126 adjectives to describe mischiefs

" "Right or wrong, uncle," cried John, who loved a little mischief in his heart.

But the furious outrages of the iconoclasts had done infinite mischief to both political and religious freedom; many of the Catholics, and particularly the priests, gradually withdrew themselves from the confederacy, which thus lost some of its most firm supporters.

The policy of the United States may now decide the direction of the policy of England, and thus prevent immense mischief, incalculable in its consequences, even for the future of the United States themselves.

The slanderer therefore doth engage himself into great straits, incurring an obligation to repair an almost irreparable mischief.

On the 15th, another physician, Mr. Milligen, suggested bleeding to allay the fever, but Byron held out against it, quoting Dr. Reid to the effect that "less slaughter is effected by the lance than the lancetthat minute instrument of mighty mischief;" and saying to Bruno, "If my hour is come I shall die, whether I lose my blood or keep it."

A child is afraid of being whipped, and gets his task, and there's an end on't; whereas, by exciting emulation, and comparisons of superiority, you lay the foundation of lasting mischief; you make brothers and sisters hate each other.'

That must be pure mischief.

Thus speaking, or rather screaming, and brandishing her baby, as the gonfalonier waves his gonfalon, the slat-slatternly woman, swelling into a fury for the nonce, made a dive at Dorothea, which, but for the interposition of "this here gentleman," as she called the coalheaver, might have produced considerable mischief.

Now the keynote of their practical conclusions was that Governments were doing immense mischief by meddling with a great many matters, which they would have done better to leave alone.

Nothing bad had happened to him yet; but that brute Godensky has made dreadful mischief between us.

Finding themselves under a cross-fire from the walls and from the Vatican, the enemy placed a counter-battery, which did deadly mischief to the besieged, who lost at once six officers, numerous soldiers, and had a cannon dismounted to boot.

If we know not its love, its intellect, Neither the worm within my belly seeks To know me, but his petty mischief wreaks: Thus it behoves us to be circumspect.

That which was neither blemished nor withered, of a bright red, and neither smaller nor larger than it ought to be, prognosticated great prosperity to those for whom it was set apart; that which was livid, small or corrupted, presaged the most fatal mischiefs.

Having thus discovered the secret mischiefs which had been prepared against him, the general gave thanks to God, by whose good providence he and his people had been delivered from imminent hazard of death among the infidels; whereupon he and his company joined in the Salve regina with great devotion.

This was a challenge and the look that went with it, one of clear boyish mischief, was one that none of John Wollaston's other intimatesand among these I include his beautiful young wife and his two grown-up children by an earlier marriageever saw.

To make short a long matter, these marched so far and wrought such deeds that in the end they altogether discomfited those evil men who had done such sore mischief to the land.

" "And I promise to prefer a charge of malicious mischief against them, and an attempt to destroy property.

Mrs. Marcy listened to this telling with that placid Quaker way of hers, and remarked in her quaint Quaker phrase, "Thee mustn't be too suspicious, my dear; it maybe harmless mischief, after all."

Had she danced with him, drove with him, sailed with him, walked in the moonlight and made much of him in mere wanton mischief?

The formidable mischief will only make the more useful slave.

so he and his brothers, without intentional mischief, scatter the seeds from the watery white berries of the poison ivy.

It is this habitthis habit of graduating our morality by the laws of the land in which we livethat makes the "mischief framed by a law" so much more pernicious than that which has no law to countenance it, and to commend it to the conscience.

I no more believed in ghosts than I ever did, but I felt certain that there was grave mischief at work.

The principal mischief he does here, is to get Mike and Jamie deeper in the Santa Cruz than I could wish; but the miller has his orders to sell no more rum.

The Egyptians of old, and many flourishing commonwealths since, have enjoined labour and exercise to all sorts of men, to be of some vocation and calling, and give an account of their time, to prevent those grievous mischiefs that come by idleness: "for as fodder, whip, and burthen belong to the ass: so meat, correction, and work unto the servant," Ecclus. xxxiii.

126 adjectives to describe  mischiefs