19 adjectives to describe microscope

and yet these, like nature's, will bear the scrutiny of the solar microscope.

The standard yard was brought under the microscopes of the comparator; the cross-hair of the unmarked microscope was made to bisect the division marked o, and the cross-hair of the microscope, marked I, was made to bisect the division marked 36.

" He stopped suddenly in his walk, to gather a small weed which had caught his quick eye by the roadside, and which he examined for a moment through a little pocket microscope which I noticed, hanging like an eyeglass round his neck, and which I learned afterward quite affectionately to associate with him.

By the aid of Tulley's achromatic microscope, and under highly magnifying powers, it has recently been discovered that the globules of the blood congeal into flat circular bodies, and arrange themselves in rows, one body being placed partly underneath another, and in like manner as a pile of similar coins, when thrown gently down, would be found to arrange themselves.

Mr. Carpenter's lucernal microscopes are now arranged in a kind of temple, placed in the middle of a room, and illuminated by the light of one powerful Argand lamp, so as to be independent of all natural light; thus, in all seasons, even in cloudy weather, the objects are as brilliantly displayed as they could be last year when the sun shone.

We have a wonderful mental microscope here and the world will learn to use it.

The apparatus which I propose to call by the above name ([mu][epsilon][lambda][delta][omega], to melt) consists of an adjunct to the mineralogical microscope, whereby the melting-points of minerals may be compared or approximately determined and their behavior watched at high temperatures either alone or in the presence of reagents.

Away with these fellows, who would force their miserable microscopes before the eyes of these happy gauzy moths!to-night is only the time for spinning cobwebs.

I have also the micrometer itself and a portable microscope, if the Court wishes to verify the photographs.

A mighty small thing; 'twouldn't have been visible except in a high-powered microscope, and only then if you looked hard for it.

The crystal serves the purpose of a psychic microscope or telescope.

Our only defence is in telling the men in bulk what we have not the courage nor the wish to tell the individual, and letting them sit down and think hard, applying the relentless microscope of self-analysis to their carefully tended Ego, to see if, haply, any of these things we say apply to themselves.

We should be able to receive ideas of this order without incredulity since the advent of "dark" photography and the ultra-violet microscope.

To make the odds fair, he ought to furnish a similar systematic examination to Brown and Whately; enabling us to read their works (as we now do those of Sir W. Hamilton) with the advantage of his unrivalled microscope, which detects the minutest breach or incoherence in the tissue of reasoningand of his large command of philosophical premisses, which brings into full notice what the author had overlooked.

Such an instrument would at least be free from all uncertainties of twist of plumb-line, viscosity of water, attachment of upper plumb-line microscope, attachment of lower plumb-line microscope, and the observations connected with them: and might be expected, as a result of this extreme simplicity, to give accurate results.

We should be able to receive ideas of this order without incredulity since the advent of "dark" photography and the ultra-violet microscope.

There was something rather disturbing in the dry, quizzical smile that I encountered and the reflection that I had been under observation, and I felt as much embarrassed as I should suppose a self-conscious water-flea might feel on finding itself on the illuminated stage of a binocular microscope.

The object he paints stands full before the eye, we admire it in all its lustre, and who would not rather enjoy a perfect inspection into a natural curiosity through a microscope capable of discovering all the minute beauties, though its exterior form should not be comely, than perceive an object but faintly, through a microscope ill adapted for the purpose, however its outside may be decorated.

The four thousand words have been meticulously examined through intellectual microscopes in judicial opinions, textbooks, and other commentaries which are as "thick as autumnal leaves that strow the brooks in Vallombrosa.

19 adjectives to describe  microscope