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247 adjectives to describe  marriage

247 adjectives to describe marriage

The story had come to me in whispers from others, never even spoken about by those of our racea wild, headstrong girl, a secret marriage, a duel in the park, her brother desperately wounded, and then the disappearance of the pair.

This is just as true in unhappy marriages as in happy ones.

Can a couple who have contracted a clandestine marriage be properly said to be carrying out their clandestiny?

Many Eastern and Northern people confound the term "Creole" and "Mulatto," believing that the former name is given to the offspring of mixed marriages, which take place in spite of the vigilance of the laws of most of the Southern States.

It is true that a religious ceremony has been performed here, but how about the civil marriage which, as I read the French code, is absolutely necessary?" The lawyer sat silent.

Love at first sight, flirtations, rash intimacies, quick engagements, immediate marriages.

But do not the secular look upon growth as a sort of chasea chase for more learning, more money, a bigger business, a higher degree, a better position, a brilliant marriage,a struggle for wealth, renown, acclaim?

I asked of Him, as the dowry of my spiritual marriage, crosses, contempt, confusion, disgrace, and ignominy; and I prayed Him to give me grace to entertain dispositions of littleness and nothingness with regard to everything else."

Judge Ban B. Lindsey on companionate marriage.

"I perceive by the letters you have given me, my son, that your mother's family had imbibed the opinion, that I was John Assheton, of Lancaster, a man of singular humours, who had made an unfortunate marriage in Spain, and whose wife, I believe, is still living in Paris, though lost to herself and her friends.

They being all assembled to celebrate this double marriage, and as yet only one of the brides appearing, there was much of wondering and conjecture, but they mostly thought that Ganimed was making a jest of Orlando.

What goes on in his own closet he knows not;[Footnote: Perhaps alluding to a mock marriage of Silius and Messalina.]

Bossuet, when consulted by the King as to his intended marriage, approved of it only on the ground that it was better to make a foolish marriage than violate the seventh commandment.

Lucrezia shared the lessons of her brother, and had been brought up specially with the idea of a brilliant foreign marriage, and her maid was a girl from Modena who knew Ferrara well.

Helena was no sooner married, than she was desired by Bertram to apply to the king for him for leave of absence from court; and when she brought him the king's permission for his departure, Bertram told her that as he was not prepared for this sudden marriage, it had much unsettled him, and therefore she must not wonder at the course he should pursue.

Besides that of Queen Anne, a number of royal marriages have been solemnized here; those of the daughters of George II., of Frederick Prince of Wales to Augusta of Saxe Cobourg, of George IV.

Henriquez' brother, Myrtano, next succeeds as Idalia's adorer, but learning that he is about to make an advantageous marriage, she secretly decamps.

DIVORCE: Absolute divorce for intermarriage within the prohibited degrees of consanguinity and affinity, mental incapacity at time of marriage, impotence at time of marriage, force, menace, duress, or fraud in obtaining marriage, pregnancy of wife at time of marriage unknown to husband, adultery, wilful desertion for three years, conviction for an offence involving imprisonment for two years or longer.

A rumour of the intended marriage of his perjured mistress reached his ears, and, struck to the soul, he endeavoured, by manual labour, to exhaust his strength and banish the recollection of his misery.

[Fr.], feme coverte [Fr.]; squaw, lady; matron, matronage, matronhood^; man and wife; wedded pair, Darby and Joan; spiritual wife. monogamy, bigamy, digamy^, deuterogamy^, trigamy^, polygamy; mormonism; levirate^; spiritual wifery^, spiritual wifeism^; polyandrism^; Turk, bluebeard^. unlawful marriage, left-handed marriage, morganatic marriage, ill- assorted marriage; mesalliance; mariage de convenance

He was born at Christ Church, Newark, North America, and raised to a noticeable height, chiefly by two wealthy marriages, the fortunes of the junior branch.

By the former the citizen could contract a valid marriage and acquire the rights resulting from it, particularly the paternal power; by the latter he could acquire and dispose of property.

To offset the charges, there were dark hints and innuendoes thrown out about the disappearance of Brown and the subsequent marriage of the widow to the young doctor.

With her, in 1848, he made an ill-assorted marriage, only to find, some years afterwards, his heart riven and a bitter ingredient dropped into his life's chalice by a fatal defection on the wife's part, she having become enamoured of the then rising young painter, Millais, whom Ruskin had trustingly invited to his house to paint her portrait.

The reason why none come into that love but those who approach the Lord, is, because monogamical marriages, which are of one husband with one wife, correspond to the marriage of the Lord and the church, and because such marriages originate in the marriage of good and truth; on which subject, see above, n. 60 and 62.

I only deprecate very hasty marriages.

When this unequal Marriage Gave me from all my Joys, gave me from Bellmour; Your Wings were flag'd, your Torches bent to Earth, And all your little Bonnets veil'd your Eyes; You saw not, or were deaf and pitiless.

Sir, you know the old Cheat; hire a Lay Rascal in a Canonical Habit, and put a false Marriage upon her.

I allowed her plenty of opportunity for doing so, chaffing her about her forthcoming marriage in order that she might again refer to him.

She approached the subject of his impending marriage, and implored him, by his love for her, not to give up his name, and to break off the match.

The comparisons of betrothed, husband, celestial lover, and eternal marriage, that recur in sermons, stirred within her soul depths of unexpected sweetness.

and they said, "What are polygamical marriages?

Save me from the irrevocable wickedness of a loveless marriage.

He employed all his eloquence to persuade Rodolph and Helen to consent to his speedy marriage; for, now that his object in lingering at Plymouth was attained, all his love for his flock at Salem, and his desire once more to dwell among them, returned with added force.

Now was Romeo blest indeed, and Juliet, who knew his intent from a messenger which she had dispatched according to promise, did not fail to be early at the cell of friar Lawrence, where their hands were joined in holy marriage; the good friar praying the heavens to smile upon that act, and in the union of this young Mountague and young Capulet to bury the old strife and long dissensions of their families.

Think what rage would justly seize the great Romulus, the founder of our race, if he could reflect on the circumstances of his own birth, and then upon your attitude,refusing to get children even by lawful marriages!

Jack was so sensitive, you see, lest people might think he was making a mercenary marriage, and that his sister was profiting by it.

In all her references to the approaching marriage there are blended notes of hope and fear.

A year after the burning of Mowbray Castle, on the return of the Earl and Countess of Marney to England, the romantic marriage and the enormous wealth of Lord and Lady Marney were still the talk in fashionable circles.

"Tell me," said the young man, "the truth of this new order of celestial marriage."

In due time the pair are caught by the Marquis, and to avoid his rage confess their prior marriage.

'I shall never be sorry for having saved my granddaughter from an imprudent marriage.

The beautiful niece of Physcon, who, at the time of her compulsory marriage with him, evinced such an aversion to the monster, had become, at the period of her husband's death, as great a monster of ambition, selfishness, and cruelty as he.

It is perfectly natural that your grandfather should wish you to make a suitable marriage, perfectly natural that he should not want you to run after the wrong woman.

They still retained their enormous fortunes, originally acquired as governors of provinces, and continually increased by fortunate marriages and speculations.

No power of Man can do't, thou art so guarded; but now the Priest is employed in clapping up the honourable Marriage between the False Count and Isabella.

In the world there are infernal marriages between persons who interiorly are the most inveterate enemies, and exteriorly are as the closest friends.

"'Twude be a grand marriage vor the likes o' yu, Miss Zairy, vor the Crewys du be the yoldest vambly in all Devonsheer, as I've yeard tell; and yure volk bain't never comed year at arl befar yure grandvather's time.

The religious marriage is complete.

In order to appreciate the position of women of various types in the society we are examining, it is necessary to make it clear what Roman marriage originally and ideally meant.

When the hurried marriage had come to a pathetic end by her early death everyone was tragic about it except Aylmer.

The immortal marriage.

My earliest duty was to gratify his second passion by negotiating temporary marriages for handsome fees.

This prince, seduced by a passion for his mother-in-law, deserted for some time the Christian faith, which permitted not these incestuous marriages: his whole people immediately returned with him to idolatry.

SEE Byrne, C. L. Her fifth marriage.

Her new husband sped from dumbfounded delight to amazed regret, for he found that with her money she bought only his name and a marriage document, as a final answer to the count when next he came whimpering of conventional marriage.

There could not be a happier or a better marriage for Mary.'

Never sure was there such a mad marriage; but Petruchio did but put this wildness on, the better to succeed in the plot he had formed to tame his shrewish wife.

[reads.] Expect to morrow night to hear I'm dead, since the next Sun will guide me to a fatal Marriage with old Francisco.

It is really a wretched marriage.

Why pursue as an ideal frequent marriages between them, and the formation of a third race: that of mulattoes?

He had imagined that, while Emily was forced into this odious marriage, she would be obliged by decorum, as soon as the event was decided, to draw a veil over the compulsion she had suffered.

The forced Marriage; or the jealous Bridegroom, a Tragi-Comedy, acted at the duke's theatre, and printed in 4to, 1671.

To compensate the rigor of such a requisition, a French marriage, though civilly indissoluble, has yet a hundred modifications which remove it far from the Puritan ideal which we of the Protestant faith cherish.

But it was soon discovered that the villain had a living wife when he made his pretended marriage with Angelica, who was thus released from any consideration for him.

A bigamous marriage is invalid, but the bigamist is punished.

She was treated with kindness, as the destined wife of a young chief; but the suit for her consent never was pressed by the chief, as it is in an Indian's code of honor never to force a woman to a distasteful marriage.

The reason why those who live in celibacy are on the side of heaven, is, because the sphere of perpetual celibacy infests the sphere of conjugial love, which is the very essential sphere of heaven; and the reason why the sphere of conjugial love is the very essential sphere of heaven, is, because it descends from the heavenly marriage of the Lord and the church.

Haydn and Loisa, being Catholics, never thought of seeking divorce: their only hope of celebrating a formal marriage lay in the death of both her brutish husband and his shrewish wife"when four eyes shall close."

She was thinking what a splendid marriage her adopted daughter might make, if it were not for that stain upon her birth.

But let us admit that, too often, the actual marriage is a very pitiful comment on our morality, and celibacy either a mere pretence or a very mean and pinched reality.

It is this which, to my mind, rules out the "experimental marriage.

Numerous were the efforts of Emperors to promote honorable marriages, but the relation was shunned.

Attachment may be allowed without bond and it may be granted in a suit to annul an illegal marriage as well as in one for divorce.

And when the affair came to be investigated by the Privy Council, Lord Thurlow denounced the conduct of the pair in violent terms, and angrily asked the Attorney-general, Sir John Scott, why he had not prosecuted all the parties concerned in this abominable marriage.

They were not Roman citizens except as being residents of a Roman city, but by irregular marriages with Romans the line of demarcation between the two peoples may have grown less clearly defined.

Stage guide for "The Lantern marriage" (Mariage aux lanternes), by Jacques Offenbach.

" "Many of the white people in these provinces, take little or no care of negro marriages; and when negroes marry, after their own way, some make so little account of those marriages, that, with views of outward interest, they often part men from their wives, by selling them far asunder; which is common when estates are sold by executors at vendue.

Primitive marriage is not a matter of sentiment but of utility and sensual greed.

After the first meeting, there was little delay in beginning that form of unchurched marriage so fashionable in the art world of that day.

[Fr.], feme coverte [Fr.]; squaw, lady; matron, matronage, matronhood^; man and wife; wedded pair, Darby and Joan; spiritual wife. monogamy, bigamy, digamy^, deuterogamy^, trigamy^, polygamy; mormonism; levirate^; spiritual wifery^, spiritual wifeism^; polyandrism^; Turk, bluebeard^. unlawful marriage, left-handed marriage, morganatic marriage, ill- assorted marriage; mesalliance; mariage de convenance

No attention was as yet paid to any considerations of the religious reverence due to the gods, or of the duties which are owed to mankind: no one had ever seen any legitimate marriages, no one had beheld any children whose parentage was indubitable; nor had any one any idea what great advantage there might be in a system of equal law.

In considering this view, I want first to point out that although to have no legal or enforceable tie in sex-relationships seems on the surface much the simplest and easiest way to arrange life, although permanent monogamous marriage is exceedingly difficult and inconvenient, yet the movement of humanity does seem to have been on the whole in that direction.

Comanches: Utilitarian marriages; Cruel jealousy; Filthy; Lower than brutes; Enforce chastity on wives.

I intended a feigned marriage, but it was rightfully performed.

" The young pianist, Tausig, visits him, and he thinks of him as his son, saying, "My childless marriage is suddenly blest with an interesting phenomenon."

Friends intervened, advising an effectual reintegration of the broken marriage; but against this, she says, her conscience, no less than her heart, rebelled.

The reason of this is, because marriages, considered in themselves, are spiritual, and thence holy; for they descend from the heavenly marriage of good and truth, and things conjugial correspond to the divine marriage of the Lord and the church; and hence they are from the Lord himself, and according to the state of the church with the contracting parties.

In considering this view, I want first to point out that although to have no legal or enforceable tie in sex-relationships seems on the surface much the simplest and easiest way to arrange life, although permanent monogamous marriage is exceedingly difficult and inconvenient, yet the movement of humanity does seem to have been on the whole in that direction.

In troth I know not, if it be good or ill, That with this endless toil I labour thus: 'Tis but the old time's ancient conscience That would do no man hurt, that makes me do't: If it be sin, that I do pity these, If it be sin, I have relieved his brothers, Have played the thief with them to get their food, And made a luckless marriage for his sister, Intended for her good, heaven pardon me.

But her father gained for his daughter a marriage more glorious still.

Mixed marriage, annonymous.

For, if a man always wanted to tell his symptoms and a woman always wished to hear about them, surely a marriage compact on the basis of such a passion ought to open up for them a union of overflowing and indestructible felicity.

But perhaps he cares to show what tragical results are produced by illegitimate marriages?

Primitive marriage, in short, has little in common with civilized marriage except the namean important fact the disregard of which has led to no end of confusion in anthropological and sociological literature.

Such was the defence of the dishonoured old man who had placed himself beyond the pale of sympathy by his own degrading marriage.

The ring did not signify that she was married to himI think it might have meant that to her, if she had read the shallow sentimentalism of some love stories; but Miss Prudence had kept her from false ideas, and given her the truth; the truth, that marriage was the symbol of the union of Christ and his people; a pure marriage was the type of this union.

He made also a prosperous marriage with Donna Benricevuta de' Sizi.

The doctor was made well aware that her unvarnished opinion of his prospective marriage was at his disposal at any time.

The story closes with the prosaic marriage of Adam Bede to Dinah Morris,a Methodist preacher, who falls in love with him instead of his more pious brother Seth, who adores her.