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He had had his day, had said his prayers and made his confession, and why should they not give him a hearty send-off?

And thus was it for, maybe, a little month; and in that time had the voice of Naani grown so weak and far-off that even I that had the Night-Hearing, could scarce make real its meaning.

The papers gave us a better send-off than I expected, for they did not criticise us as actors.

Let's give her a decent send-off, what?

The editorial offs were curtailed to once a week.

They have lost the old inner hearing of divine sound, and but one here and there can still catch the faint, far-off and ineffable music.

Some o' the things wot he done was very clever, but a'most from the fust start-off there was unpleasantness.

Never do I mind such a gay set-off for the journey.

I first walked around the sea-ramparts, enjoying the glorious look-off over the blue waters.

The following evening from the window of an "American-Tourist-Special Train" I looked down on the happy Austrians who jammed the platform, determined to give the Americans a grand send-off, which they did with flag-waving and cheers.

In arranging the independent cut-off on the Joy gear, it is only necessary to increase the length of the vibrating link beyond the point of attachment for the main valve spindle connection to obtain a point from which motion may be taken to actuate the cut-off valve; even then the cost of the Joy gear for both cylinders is but little more than for a single set of link gear.

The women whose wretched position is here described are the inevitable set-off to the European lady with her arrogance and pretension.

A lame come-off.

But in Mr. Southey it was a lamentable falling-off.

He was correct in his view, only as regarded the mere going-off of the cracker.

She loved the old legends in the minor,far-off and plaintive things that reflected the mood of the dusky forest in which she lived.

There was an obvious falling-off in the affairs of the colony from the time it became transcendantly free.

Conversation turns on Brown's successful speech, Jones's palpable falling-off, Robinson's chance of office, the explanation of a recent by-election, or the prospects of an impending division.

In The Piccolomini we see the nature of the dangerous game he is playing, and in Wallenstein's Death the unheroic hero becomes very impressive in his final discomfiture and his pitiable taking-off.

2. And do you not see what a pretty and pleasant come-off there is for most of us in this spiritual application?

The young of her own sex secretly rejoiced at her unamiability, regarding it as a providential set-off against her beauty, while they detested and denounced her as awell, they would say viper in the manger, who spoiled everybody else's lovers and would have none of her own.

It is unnecessary to insist on the great economy attained by using steam with a well-regulated cut-off, for practical men know now that the essential points of excellence in the steam engine are a good boiler, which generates the greatest quantity of steam for the least consumption of fuel; and, secondly, a reliable cut-off, which uses the steam to the best advantage, by admitting the proper quantity for the work required.

" This last observation at least was true; and I can only hope the recording angel jotted it down as a slight set-off against the opposite column.

The rapt and impassioned attention which she was observed to bestow on his utterances on such occasions all but gained her the reputation of a saint, and was accepted as a sufficient set-off against the unhallowed affection which she could not help manifesting for the memory of her father.

There was an undeniable taking-off of years in Miss de Long.

31 adjectives to describe  off