248 adjectives to describe monuments

It is probable that his thoughts were now concentrated upon the sepulchral monument of his patron, the works for which he had been forced to postpone.

"Some of the epitaphs at Ferrara pleased me more than the more splendid monuments of Bologna; for instance 'Martini Luigi Implora pace.' 'Lucrezia Picini Implora eterna quiete.'

He was buried with great pomp, at the publick charge, and a magnificent monument was erected, to his memory.

He lies buried in the church of St. Peter Mancroft, in Norwich, with this inscription on a mural monument, placed on the south pillar of the altar: M. S. Hic situs est THOMAS BROWNE, M.D. Et miles.

They are merely historical monuments, to show despotism and superstition, and the degradation of the people.

Those who wish to read a curious monument of the follies of the alchymists, may consult the diary of Elias Ashmole, who is rather the historian of this vain science, than an adept.

But it is useless to search for literary monuments such as have been transmitted to us from Egypt and India, Assyria and Persia, ancient Judea, Greece and Rome; from the Middle Ages; from Celt, Slav, and German; from the Semitic and Ouralo-altaique tongues; the extreme Orient, and the modern literature of the Old and New World.

The great peculiarity of all Indian architectural monuments is excessive ornamentation rather than beauty of proportion or grand effect.

He died in 1743, and was buried in Westminster Abbey, where a handsome monument records his virtues.

Tús was extremely concerned, and remaining three days at that place, erected a lofty monument to the memory of the unfortunate youth, and scented it with musk and camphor.

It is an intensely religious poem, and yet more theological than Christian, and full of classical allusions to pagan heroes and sages,a most remarkable production considering the age, and, when we remember that it is without a prototype in any language, a glorious monument of reviving literature, both original and powerful.

The costly monuments of senatorial pride were broken to pieces in sport or in caprice, and those structures which had excited the admiration of ages were pulled down that their material might be used in erecting tasteless edifices.

His body was deposited in the place now known as the Poets' Corner, and a fitting monument to his genius was erected over his remains, as the first great poet that had appeared in England, probably only surpassed in genius by Shakspeare, until the language assumed its present form.

He spent the remaining five years of his life in editing the odes and historic monuments in which the glories of the ancient Chinese dynasty are set forth.

In 1786, Goethe communicated to the world, for the first time, a fragment of that astonishing dramatic poem which has since been acknowledged, by the whole literary public, as his masterpiece, and the most remarkable monument of his great genius.

These are declared by Browne, in concurrence, I think, with all other antiquaries, to be, for the most part, funeral monuments.

It is a precious monument, for without it we should have been left in ignorance of the great additions which he made to astronomical science.

Their grand monuments were not triumphal arches, but temples and mausoleums.

But to us the temples and the sacred pools seem nothing by comparison with the mighty monuments of Buddhism, which local wiseacres have erroneously named the Pandu-Lena or caves of the Pandavas.

This line is suggested by one of Horace, when he describes his work as "a monument more lasting than brass.

He was buried in the Duomo, on the north side of the choir, and was to have reposed beneath a sumptuous monument made under his own instructions, with frescoes by Taddeo Gaddi and Giuliano d'Arrigo; but something intervened, and Uccello's fresco was used instead, and this, some sixty years ago, was transferred to canvas and moved to the position in which it now is seen.

I am now at your mercy; but if my life be spared, I shall remain an eternal monument of your clemency and moderation."

But the noise of these petty wars and commotions was quite sunk in the tumult of the crusades, which now engrossed the attention of Europe, and have ever since engaged the curiosity of mankind, as the most signal and most durable monument of human folly that has yet appeared in any age or nation.

The politic emperor gave his late guest a magnificent funeral, and erected to his memory a stately monument; which won the favor of the Goths, and for a time converted them to allies.

From the pediment the beautiful cornice projects with various mouldings, while at the base and at the apex are sculptured monuments representing both men and animals.

248 adjectives to describe  monuments