101 adjectives to describe mules

Mr. Badger, one of Mr. Russell's superintendents, immediately sent me out, mounted on a little gray mule, to herd cattle.

ass, donkey, jackass, mule, hinny; sumpter horse, sumpter mule; burro, cuddy^, ladino [U.S.]; reindeer; camel, dromedary, llama, elephant; carrier pigeon.

At the top of it we are allowed to draw out, and motor slowly past long lines of troops on the march; first, R.E.'s with their store waggons, large and small; then a cyclist detachment; a machine-gun detachment; field kitchens, a white goat lying lazily on the top of one of them; mules, heavily laden; and Lewis guns in little carts.

Presently the herd of spare mules was seen, and then the covers of the wagons.

"Even as I have sought to show you, oh, addle-witted offspring of mangy camels and one-eyed mules!

And yet the people come from miles around to see the show, and everybody rides a web-footed mule, that can wallow in the mud.

We soon started, the party consisting of fourteen men, well armed with rifles, bowie knives, and pistols, accompanied by a waggon, drawn by four stout mules and driven by a negro, to convey back the remains.

Mr. Badger, one of Mr. Russell's superintendents, immediately sent me out, mounted on a little gray mule, to herd cattle.

We could easily walk faster than the loaded mules, and thought it best to avoid trouble by keeping far enough ahead so as not to hear the arrieros' constant complaints.

"Prefer not, eh?" gritted Nippers"I'd prefer him, if I were you, sir," addressing me"I'd prefer him; I'd give him preferences, the stubborn mule!

A long-legged mule, after gibbing enough to satisfy his own self- respect, condescended to trot off with us up the tramway, which lay along a green drove strangely like one in the Cambridgeshire fens.

But, unluckily, the Innocent met this objection by assuring the party that he was provided with an extra mule loaded with provisions, and by the discovery of a rude attempt at a log-house near the trail.

One fine day, in the spring of 1807, the lad accordingly set out, in high spirits at his important mission, armed with a brace of pistols and a cutlass, and mounted on a trusty mule.

Let me say here that I have broken thousands of four and six-mule teams that not one of the animals had ever had a strap of harness on when I began with them, and I have driven six-mule teams for years on the frontier, but I have yet to see the first team of unbroken mules that could be driven with any degree of certainty.

And, to bear the load along the road, Seven sturdy mules they bring; And seven stout Moors, by whom the mules In housings are arrayed.

The people come in great numbers, making the trip, according to their financial status, in buggies drawn by sleek, fleet-footed mules, in ox-carts, or on foot.

I say this because one lazy mule will spoil a good team, invariably.

She thought her mother looked very pretty in her dressing gown with her hair down and her bare feet thrust into pink satin mules.

Furthermore, one seventy-five-pound unit makes a fair load for a man or a llama, two are right for a burro, and three for an average mule.

The overseer was paid, housed, fed, and waited upon, all at the expense of master and slave, beside; keeping a fine stud of horses, and as many brood mares at pasture on the property as would enable him to dispose of seven or eight prime mules annually; and so long as he drove and tormented the poor negro, and made good crops for the attorney's commissions, and supplied his horses with corn, these little perquisites were never discovered.

I sold dem mules for three hundred dollars.

It is only a flickering, uncertain ray; perhaps some belated teamster is urging his reluctant mules to camp and has lighted his lantern.

A yellow mule was hitched to the rickety fence in front of her and she stood on the stoop of a little white frame-house with an elm switch between her teeth and gloves on her hands, which were white and looked strong.

We found that the sharp point of one of the vicious mule's new shoes had opened a large vein in Mr. Hinckley's leg.

"Piers, if I'm a prying cat, you're a hard-mouthed mule!

101 adjectives to describe  mules
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