232 adjectives to describe nose

One day he wandered fifty yards away from the windfall and his little nose touched the warm scent of a rabbit.

" "Huh!"sniffling so that her thin nose quirked sidewise.

" John Dillon was like the majority, tall, lean, muscular, not an ounce of superfluous flesh on his bones, a face almost gaunt in its clearness of cut, a thin straight nose, chin not heavy

He's got an eye that's always open, a delicate ear, and a sharp nose, and he keeps 'em busy, as a general thing.

" To this speech the other answered not a word, but he pushed the cowl back from his head and showed a knit brow, a hooked nose, and a pair of fierce, restless black eyes, which altogether made Robin think of a hawk as he looked on his face.

Perhaps the nose is a trifle squatter than even the average new-born's flat nose.

That is to say, not a human face exactly, but sort of a cartoon type of face with large, bushy eyebrows; big, expressive eyes; a prominent nose; and a mouth in the shape of a big grin.

A black eye and a bloody nose might not seem an illuminating contribution to the question, but no more was said about the hatchet after the Colonel had dragged the Boy off the prostrate form of his adversary.

He had a snub nose and freckles, and I think he was the plainest boy there, but that didn't matter, if the other children loved him.

The cook was a bullet-headed squat negro with a broken nose.

" The owner watched the dog as it walked round its master smelling the snow, then turning up its pointed nose interrogatively and waving its magnificent feathery tail.

He set Snubby Nose's little ugly nose and said, "It will not look very pretty, but perhaps it did not look pretty before.

"They've got keen noses.

She was drinking, when her sensitive nose touched something in the water's edge that was smooth, and bore a faint odor of flesh.

She had short sandy colored hair, a blunt nose and a wide mouth.

I have a delicate nose, and I could not but believe on my entrance that an hour of such a hole would be the death of me.

The white bunny and his magic nose. Illus.

Davy's place was on Miss Laura's shoulder, his pink nose run in the curls at the back of her neck.

The peasant's face, with the broad nose and the tough skin, coarse straight hair, the undergrowth, physical and mental, a persistent babyishness and a retardation of self-control development, make up the picture.

Yet malice never was his aim; He lashed the vice, but spared the name; No individual could resent, Where thousands equally were meant; His satire points at no defect, But what all mortals may correct; For he abhorred that senseless tribe Who call it humour when they gibe: He spared a hump, or crooked nose, Whose owners set not up for beaux.

" "A woman with a pretty nose Is worth a house of solid stone; I'd give for her a hundred reaux, E'en if she quitted me as soon.

That directed the curious glances of other middies at Pennington's new bulbous nose.

The prominent feature was the enormous, beak-like nosethe nose of the fanatic which is not to be mistaken amongst thousands, with its high, arching bridge, its wide, sensitive nostrils, and its preternaturally sharp, down-turning point.

You haint afeard to stand out baldly and face the sea of upturned red maskaline noses, or hily-frizzled, gorgeously-got-up femilines, and skatter Fiseology rite and left, not carin a pickaune who's hit or who haint.

Squinty began to push with his rubbery nose.

232 adjectives to describe  nose
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