116 adjectives to describe moulds

The seeds should be sown in the spring, in a bed of light rich mould.

Sufficient for a quart mould for 7 or 8 persons.

Mix all these ingredients together, adding the sugar and nutmeg; beat up the eggs, omitting the whites of three; stir these to the pudding, and when all is well mixed, add the brandy, and put the pudding into a buttered mould; tie down with a cloth, put it into boiling water, and let it boil for 3 hours. Time.3

Pour through a hot strainer into wet mould.

The herd-brute, agglutinated with his fellows by a magnetism beyond his ken, could be infected with thought, and so cast in the heroic mould.

Then there was a little stir in the earth beside it, and up through the brown mould came the learned grain, fresh, bright, green, like the rest.

For if such holy song Enwrap our fancy long, Time will run back and fetch the age of gold; And speckled vanity Will sicken soon and die; And leprous sin will melt from earthly mould;

They are natives of Europe (1658), and grow best in vegetable mould.

A long line of these, coeval with the Crucifixion, have passed on in maiden meditation, and so were fancy-free from all of mortal mould.

Strain through a sieve, add the isinglass, previously boiled with a small quantity of water, and keep stirring it till nearly cold; then mix the cream with the apricots; stir well, put it into an oiled mould, and, if convenient, set it on ice; at any rate, in a very cool place.

Procure about 18 Savoy biscuits, or ladies'-fingers, as they are sometimes called; brush the edges of them with the white of an egg, and line the bottom of a plain round mould, placing them like a star or rosette.

She has shown her child all the pageant of life, and now prepares him for his "patrimony of a little mould"

As I moved along, I noticed that the floor was composed of solid rock, in places covered with a damp mould, in others bare, or almost so, save for a thin coating of light-grey dust.

These, from the flaming furnace, strong and bold Pour the red steel into the sandy mould; On tinkling anvils (with Vulcanian art), 160 Turn with hot tongs, and forge the dreadful dart; The barbed head on whirling jaspers grind, And dip the point in poison for the mind; Each polish'd shaft with snow-white plumage wing, Or strain the bow reluctant to its string.

The empty bier seemed licked in ruddy flames, and on the moist mould of the ceiling, each little drop of water sparkled like a ruby.

Along the walls where speaking marbles show What worthies form the hallowed mould below; Proud names, who once the reins of empire held; In arms who triumphed, or in arts excelled; Chiefs graced with scars and prodigal of blood; Stern patriots who for sacred freedom stood; Just men by whom impartial laws were given; And saints who taught and led the way to Heaven.

In the days when tragedy and comedy were cast in fixed, conventional moulds, the playwright's task was much simpler.

" "The mind is apt to lust, and hot or cold, As corn luxuriates in a better mould.

Your only way to make a good pomander is this:Take an ounce of the purest garden mould, cleansed and steeped seven days in change of motherless rosewater; then take the best ladanum, benzoine, both storaxes, ambergris, civet, and musk: incorporate them together, and work them into what form you please.

At night, 'mid wine and flowers, the bulbul tuned his song: "Bring thou the morning bowl: prepare, ye drunken throng!" Sikander's mirror, once so famed, is the wine-filled cup: behold All that haps in Dárá's realm glassed within its wondrous mould.

At the bottom of the pots place a few layers of crocks, and on these some rough mould so as to ensure perfect drainage.

The former, however, had features cast in a much rougher mould, and his general bearing indicated that he was not a gentleman, as plainly as Blanco's did the reverse.

Ages on ages slowly rolled Before the glowing mass was cold, And still he toiled at the antique mould, Turning it fast in his fashioning hand, Tracing circle, layer, and band, Carving figures quaint and strange, Pursuing, through many a wondrous change, The symmetry of a plan divine.

And the flash of the tonguèd flames, Dreadful, threatening gods draw near; Wondrous figures, of giant mould, Onward striding through the weird Gloom of fire-luminous vapor.

Her face was handsome rather than beautiful, set in a statuesque classical mould, with broad white forehead, firm, delicately sensitive mouth, and a pair of large serene gray eyes, earnest and placid in repose, but capable of reflecting the whole play of her soul, from the merry gleam of humour to the quick flash of righteous anger.

116 adjectives to describe  moulds