72 adjectives to describe nailing

On Sunday morning he ran a crooked, rusty nail into his foot.

3. Punctured or penetrating woundsthose produced by anything running deeply into the flesh; such as a sword, a sharp nail, a spike, the point of a bayonet, &c. 2686.

" "She's a fine girl, but she ain't worth her mother's little finger-nail.

During their first encounter, the well-groomed, white-linen-clad boy with his preternaturally clean face, his light-brown hair brushed till it shone like lacquer, his polished nails and his adult appendage of a tutor, aroused a contempt in Judith's mind which was only equaled by her astonishment.

In one of them was a penknife, which, after thoughtfully trying it upon his pink nails, he abstractedly placed in his own pocket.

She washed the dishes, staining her rosy nails on the greasy pots and the bottoms of the saucepans.

The toes of a few end in broad, flat nails, and of most others, in pointed claws.

They soon understood the value of iron, and readily took spike nails when trading, and greatly preferred "Kersey and Broadcloth to the Otaheite cloth, which show'd them to be a more sensible people than many of their neighbours," says Cook.

In the room a yellow dress turned grey, and the gold of a bracelet grew darker, and the pink of delicate finger-nails was no longer visible.

On Sunday morning he ran a crooked, rusty nail into his foot.

One of the friends is quite nice-looking, but with such dirty nails.

Allerdyke plunged his hands in his pockets and stared at Fullaway; Mrs. Marlow began to trace imaginary patterns on the surface of the table; Van Koon produced a penknife and began to scrape the edges of his filbert nails with a preoccupied air.

The toes of a few end in broad, flat nails, and of most others, in pointed claws.

I told Mr. Graves about her speaking of a broken nail, but he shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.

Some sensitive persons rather shrank from seeing him handle these painted panels with those peculiar scratchy finger-nails; it set their teeth on edge.

I sat there all through lunch while he was talking, hating him; hating his big blue chin, and his necktie and his great shiny finger-nails and the way he ate, and feeling, of course, perfectly frightfully unhappy.

Still, however, I have taken precautions; for I have driven stout nails in at the back of each of the three bolts, that secure the door, opening from the study into the gardens.

In the hall was placed, as was customary in those times, the sedan-chair which the master of the house occasionally used, covered with stamped leather, and studded with gilt nails, and with its red silk blinds down.

Who can have put such a mad idea into your head?" Undine's gaze followed the pattern she was tracing with a lustrous nail on her embroidered bedspread.

Each canoe should also carry a small repair kit attached to one of the thwarts, containing cement, a piece of canvas same as cover of canoe, copper tacks, rivets, and some galvanized nails; a good hatchet and a hammer; a small can of canoe paint, spar varnish, and copper paint for worn places would be a protection against termites and torrential downpours.

Only planks after that, two-and-a-half-inch nails, as gentle as building dolls' houses.

He afterward became his great admirer, and in this fable leads off with Emerson, saying: There comes Emerson first, whose rich words, every one, Are like gold nails in temples to hang trophies on, Whose prose is grand verse, while his verse, the Lord knows, Is some of it prNo, 'tis not even prose.

You must not believe, as our ancestors did, that the earth is flat and stationary and that the heaven is a crystal dome on which God has fastened the stars like golden nails, and in which the sun and moon move to give us light, you must understand that the earth is round, and whirls round in space.

The corpse was enclosed in lead, and that again in cedar, and a great oak shell, covered with crimson cloth and goldheaded nails, and with a gilt plate, recording the age, title, &c. &c., of the deceased, was screwed down firmly over all.

I noticed his grimy nails, his soiled collar, his unbrushed clothes, the patent signs of defeat changing to utter rout, and from the heights of my great peace I was not sorry for him.

72 adjectives to describe  nailing
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