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16 adjectives to describe « nude »

16 adjectives to describe « nude »

  • It has often been asked what the male nudes have got to do with the subject.
  • Nevertheless, Ruskin is right in telling us that no Italian modelled a female nude equal to the Aphrodite of Melos, or a male nude equal to the Apoxyomenos of the Braccio Nuovo.
  • The Bandaged nude; an inner sanctum mystery.
  • First comes the abstract nude, illustrated by the "Resurrection" and the arabesques at Orvieto.
  • Flesh-tints, varying from the strong red tone of Jonah's athletic manhood, through the glowing browns of the seated Genii, to the delicate carnations of Adam and the paler hues of Eve; orange and bronze in draperies, medallions, decorative nudes, russets like the tints of dead leaves; lilacs, cold greens, blue used sparingly; all these colours are dominated and brought into harmony by the greys of the architectural setting.
  • This is what the Italians of the Renaissance meant when, through the mouths of Ghiberti, Buonarroti, and Cellini, they proclaimed that the perfect drawing of a fine nude, "un bel corpo ignudo," was the final test of mastery in plastic art.
  • The irate nude then caused a commotion in the city’s University Square as she exposed herself to a number of children.
  • This master's engraving of three lovely nudes, the most charming memento preserved to us from the Cartoon, introduces a landscape of grove and farm, field and distant hill, lending suavity to the muscular male body and restoring it to its proper place among the sinuous lines and broken curves of Nature.
  • Up the glamour of your Christmas countdown with this indulgent gift-ready set that has shades to suit all tastes - from your bolder brick and poppy red to your more neutral nudes and pretty pinks.
  • There is not a hand, a torso, a simple nude, sketched by this extraordinary master, which does not vibrate with nervous tension, as though the fingers that grasped the pen were clenched and the eyes that viewed the model glowed beneath knit brows.
  • It is the very first life-sized female nude in Western Painting that is just about the beauty of the female body.
  • In general, are men or women likely to send unsolicited nudes?
  • Ramos was "best known for his paintings of superheroes and voluptuous female nudes emerging from cornstalks or Chiquita bananas, popping up from candy wrappers or lounging in martini glasses".
  • As a collection of athletic nudes in all conceivable postures of rest and action, of foreshortening, of suggested movement, the Last Judgment remains a stupendous miracle.
  • Botticelli made consistent use of the circular tondo form and did many beautiful female nudes, according to Vasari.
  • Entitled The Female Divine,it would be a reclining corpulent nude, reveling in her own fleshy abundance.

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