, and have been a mighty and continuous force working for righteousness and peace.

A gentleman of my acquaintance long ago (he was a middle-aged man when I was a small boy.

We had not long left Vindar's house, before we saw a short fat man in the suburbs, preparing to climb to the top of a plane tree, on which there was one of the tail feathers of a sort of flamingo.

He was also a very able man, one of the pillars of the ministry, au courant of every treaty and negotiation for the last twenty years, very prudent and clear-headed.

"That you pick out a worthy man belonging to your own section of the Union," he continues hastily.

i, 17] Claudius was delighted to find literary men up there, and began to hope there might be some corner for his own historical works.

This I took out of the earth and tendered to my master, having previously engaged a free negro man to take take his security for it, as I was the property of my master, and therefore could not safely take his obligation myself.

We made a run for the slough which was only a short distance off, and succeeded in safely reaching it, bringing with us the wounded man.

I trust, my dear sir, that, if you are as yet free, you will take the well-intended advice of a sufferer, and steer entirely clear of the shoals and quicksands peculiar to the life of a married man, by never embarking in the matrimonial ship.

Last night, I was a comparatively strong, though elderly man; and now, only a few hours later!

Beyond us, through an opening in the trees, we could see the lake, sparkling and shining in the evening sunbeams, and we were talking about the beauty of the view, and the calmness and repose that seemed resting upon all things, when, of a sudden, there came up from that shadowy dell a sound, the most unearthly that ever broke upon the astonished ear of mortal man.

These were all sent off in a van early one morning, and after luncheon I went over, having given rendezvous to Pontecoulant and M. Kruft, chef du materiel, an excellent, intelligent man, who was most useful and devoted to me the two years I lived at the ministry.

The shark, who was a master of finesse, swam out a little way, to where the water was deeper, and then slowly sank, intending, if Mr. P. followed him again to the bottom, to stay there long enough to drown the unfortunate man.

He is an interesting, clever man, knows England and the English wellspeaks English remarkably well."

We love the farm, but our happiness here would be doubled if we had some occupation to keep us busy, and this philanthropic undertaking would furnish us with no end of fun, even while we were benefiting our fellow man.

As calm-minded, philanthropic men, we, the American people, should look into this subject, and, regardless of jeer and scoff, do what justice, humanity, and the right demand of us, in regard to some of the social and legal inequalities between the sexes, pertaining to the married state.

3491 adjectives to describe  manes
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