124 adjectives to describe matches

Would they change their minds, and instead of drowning them apply a slow match and blow up the shed?

She was a suitable match for himanybody would say so.

In fact, Madame Stewart was partial to the man from the first, in which I do not blame her, for a better match could not have been desired for her daughter.

"Her mother made a runaway match, you may rememberDamn' poor cigar, this.

It only required a lighted match to have sent us into eternity.

" "To be sure,it would be a very unequal match in every way.

He took a little wax match from his pocket and struck it on his sleeve; the flame flashed out.

Will truth enable us to make eligible matches with rich women?

All Lydia Sessions's considerable forces were by heredity and training turned into one narrow channelthe effort to make a creditable, if not a brilliant, match.

The innocent Creature, who never suspected his Intentions, was pleased with his Person; and having observed his growing Passion for her, hoped by so advantageous a Match she might quickly be in a capacity of supporting her impoverish'd Relations.

One Saturday night there was to be a grand spelling match at a country crossroad about four miles from our village, and four schools were to participate.

The negotiation is all carried forward by the mother, and the daughter is given to any suitor she may deem a desirable match.

To realise him more, his sufferings under his unfortunate match must have the downright pungency of lifemust (or should) make you not mirthful but uncomfortable, just as the same predicament would move you in a neighbour or old friend.

I find, Sir Feeble, we were a couple of old Fools indeed, to think at our Age to cozen two lusty young Fellows of their Mistresses; 'tis no wonder that both the Men and the Women have been too hard for us; we are not fit Matches for either, that's the truth on't.

And when to this mutual and immortal memory we added the discovery that we were both at the Oval at the memorable match when Crossland rattled Surrey out like ninepins and the crowd mobbed him, and Key and Roller miraculously pulled the game out of the fire, our friendship was sealed.

On advice we had already thrown away our lighted cigars; but two noncommissioned officers felt it to be their bounden duty to warn us against striking matches in that neighborhood.

A letter has been very opportunely found on the ramparts of Lisle, which is intended to persuade the people that the British government has distributed money and phosphoric matches in every town in Francethe one to provoke insurrection, the other to set fire to the corn.

"Yes, here I am, Sophia," he said to his sister, "quite ready to make a foolish match.

I think Jeanette has made a splendid match.

Certainly the most exciting match I have ever played, and the one that gave me the most pleasure to win, was my match at Wimbledon against Miss Sutton in 1906.

These were qualities that no belle despised, and ill-assorted matches were, moreover, just coming into fashion in New-York.

I produced from my pocket a little vial, containing matches, stoppled water-tight, and told him, that, though we were upset, we should still have some dry matches; at which he stared without saying a word.

A pretty match for a Stewart 'pon my word!"

Soon after the man left, the landlady called her spouse to the inner room, and showing him her bargain, said she had been induced to buy the quilt, because it was an exact match for the one in the large room up-stairs.

"I think you'd be throwing yourself away," said Nugent; "to my mind it's a most unsuitable match in every way.

124 adjectives to describe  matches