192 words to describe  ocean

192 words to describe ocean

Again, some of the Antarctic species have been detected floating in the atmosphere which overhangs the wide ocean between Africa and America.

The skeletons of the full-grown, deep-sea Globigerinoe are so remarkably solid and heavy in proportion to their surface as to seem little fitted for floating; and, as a matter of fact, they are not to be found along with the Diatoms and Radiolaria in the uppermost stratum of the open ocean.

Hence it is easy to collect its pre-eminence to all other philosophies; to show that where they oppose it, they are erroneous; that so far as they contain any thing scientific they are allied to it; and that at best they are but rivulets derived from this vast ocean of truth.

They seem to suggest the coming to the surface, from time to time, of hidden wavesgroundswells of some deep ocean.

"The first Virginians," said Grey, "thought that over the hills lay the western ocean and the road to Cathay.

But years rolled on, and the tall ship that swung out upon the broad ocean, and moved forward when the air was still and calmness was on the face of the deep, forward in the eye of the windforward in the teeth of the storm, that stopped not for billow or blast, gave the lie to philosophy, and scattered the theory of the wise like chaff.

And that this low temperature of the deepest water is probably the universal rule for the depths of the open ocean is shown, among others, by Captain Chimmo's recent observations in the Indian ocean, between Ceylon and Sumatra, where, the surface water ranging from 85°-81° Fahr., the temperature at the bottom, at a depth of 2270 to 2656 fathoms, was only from 34° to 32° Fahr.

She looked at the tender sky, as on the far horizon it bent low to kiss the face of the mysterious mighty ocean which stretched "a sea without a shore."

She only shook her head and tried to laugh him out of such a wish; but by-and-by when she attempted to carry him back down the mountain he refused to move from the spot; nor would he speak to her nor look up into her pleading face, but kept his eyes fixed on that distant blue ocean which had so enchanted him.

so all alone in the midst of the great blue ocean!

The admiral touched at Buena Vista, one of the Cape de Verd Islands, remaining at anchor for a few days, and on July 5th he sailed away into the unknown ocean, for many days on a south-west course.

" And thus full of faith he laboured on, telling the people of these scattered islands, which besprinkle the southern ocean like stars in the milky way, of the love of Christ.

They tell me that such creatures love the cold and the ice, and the frozen oceans.

It was at least a month too soon to think of trusting themselves in that stormy ocean, on the high seas and in the open boats; and this so much the more because nature, as if expressly to send back a reasonable amount of warm air into the polar regions, with a view to preserve the distinction of the seasons, caused the wind to blow most of the time from the northward.

Gardar employed so long a time in this expedition, that, not deeming it safe to navigate the northern ocean during the storms of winter, he remained on the island until the ensuing spring, when he sailed for Norway.

The valley expanded, peaceful and transparent, like a dark shoreless ocean.

She looked at the tender sky, as on the far horizon it bent low to kiss the face of the mysterious mighty ocean which stretched "a sea without a shore."

Nothing was in sight, even when the sun appeared, to bathe the entire ocean in a flood of glory.

A start in that direction has been made; whereas not so very long ago the immense ocean was one wide waste of waters, traversed from both points only once a year.

It was while engaged in this work that Balboa crossed the Isthmus of Panama, saw the vast waters of the Pacific, and riding out into them upon his warhorse took possession, in the name of Spain, of the largest ocean of the globe.[20] Men recognized at last that these were not the Asiatic shores, but a wholly new continent which they had found.

Beacon, whose logistic services include global ocean, air and truck freight, said the funds raised will be invested in new hires, technology and market expansion.

there was a straw-thatched dwelling, which bore the very aspect of my home, far over the wild ocean, far in our own England.

But we are looking at the stream as it enters the limitless ocean of eternity.

I began to fear that I might become contented to live out my life alone in the midst of this lonely ocean.

He also runs a Bay Area kiteboard group on Facebook and is developing a plan to foil to the Farallon Islands, 30 cold ocean miles beyond the Golden Gate.

[308] 'From the windows the eye wanders over the sea that separates Scotland from Norway, and when the winds beat with violence, must enjoy all the terrifick grandeur of the tempestuous ocean.

Although the poet tells of a voyage in eastern seas, he is describing the German ocean: "Then was sorely troubled, Sorely wrought the whale-mere.

Great Pan, who wont to chase the fair, And loved the spreading oak, was there; 60 Old Saturn too, with up-cast eyes, Beheld his abdicated skies; And mighty Mars, for war renowned, In adamantine armour frowned; By him the childless goddess rose, Minerva, studious to compose Her twisted threads; the web she strung, And o'er a loom of marble hung: Thetis, the troubled ocean's queen.

Fifteen tickings, I said, and it will cease; and so I went on until the hours seemed to spread out into a boundless ocean of time.

The continental shelf is a shallow ocean.

He climbed and ran Till high above Dunskaith he stood to scan The outer ocean for the Viking ships, Peering below his hand, with panting lips A-gape, but wide and empty lay the sea Beyond the barrier crags of Cromarty, To the far sky-line lying blue and bare

A small pocket compass, which chance had discovered, their last guide in a trackless ocean, fell between the beams into the sea.

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There are other parts of this poem equally delightful, in which there is a light startling as the red-bird's wing; a perfume like that of the magnolia; a music like the murmuring of pathless woods or of the everlasting ocean.

Why in that quiet ocean of Zur, in mari pacifico, it is scarce perceived, in our British seas most violent, in the Mediterranean and Red Sea so vehement, irregular, and diverse?

On the seashore, winter means raw cold, a pale, gray, angry ocean, fierce winds, and scanty wet snows.

Is it not, in fact, a shore to the aërial ocean, on which the windy surf beats?

The last glimpse they had of the river was the flood that was pouring out between the jaws of land marking one of the mouths of the Magdalena and making a distinct yellow area in the salty waters of the tropical ocean.

Yet there had formerly been an island in that ocean, larger than all Europe, Asia, and Africa in one; and from thence a passage to other islands, for such as went in search of them, and from these other inlands people might go to all the opposite continent, near the true ocean."

Had a warning voice arisen from the turbulent and rushing ocean itself, it would not have sounded more alarming, in the startled ears of the conscious seamen, than this sudden hail.

XXI At this time, in exalted reverence to Ashur, my Lord, by the godlike support of the heroic "Sun," having in the service of the great gods, ruled over the four regions imperially; there being found (to me) no equal in war, and no second in battle, to the countries of the powerful Kings who dwelt upon the upper ocean and had never made their submission, the Lord Ashur having urged me, I went.

Cold, pure air rushes by me; clouds lie, like a gray ocean, beneath me.

Tropical cyclones need a large inflow of warmth and moisture from warm oceans to become very powerful, mainly within the lowest convert of the atmosphere.

We soon became intimate; our books lay fast locked up at the bottom of our trunk: we walked together, saw the sun set together in the calm ocean, and then walked happily and contentedly home in the twilight; and long before the week was at an end, we had vowed eternal vows, and sworn everlasting constancy.

To more than inland peace Left by the west wind sweeping overhead From a tumultuous ocean, trees and towers 110

On a perilous ocean, without any notion Whereabouts in the dim deep his port is.

31 Nor wholly lost we so deserved a prey; For storms repenting part of it restored: Which, as a tribute from the Baltic sea, The British ocean sent her mighty lord.

We lived at the bottom of a gaseous ocean 21,000 miles above us, and 4,000 miles from the centre of the globe.

Day was just dawning over the far horizon, and a dim twilight shone on the smooth and boundless ocean that spread to the east.

For him nor moves the loud world's random mock; Nor all Calamity's hugest waves confound, Who seems a promontory of rock, That, compass'd round with turbulent sound, In middle ocean meets the surging shock, Tempest-buffeted, citadel-crown'd.