40 adjectives to describe medal

"Well," he said, "we've got that little old medal in our patrol.

They glory in the crime, and have even struck a commemorative medal in its honour.

George W. Childs gold medal at Philadelphia School of Design for Women; silver medal at Women's Exposition, London, 1900.

To His Excellency Count Ouvaroff, &c. &c. In the course of the following year a very handsome gold medal, specially struck, was transmitted by Count Ouvaroff on the part of the Emperor of Russia, to Mr Airy. 1848

2. And be it further resolved, That when the said medal shall have been struck the President shall cause a copy of this joint resolution to be engrossed on parchment, and shall transmit the same, together with the said medal, to Major-General Grant, to be presented to him in the name of the people of the United States of America.

Double bigamy medal.

Silver medal at The Hague, 1857; honorary medal at Amsterdam, 1861; another at The Hague, 1863; and a medal of distinction at Amsterdam Colonial Exhibition, 1885.

Double bigamy medal.

He also received numerous medals of honor, and was offered the Presidency of the Royal Society, which, however, he declined, as he did also a knighthood proffered by the government of England.

Intoxication with the music of chants and organ, drowned in the scent of incense and flowers, hung about with scapularies, rosaries, consecrated medals, and holy images, he, like his companions, assumed a certain air of self-importance and wore a smug, sanctified look.

The crumbling of the decorative medals in the spandrels of the cloisters cannot of course be restored; but one does not complain of such natural decay as that.

He may have been mentioned in dispatches: there may be a distinguished conduct medal hidden about him somewhereworth all the iron crosses the Kaiser ever gave!

A vast crowd outside the church waited to cheer the happy couple, and slinking at the rear of this was a drab Lyman Teafordwithout medals, without uniform, dull, prosaic, enduring at this moment pangs of the keenest remorse for his hasty act of a year before.

A Sienese gentleman had commissioned Cellini to make him a golden medal, to be worn in the hat.

The prize of the Geographical Society of Paris, the grand medal of the London Geographical Society, and brilliant receptions greeted the illustrious traveler.

She carries a small book in which she enters imaginary good points to those who have the tables by their beds tidy, and she pinned an invisible medal on the chest of a convalescent who was helping to carry trays of food to his comrades.

The only difference was that instead of books, slates, or copy-books, leathern medals, bearing various legends and mottos, were hung around her necka travestied decoration worse than the books for humiliation.

On his fingers were several valuable rings, in his scarf was a large ruby set with diamonds, and attached to his waistcoat was a massive gold medal that at once established his identity.

For the Sister there was a miniature gold consecrated medal.

He wanted a shrinea handsome, cheap, effectual shrineto be erected in the valley; he wanted relics and such-like potent things of faith, blessed objects and mysterious medals and prayers.

Our new friend, it seems, had himself been a prominent racing bicyclist a few years back, and was presently, at Hewitt's request, exhibiting a neat gold medal that hung at his watch-guard.

2. For papal medals from Innocent XIII inclusive; I have very fine specimens of Hamerani's medals of Clement XI.

Your correspondent, Mr. B. NIGHTINGALE, desires an answer to his Query (in your No. 4), Why is the figure of a Lobster introduced into the impression upon the rare medal struck 20th June, 1688, in contempt or ridicule of Prince James Edward, the newly-born son of King James II.?

"Maybe she doesn't know everything," said the little girl, fingering a religious medal that shone beneath her brown muffler.

In 1825, a splendid bronze medal was struck by order of the Grand Duke, and presented to Goethe, to commemorate the fiftieth year of the poet's residence at his court.

40 adjectives to describe  medal