16 adjectives to describe notations

Musical notation is improved.

The writing of braille mathematical notation.

The decimal notation is a great thing to learn, how great any one will discover who will take the trouble to work a simple addition sum, involving hundreds, in Roman figures.

[Footnote 2: The chemical notation of the MS. is unfortunately different from any known to any chemist of my acquaintance, and utterly undecipherable.

And this craving for observation of manners, this instinct for the rapid notation of gestures and words that epitomise a state of feeling, of attitudes that mirror forth the soul, declared itself a main passion; and it grew and strengthened, to the detriment of the other Art still so dear to me.

The uniform employment of twelve as the divisor and multiplier in tables of weight, distance, time, and space, as well as in arithmetical notation, has all the conveniences of the decimal system of France, and some others besides due to the greater convenience of twelve as a base.

MACDOUGALL, CURTIS D. A teacher's manual of exercises, suggestions and bibliographical notations to be used in connection with Interpretative reporting.

with the tune in substantial agreement in each one, we may reasonably assume that we have an authentic record, as far as this could be expressed in Gregorian notation.

You always wrote hieroglyphically, yet not to come up to the mystical notations and conjuring characters of Dr. Parr.

This is the proper original signification of the word, as is evident from the formation of it; essential in its primary notation, signifying properly, being.

7.The names originally given to the letters were not mere notations of sound, intended solely to express or make known the powers of the several characters then in use; nor ought even the modern names of our present letters, though formed with special reference to their sounds, to be considered such.

Any bracketed notations such as [Text missing], [?], and those inserting letters or other comments are from the original text.

Were the words arranged on a common plan of alphabetical notation, they would generally be found to the eye, as they are to the ear, nearly identical.

This may be so; but it should be said that there are frequent notations against the names of 'prest' men that they afterwards volunteered.

Such picturesque notations of time as these, are in the works of Shakespeare, as thick as autumnal leaves that strew the brooks in Valombrosa.

The committee was represented by its secretary, Mr. Hospitalier, who expressed himself in about these words: "The committee on electric notations presided over by Mr. Blauvelt has finished a part of its task, that relative to abbreviations, notations, and symbols.

16 adjectives to describe  notations