16 adjectives to describe manors

The annexed picturesque engraving represents the new bridge from Kingston-upon-Thames to Hampton-Wick, in the royal manor of Hampton Court.

Or if he must be outwardly great, he can but turn the other end of the glass, and make his stately manor a low and straight cottage, and in all his costly furniture he can see not richness but use; he can see dross in the best metal and earth through the best clothes, and in all his troupe he can see himself his own servant.

I. It is in the autumn that life in an old manor house on the Cotswolds has its greatest charm; for one of the chief characteristics of a house in the depths of the country surrounded by a broad manor is the game.

He builded Selwoodea handsome Tudor manor which stands some seven miles from the village of Fairhavenwhere he dwelt in state, by turns affable and domineering to the neighbouring farmers, and evincing a grave interest in the condition of their crops.

Neither can we forget, as we sit here musing, whose green English carpet, down in Kent, we so lately rested on under the trees,nor how we wandered off with the lord of that hospitable manor to an old castle hard by his grounds, and climbed with him to the turret-tops,nor how we heard him repeople in fancy the aged ruin, as we leaned over the wall and looked into the desolate court-yard below.

Mr. McNair lived south of it in a rough stone housethe manor of the neighborhoodwith half a dozen slave huts ranged before the kitchen door, and the gateway between his grounds and the village, as seen from the upper windows of our house, was, to me, the boundary between the known and the unknown, the dread portal through which came Adam, the poor old ragged slave, with whom my nurse threatened me when I did not do as she wished.

Taking his fair wife away with him to his lonely manor, Geraint surrounded her with every comfort, and, forgetting his former high aspirations, spent all his time at home, hoping thereby to please her.

Many of the large plantations, in fact, bore no small resemblance to medieval manors.

Erneis, who appears to have been the more considerable personage of the two, held numerous manors in the counties of York and Lincoln.

We tore through the herbage as if we had been running a race in the yard of a peaceful manor.

They were gentlefolk of some substance, and had carved out of the wilderness a very pretty manor with orchards and flower gardens.

Betimes they crossed the marches into Mortain, but it was late evening ere they saw at last the sleepy manor of Blaen, its white walls and steepy roofs dominated by its one square watch-tower, above which a standard, stirring lazily in the gentle air, discovered the red lion of Pentavalon.

Thus I went on, still talking of retirement, and still refusing to retire; my friends began to laugh at my delays, and I grew ashamed to trifle longer with my own inclinations; an estate was at length purchased, I transferred my stock to a prudent young man who had married my daughter, went down into the country, and commenced lord of a spacious manor.

gave the Earl his niece in marriage, and several estates in Yorkshire; among others, the lands of Jervaux Abbey, and the adjacent manor of West Scrafton.

Titular manors exist, in a few instances, to this day, where no manorial rights were ever granted; and manor-houses were common appellations for the residences of the landlords of large estates, that were held in fee, without any exclusive privileges, and subject to the reservation named.

What was the use of the old ancestral manor near Caistor in Lincolnshire, or the town-house in Park Street, the snug hunting-box at Melton, or the beautiful palm-shaded, flower-embowered villa overlooking the blue southern sea at San Remo?

16 adjectives to describe  manors