203 words to describe  miracle

203 words to describe miracle

Mental miracles, pt. 1.

" "I understand," continued the lady, "that there are doubts after all, whether this miracle be really a true miracle.

The responsibilities of the novelist and The joyous miracle.

His cultus received great impulse from the discovery of his relics at Kaphar Gamala, on the shore of Lake Genesareth, and the wonderful miracles wrought by them, A basilica in his honour was erected, in Rome in the fourth century.

But at this time he had only truths to declare,those saving truths which are perpetual miracles.

When I hear cheechalkos complaining of boredom up here in this world of daily miracles, I think of the native boy in the history-class, who, called on to describe the progress of civilisation, said: 'In those days men had as many wives as they liked, and that was called polygamy.

For the sake of supporting the faith of the multitude, lest they should fall away to rival sects, ... false arguments have been used in support of religious truths, false miracles promulgated or tolerated, false readings in the sacred text defended.

"The Gulf of Suez was the scene of the most stupendous miracle recorded in Exodusthe Passage of the Israelites,when God clave in sunder the waters of the sea, and caused them to rise perpendicularly, so as to form a wall unto the Israelites, on their right hand, and on their left.

He did not kill all his patients, then; his remedy worked real miracles, since he brought back to life the consumptive and the ataxic.

With the Protestants, I hold that the entire machinery of modern miracles is false and unprofitable.

One would think that some kind of apology or reparation were due to ecclesiastical tradition, which was credited with wholesale lying so long as its recorded wonders were classed among impossibilities by the intellectual fashion-mongers, but it seems we have only partly escaped the reproach of knavery to incur that of wholesale folly for not having seen that these apparent miracles were but forms of hysteria or hypnotism.

It was not merely his money magic though he wielded that magnificently as was his habit and predilection, spent Mexican dollars with a superb disregard of their value which won from the natives a respect akin to awe and wrought miracles wherever the golden flow touched.

By some strange miracle, the strong, sweet, understanding woman had simply taken possession of the friendless child.

An outburst of miracle-working and prophecy is hardly to be looked for; while the argument from the tree's fruits, or from the moral miracle, is at present weakened by the extent to which non-Christians put in practice the morality they have learnt from Christ.

Just a few days Trautmann's medical miracle, his five years old son died in a car crash.

The most important was his Free Inquiry into Christian miracles (1748), which put in a new and dangerous light an old question: At what time did the Church cease to have the power of performing miracles?

Before day, the van of this prodigious army arrived at the sconce of the Italians, and began immediately to play off their ordnance against the caravel, which was so near that it was an absolute miracle that not a single shot did any harm.

N. B. Not every revelation requires a sensible miracle as the credential; but every revelation of a new series of 'credenda'.

From particular miracles, the father turned the discourse to the difference between divine and diabolical miracles; and he told Mr. Hall, that if he could ascertain that one miracle ever was wrought in the church of England, he would embrace that persuasion: To which our author replied, that he was fully convinced, that many devils had been ejected out of persons in that church by fasting and prayer.

The padre went on staring out of the window, and talking in a loud forced tone about the astonishing miracles of the 'Ecstatica' and 'Addolorata;' and the poor vicar, finding the purpose for which he had sacrificed his own word of honour utterly frustrated by the priest's presence, sat silent and crestfallen the whole evening.

Mr. Courtenay (Poetical Review, ed. 1786, p. 7), thus attacked Mr. Strahan: 'Let priestly Shn in a godly fit The tale relate, in aid of Holy Writ; Though candid Adams, by whom David fell [A], Who ancient miracles sustained so well,

To assent to a religious proposition solely in obedience to an outward miracle, would be Belief; but would not be Faith, any more than is scientific conviction.

Not one of the historical books of the Old Testament could approve itself to me as of any high antiquity or of any spiritual authority; and in the New Testament I found the first three books and the Acts to contain many doubtful and some untrue accounts, and many incredible miracles.

Besides, Christ could not reason so; for he knew that the Jews admitted both natural and demoniacal miracles, and their faith in the latter he never attacked; though by an 'argumentum ad hominem' (for it is no argument in itself) he denied its applicability to his own works.

Then he knew that an astounding miracle of grace had been wrought within him.

The maid was all ears, not to lose a word of a language she but half understood, her credulous peasant eyes traveling from the Virgin to the hermit and from the hermit to the Virgin, plainly expressing the wonder she was feeling at such a portentous miracle.

One evening shortly after her departure, when I was standing in the doorway of our house watching the ever fresh miracle of the Eastern sunset, a Turkish officer came riding down the street with about thirty cavalrymen.

They were physical miracles; this a moral miracle.

With this extraordinary miracle wrought by Declan we wish to conclude our discourse.

Add to these, the fact that the most memorable miracle on record, was wrought for the salvation of a portion of those very Canaanites, and for the destruction of those who would exterminate them.

Very soon mighty miracles were wrought by the name of the martyr throughout the whole of Europe.

With squealing brakes the car shaved an acute corner and slid on locked wheels to a dead halt so unexpected that it was Sofia who plunged floundering to the floor, while Victor only by a minor miracle escaped catapulting through the front windows.

The homemade miracle.

And pours his specious miracles to sight; Antiphates his hideous feast devours, Charybdis barks, and Polyphemus roars.

Spiritual miracles are greater than the physical ones."

the multitude saw the blind man open his eyes, and they rejoiced, such splendid miracles should signalize the reign of our Emperor Antoninus."

Angel unawares (Deathless miracle) (In Collier's, Mar. 28, 1931) © 9Mar31; B108066.

Of course the whole campaign is represented as miraculous; and, indeed, actual miracles are recordedwhich we have neither space nor inclination to notice.]

The father passed like an hour later so it just sort of feels like this technological miracle that he was able to see his father from that far away, Webster said.

They might have been exterminated, without constant miracles and perpetual supernatural aid,which is not the order of Providence.

Item, her nose was a tiny miracle of perfection; and this was noteworthy, for you will observe that Nature, who is an adept at eyes and hair and mouths, very rarely achieves a creditable nose.

And their unbelief and impatience are scarcely lessened by the tremendous miracle of the submersion of the pursuing host, and all successive miracles,the mysterious manna, the pillar of cloud and of fire, the smitten rock at Horeb, and the still more impressive and awful wonders of Sinai.

"The most amazing miracles was at Lodge next night.

In this way they misrepresent the Scripture, which affirms that they are holy, saying that such doctrine is not written for us, but that it is rather peculiar miracles, which do not belong to all.

Natty Harmon tried the kitchen pump secretly several times during the evening, for the water had to run up hill all the way from the well to the kitchen sink, and he believed this to be a continual miracle that might "give out" at any moment.

The transformation of dead matter into living tissue is the ever-present miracle which life presents even in its lowest forms.

The easy miracle.

By a false miracle, we mean not a pretended miracle, which is no miracle at all, but a real miracle, a supernatural performance, wrought for the purpose of deceiving, or of proving a lie.

And she laughed, with a glance at the innocent doña Pepa, who, there on the other bench, was for the hundredth time explaining to the Italian maid the prodigious miracles wrought by the patron of Alcira, and trying to persuade the "foreigner" to transfer her faith to that saint, and waste no more time on the second or third raters of Italy.

The Church has acknowledged the authenticity of these Eucharistic miracles, as it has, in a preliminary fashion, acknowledged such miracles with bleedings of the Eucharist in Venezuela and elsewhere in this decade.