5 adjectives to describe melange

A Conjuring melange; a collection of tricks and puzzles.

The whole is a very charming melange, with a most discursive arrangement, it is true, but never falling into dulness, or tiring the reader with too minute detail.

Result was a delightful melange of howlers which continued for a good while after launch of the newspaper.

Miss Wright sailed from New York for France, where she still remains, in the month of July, 1830; and previous to her departure delivered an address, on which "the New York Enquirer" makes the following observations: "The parting address of Miss Wright at the Bowery Theatre, on Wednesday evening, was a singular melange of politics and impietyeloquence and irreligionbold invective, and electioneering slang.

We had been burrowing under the auditorium, and presently found ourselves in a large cellar where a Chinese was cooking on a brazier an unspeakable melange of dog, fish, and rat for the actors' supper, with not a scrap of ventilation anywhere!!

5 adjectives to describe  melange