9 adjectives to describe norms

The church has a plain Norm.

It retains a square Norm, font, a piscina, and a Jacobean pulpit.

The interior contains piscinas in chancel and on S. wall, and a circular Norm.

In passing, the reader should note that the breakdown in family life now so prevalent in many parts of western civilization is a departure from the civilized norm.

It is the quality and intensity of the dream only which raises men above the biological norm; and it is fidelity to the dream which differentiates the exceptional figure, the man of heroic stature, from the muddling, aimless mediocrities about him.

But the search for an ethical norm which should be universally valid and superior to the individual will, did not lack justification in contrast to the subjectivism of the other two schools of the timethe school of interest and the school of benevolence, which made virtue a matter of calculation or of feeling.

To this formal and universal norm, again, there is added a special injunction for each individual.

The font has a fluted basin, and is doubtless Norm.

The church has a central Norm, tower, but is otherwise without interest.

9 adjectives to describe  norms