50 adjectives to describe operas

Smarting under a sense of shame which was entirely unmerited, every boy sought eagerly for some object on which to vent his indignation; it became necessary, to use the words of the comic opera, that "a victim should be found," and suspicion fell on Kennedy and Jacobs.

Bands an' parades, grand-opera stars singin' on the corners, famous actors sellin' bonds, flags an' ribbons an' banners everywhere, an' every third man you bumped into wearin' some kind of uniform!

The standard operas, their plots and their music.

"I remember the last time I was in London I took out to suppernone of the coryphées you boys are so proud of being seen about with, but"and, pausing impressively, he named a reigning lady of the light-opera stage.

In 1798 he made his way back to Paris, and there his reunited family gave little operas, sung by his wife and daughters.

The Pre-Restoration Jig was little other indeed than a ballad opera in embryo lasting about twenty-five minutes and given as an after-piece.

He was to tell him that the king was his most ardent admirer; that he wanted him to come at once to Munich, to live there in comfort, at the king's expense, to complete his Nibelung operas, and produce them forthwith.

On the bare floor stood an open trunk from which a fur-trimmed pale pink opera cloak hung carelessly.

Even as it was, the world has undoubtedly lost an immortal opera or two through his unfortunate participation in the rebellion.

Charles Coffey (d. 1745), an Irishman, was the author of several farces, operas, ballad operas, ballad farces, and farcical operas, the best known of which was The Devil to Pay, or the Wives Metamorphosed (1731).

This is of interest because it shows that Wagner, like that other great reformer, Gluck, began his career by writing fashionable operas in the Italian style.

Chiesa Nuova at seven o'clock in the evening; a sacred opera called 'The Death of Aaron.'

" I have lately heard one of the most perfectly beautiful creations that ever emanated from the soul of geniusthe opera of Fidelio.

The non-acceptance in Dresden of this glorious opera, concerning which Wagner wrote, "It is the best thing I have done so far," was only one of many trials and disappointments which daily harassed him.

Here little Fritz went to school and was sometimes taken to the gorgeous ducal opera, where he got his first notions of scenic illusion.

He had unbounded confidence in his own ability, and what increased his hopes of a Parisian success, was that he had already completed two acts of a grand historic opera, "Rienzi," based on Bulwer's novel, and written in the sensational and spectacular style of Meyerbeer.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to call "Die Meistersinger" a humorous opera; for while the story of the mediaeval knight who wins the goldsmith's daughter has comic features, its chief characteristic is humor, with that undercurrent of seriousness that belongs to all masterpieces of humor.

" HE."Why, my dear girl, the Nozze di Figaro is the identical opera you are now hearing.

In her mortification Cordova was ready to give up lyric opera and study Wagner, in order to annihilate Pompeo Stromboli, who did not even venture Lohengrin.

They listen gladly to a mediocre opera which is well cast; but a first-class work, even if not given in the best style, remains permanently with them.

" OPERA "Which do you consider the most melodious Wagnerian opera?" asked Mrs. Cumrox.

So fell this mighty opera, ruin'd by the too great excellency of its singers!

Was she not more of a person to-day than the discouraged young woman he had found singing for pittances the leading dramatic soprano rôles in the minor municipal operas of Germany and Austria?

Was she not more of a person to-day than the discouraged young woman he had found singing for pittances the leading dramatic soprano rôles in the minor municipal operas of Germany and Austria?

" The sea voyage came just in time to give him local color for this weird nautical opera.

50 adjectives to describe  operas