28 adjectives to describe mosques

Arrived at the principal mosque, he sprang from his horse, and, kneeling at the portal, took possession of the edifice as a Christian chapel, dedicating it to the blessed Virgin.

All the handsome mosques resemble each other much.

" "It is said that Nadir Shah, during the massacre that he had commanded, sat in gloomy silence in the little mosque of Rokn-u-doulah, which stands at the present day in the Great Bazaar.

Assisted by the principal chieftains of his army, the Commander of the Faithful undertook the pious office of clearing the ground with his own hands, and of tracing out the foundations of the magnificent mosque which now crowns with its dark and swelling dome the elevated summit of Mount Moriah.

Out of the gray ring of the city, which incloses the mound, rise the great white domes and the whiter minarets of its numerous mosques, many of which are grand and imposing structures.

Here is the most splendid mosque in all the empire, that built by the conqueror Sultan Selim.

An old deserted mosque was given us for barracks; there, on the bare stone floor, in close-packed promiscuity, too tired to react to filth and vermin, we spent our first night as soldiers of the Sultan, while the milky moonlight streamed in through every chink and aperture, and bats flitted round the vaulting above the snoring carcasses of the recruits.

During Ramazan, for example, the streets are lined with booths and stalls for the sale of the rice-gruel or "Faludah" which is so grateful a posset to the famishing Faithful, hurrying dinnerless to the nearest mosque.

Not far from the column is a neat little mosque, whose countless towers and cupolas are ornamented with gilt metal balls, which glitter and glisten like so many stars in the heavens.

A European shop displays its fashionable haberdashery opposite a caravanserai; the magnificent cathedral overshadows a pretty mosque with its fountain; a Moorish balcony contains a group of young European ladies, who set you thinking of Paris; whilst a graceful white shadow glides mysteriously under the gallery of an old palace.

The grand mosque is an imposing edifice, and is said to occupy the site of a former Christian church.

A spacious mosque, now roofless and deserted, was constructed almost entirely out of the remains of the temples.

From Livadia, after visiting the battlefield of Chaeronea (the birthplace of Plutarch), and also many of the almost innumerable storied and consecrated spots in the neighbourhood, the travellers proceeded to Thebesa poor town, containing about five hundred wooden houses, with two shabby mosques and four humble churches.

The broad plateau, where Abram once had knelt, And where the hallowed Temple of the Jews Had glittered gorgeous with its gems and gold, Now bore, 'tis true, the stately Moslem mosque, But bore it as a captive bears his chains, Whose spirit is not crushed, but borne aloft

The shops were closedtrade at a standthe streets desertedhouses tenantlessthe oft busy creek had scarcely a boat moving on its surfacethe mosques were filled with the dismayed Moslems, whom poverty or self-interest had kept in the townthe Christian churches held the few Armenians and Chaldeans whom fear had driven to pray with sincerity.

The actual mosque, or "praying-hall," is said to be formed of a rectangle or double cube of 90 metres by 45, and this vast space is equally divided by rows of horseshoe arches resting on whitewashed piers on which the lower part is swathed in finely patterned matting from Salé.

A vast mosque of cloud, dome bubbles great and small, stood ahead of them, dwarfing every human experience of height.

At a little distance from the flying-arch mosque are two rooms built of stone, in one of which according to our Muhammadan guide Shivaji was born.

A signal is given, and a sunrise of intense rosy and golden radiance suddenly lights up the long arsenal and stately mosque of Tophaneh, plays over the tall buildings on the hill of Pera, and falls with a fainter lustre on the Genoese watch-tower that overlooks Galata.

Their cathedral mosque is one of the finest in the country.

Nine Medersas sprang up in Fez, six of them built by the princes who were also creating the exquisite collegiate buildings of Salé, Rabat and old Meknez, and the enchanting mosque and minaret of Chella.

The Dervishes were shocked and scandalized by this violation of the fast, in the very court-yard of their holiest mosque, and we judged it best to retire by degrees.

There are fourteen imperial mosques, about 200 others, and above that number of messjids or chapels.

The medersa is an adaptation of the private house to religious and educational ends; or, if one prefers another analogy, it is a fondak built above a miniature mosque.

We were led first into a narrow mosque or praying-chapel, like those of the Medersas, with a coffered cedar ceiling resting on four marble columns, and traceried walls of unusually beautiful design.

28 adjectives to describe  mosques