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126 adjectives to describe  mischiefs

126 adjectives to describe mischiefs

" "Right or wrong, uncle," cried John, who loved a little mischief in his heart.

But the furious outrages of the iconoclasts had done infinite mischief to both political and religious freedom; many of the Catholics, and particularly the priests, gradually withdrew themselves from the confederacy, which thus lost some of its most firm supporters.

The policy of the United States may now decide the direction of the policy of England, and thus prevent immense mischief, incalculable in its consequences, even for the future of the United States themselves.

The slanderer therefore doth engage himself into great straits, incurring an obligation to repair an almost irreparable mischief.

On the 15th, another physician, Mr. Milligen, suggested bleeding to allay the fever, but Byron held out against it, quoting Dr. Reid to the effect that "less slaughter is effected by the lance than the lancetthat minute instrument of mighty mischief;" and saying to Bruno, "If my hour is come I shall die, whether I lose my blood or keep it."

A child is afraid of being whipped, and gets his task, and there's an end on't; whereas, by exciting emulation, and comparisons of superiority, you lay the foundation of lasting mischief; you make brothers and sisters hate each other.'

That must be pure mischief.

Thus speaking, or rather screaming, and brandishing her baby, as the gonfalonier waves his gonfalon, the slat-slatternly woman, swelling into a fury for the nonce, made a dive at Dorothea, which, but for the interposition of "this here gentleman," as she called the coalheaver, might have produced considerable mischief.

Now the keynote of their practical conclusions was that Governments were doing immense mischief by meddling with a great many matters, which they would have done better to leave alone.

Nothing bad had happened to him yet; but that brute Godensky has made dreadful mischief between us.

Finding themselves under a cross-fire from the walls and from the Vatican, the enemy placed a counter-battery, which did deadly mischief to the besieged, who lost at once six officers, numerous soldiers, and had a cannon dismounted to boot.

If we know not its love, its intellect, Neither the worm within my belly seeks To know me, but his petty mischief wreaks: Thus it behoves us to be circumspect.

That which was neither blemished nor withered, of a bright red, and neither smaller nor larger than it ought to be, prognosticated great prosperity to those for whom it was set apart; that which was livid, small or corrupted, presaged the most fatal mischiefs.

Having thus discovered the secret mischiefs which had been prepared against him, the general gave thanks to God, by whose good providence he and his people had been delivered from imminent hazard of death among the infidels; whereupon he and his company joined in the Salve regina with great devotion.

This was a challenge and the look that went with it, one of clear boyish mischief, was one that none of John Wollaston's other intimatesand among these I include his beautiful young wife and his two grown-up children by an earlier marriageever saw.

To make short a long matter, these marched so far and wrought such deeds that in the end they altogether discomfited those evil men who had done such sore mischief to the land.

" "And I promise to prefer a charge of malicious mischief against them, and an attempt to destroy property.

Mrs. Marcy listened to this telling with that placid Quaker way of hers, and remarked in her quaint Quaker phrase, "Thee mustn't be too suspicious, my dear; it maybe harmless mischief, after all."

Had she danced with him, drove with him, sailed with him, walked in the moonlight and made much of him in mere wanton mischief?

The formidable mischief will only make the more useful slave.

so he and his brothers, without intentional mischief, scatter the seeds from the watery white berries of the poison ivy.

It is this habitthis habit of graduating our morality by the laws of the land in which we livethat makes the "mischief framed by a law" so much more pernicious than that which has no law to countenance it, and to commend it to the conscience.

I no more believed in ghosts than I ever did, but I felt certain that there was grave mischief at work.

The principal mischief he does here, is to get Mike and Jamie deeper in the Santa Cruz than I could wish; but the miller has his orders to sell no more rum.

The Egyptians of old, and many flourishing commonwealths since, have enjoined labour and exercise to all sorts of men, to be of some vocation and calling, and give an account of their time, to prevent those grievous mischiefs that come by idleness: "for as fodder, whip, and burthen belong to the ass: so meat, correction, and work unto the servant," Ecclus. xxxiii.

He seemed a conjurer, creating banquets for sheer mischief in the wilderness.

The reason why these cases have so often terminated fatally has arisen from the physician being consulted when irremediable mischief had already taken place.

Not a day, I answer, nor one hour, after the specific and particular mischief, with a view to which this drastic proceeding was adopted, had abated.

If they should read these memoirs to you in succession, while your benevolence, and the moral principles according to which you felt and estimated, were kept at the highest pitch, you would often, during the disclosure, regret to observe how many things may be the causes of irretrievable mischief.

But, although we have to read it with notes, to get the point of its allusions, it is easy to see what execution it must have done at the time, and it is impossible to withhold admiration from the wit, the wickedness, the triumphant mischief of the thing.

She hesitated; and a lucent mischief woke in her eyes.

There is not in the compass of the light A more unhappy creature: sure I am monstrous, For I have done those follies, those mad mischiefs, Would dare a woman.

He knew that within twenty-four or thirty-six hours Washington could depend upon receiving the troops that were being hurried up from Grant's army, but he also realised what enormous mischief might be brought about by even a momentary occupation of the national capital by Confederate troops.

We have been induced to enter this strong protest, and to express ourselves thus warmly against this and the former publications of this author, both from what we hear of the circulation which they have already obtained, and from our conviction that they are calculated, if not strongly denounced to the public, to produce, at this moment, peculiar and irremediable mischief.

Funereal mischief!

A giant shepherd here his flock maintains Far from the rest, and solitary reigns, In shelter thick of horrid shade reclin'd; And gloomy mischiefs labour in the mind.

Beg of her not to hate thee for the communication; and assure her, that thou gavest them up for remorse, and in justice to her extraordinary merit: and let her have the opportunity of congratulating herself for subduing a heart so capable of what thou callest glorious mischief.

Becky does not pursue any one vindictively; she never does gratuitous mischief.

Even those who had never seen the white scars on Dick Venner's wrist, or heard the half-told story of her supposed attempt to do a graver mischief, knew well enough by looking at her that she was one of the creatures not to be tampered with,silent in anger and swift in vengeance.

Against this hasty mischief, I know not what security can be obtained: men will be sometimes surprised into quarrels; and though they might both hasten to reconciliation, as soon as their tumult had subsided, yet two minds will seldom be found together, which can at once subdue their discontent, or immediately enjoy the sweets of peace, without remembering the wounds of the conflict.

Could a love facile and without risk soothe the hidden mischief and diminish the fury of a dangerous passion?

"The she-devil designs some horrible and obscure mischief, she plans I know not what.

As idleness brings mischief, and riches anxiety, I did not rock long without evil consequences.

Ulysses made answer; "My men have done this ill mischief to me: they did it while I slept."

Thus the ebullition caused by Marshall's acrimony toward Jefferson, because of Jefferson's strictures on the appointments made by his predecessor subsided, leaving no very serious immediate mischief behind, save the precedent of the nullification of an act of Congress by the Supreme Court.

The captains had foretold the impending mischief, but the extemporised Roman admirals had nevertheless given orders to sail.

This inextinguishable happiness expressed itself in the touch of impudent mischief with which she slipped up close behind Anthony March and, in the last possible instant before her aunt's entrance into the room, bent down and kissed him; then flashed back to her decorously distant chair.

" She began to call up reminiscences of Flora's incessant mischief; but finding Rosa in no mood for anything gay, she proceeded to talk over the difficulties of her position, concluding with the remark: "To-day and to-night you must rest, my child.

The chief duty, however, of the parent is to be alive to these symptoms, and early to detect the incipient mischief, that by a prompt application of efficient means the accession of so formidable a malady may be prevented.

Here lies the incurable mischief, the permanent evil; and therefore religion is always in conflict, and always will be with the free and noble striving after pure truth.

Others, less heinous offenders than this garrulous murderer, have, from similar weakness, wrought indescribable mischief to themselves.

Rubbing the eyes with the fingers, or with anything else, does inevitable mischief.

I commanded a mortar battery at Acre, and I did the French infernal mischief with the shells.

But it was for her hardy and happy impudence, her bent for ingenious mischief, her broad and catholic disrespect for law, conventions, proprieties and persons, and the glint of the devil in her black eyes that we really loved her.

The mischiefs inherent in such a precept rapidly showed themselves, and good sense corrected the error.

'Tis late and dark, and I am far from home: May there not thieves lie watching hereabout, Intending mischief unto them they meet?

I have got some internal mischief, something that obstructs the passages, and it has got to be removed.

That system of taxation is best for the poor man which most tends to increase the funds for the employment of labour; and every disturbance in the system, every alteration of demand, does intrinsic mischief.

Our son, the demure little rogue, will play around us, and help me invent mischief at your expense.

The inward mischief, or allay, Ye, who within the blameless mind Your favourite seat of empire find!

"No," said Aurora, with a scintillation of irrepressible mischief in her eyes.

She could not kill outright, to be sure, but even so, these lesser mischiefs were not despicable accomplishments in a young girl.

and why should I be harboring his lighthearted mischiefs against you?

He was very wanton and you very indiscreet; but I trust neither one nor the other meant mischief, and there's an end of it.

The idea that a woman, alone and single-handed, with no weapon but a revolver, could track down and subdue a desperate murderer in winter mountains where hardly a wild thing stirred, and make him return with her to the certain penaltythis proved how much mental mischief had again been caused by the lure of money.

With us it would be far more like Satan's kingdom, inasmuch as our states are more numerous, relatively more petty, and, from the increased powers of modern knowledge and modern invention, capable of the greater mutual mischief.

"I have no doubt this Terrence Malone is a good, noble young fellow; but he has too much native mischief in his composition, and will get you from one scrape into another with marvellous regularity.

Persistent excess of outward performance works mischief in one of two directions,either upon the body or on the soul.

Its periodical mischiefs we leave out of the account.

The dyspeptic invalid, however, should be cautious in their use; they may afford temporary benefit, at the expense of permanent mischief.

What immense mischief, pregnant with oppression and with nameless woe, is encompassed within the circle of this single fact!

When the primary mischief resulting from a wrong act falls upon individuals, and especially upon our neighbours or those with whom we are constantly associating, it can hardly escape our observation.

It is only to prevent a probable mischief, for your own mind's sake; and for the sake of those who deserve not the least consideration from me.

Gipsies in times of yore were the scape-goats of the peasantry: if "cock" were "purloined" or any other rural mischief done by night, it was immediately fathered upon a neighbouring tent of "the dark race.

but we are not satisfied with persecuting America, though the mischief has recoiled on ourselves; nor France with wounding us, though with little other cause for exultation, and with signal mischief to her own trade, and with heavy loss of seamen; not to mention how her armies are shrunk to raise her marine, a sacrifice she will one day rue, when the disciplined hosts of Goths and Huns begin to cast an eye southward.

she should not for she would do her som mischief and yt night following shee sd

What then can be more judicious than to accumulate upon this period, what must otherwise fall with tenfold mischief upon the age of maturity?"

Thank God, all that is passed away, and I now do not write so much to say I forgive you, for I believe from my heart you only meant to tease me a little, not to hurt me, but to ask you to pardon me for thoughts far worse and more evil than your thoughtless mischief to me.

She was tired of her mother's illnesses, tired of Moppet's mischief, tired of Methuselah's solemnity.

Thus do we rise ill sights to see, And 'gainst ourselves to prophesy; When the prophetic fear of things A more tormenting mischief brings, More full of soul-tormenting gall, Than direst mischiefs can befall.

To protect his corn, the farmer takes advantage of this very discursiveness, and stretches round the field a simple line, nothing in itself, but hinting at some undeveloped mischief which the bird cannot penetrate.

The great danger of the waste of time is from caterpillars and moths, who are not resisted, because they are not feared, and who work on with unheeded mischiefs, and invisible encroachments.

According to Abdulla the only spirit which occasionally attacks him is a spirit of mischief not unknown to the parents of healthy little boys. VIII.

Madariaga, who seems to have had no desire of unnecessary mischief, invited them (June 9) to send an officer, who should take a view of his forces, that they might be convinced of the vanity of resistance, and do that, without compulsion, which he was, upon refusal, prepared to enfcrce.

" "I am afraid they are, Tommy," I said; "and it strikes me that it must be fairly useful mischief if we're right about Mr. Bruce Latimer.

In the hands of a company of speculators, who should monopolize it for themselves, it might be the means of enriching the corporation at the expense of the bankruptcy of thousands; and even in the hands of Government alone it might become the means of working vast mischief to the Republic.

Well, whether he were right or wrong, the night would declare it; and in any event there was no excuse whatever for refusing to profit by the stupidity of men whose minds are bent on vicious mischief....

But if thou dost not, and if thou ruinest such a virtue, all the complicated wickedness of ten devils, let loose among the innocent with full power over them, will not do so much vile and base mischief as thou wilt be guilty of.

[5704]Talis amor est laqueus animae, &c., a bitter honey, sweet poison, delicate destruction, a voluntary mischief, commixtum coenum, sterquilinium.

There are often cases of real moral turpitude in school, such as where there is intentional, willful mischief, or disturbance, or habitual disobedience, and there may even be, in some cases, open rebellion.

" "What is it?" "Kid smashed a windowmalicious mischief.

"He has done abundant mischief in his time.

Others, less heinous offenders than this garrulous murderer, have, from similar weakness, wrought indescribable mischief to themselves.

It was impossible for the present to say, whether it was temporary and dependent upon what had happened, or whether it resulted from actual mischief in her lung.

As this door, already too widely extended, the most alarming mischiefs enter mischiefs which sap the foundations of an elective government by corrupting the minds of the freemen and this converting an election ground into a theatre on which is displayed the most vile and demoralizing practices.

Can human force endure Th' assembled mischiefs that besiege 'em round!

Very despiteful are they against us, and purpose to work us bitter mischief.

He rushed at her, threatening, imploring, revilingwhile Mary Anne could only cling to his arms and coat, lest he should attempt some bodily mischief.

With curious inconsistency they openly charged him with being leagued with the devil; in other words, they acknowledged that he was capable of boundless mischief, and yet they were so little afraid of him that they were ready to provoke him to use his whole power against themselves.

His subject leads him to consider much at large the denudation of mountains, which has caused and is causing such calamitous mischief in Italy and the south of France.