358 adjectives to describe operation

He was cool and calm, as if going to perform some delicate surgical operation.

Effect as a noun means result, consequence, or practical operation.

He felt that he had in fact gained the battle of Varna, which was only lost through the jealous humor of a youthful king; that it behooved him not to stop half way; that it was his duty to continue offensive operations.

At first the Russian army made a feint to advance on Pinsk, to cover the actual operations resumed in the month of July against Lemberg.

The naval operations of the Allies in the Dardanelles, which began on February 17, proceeded without any serious check for a month.

But when I compare individuals, I see always the same passions, the same motives, the same mental operations; and my opinion is changed.

" The leafing of the elm has from time immemorial been made to regulate agricultural operations, and hence the old rule: "When the elmen leaf is as big as a mouse's ear, Then to sow barley never fear.

He was cool and calm, as if going to perform some delicate surgical operation.

He remembered the doctor's assertion that a painful operation would be necessary to finally restore Myrtle to a normal condition, and his kindly heart disliked to reflect upon the ordeal before the poor girl.

When a little mobile force rounded up the Turkish post at Hassana, on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula, one of our men received so severe a wound that an immediate operation was necessary.

Incidentally, the fact that we laid large numbers of mines in the Heligoland Bight rendered necessary such extensive sweeping operations before any portion of the High Sea Fleet could put to sea as to be very useful in giving us some indication of any movement that might be intended.

The new partnership immediately commenced operations, hired a house called Zumjungen, and took into their employ Peter Schoeffer, who had been Faust's apprentice, as their assistant.

If the enemy contemplated even minor operations in the Sinai Desert he had not the means of undertaking them.

They were generals whose strategic talents would have remained hidden but for Mohammed, political geniuses, especially from Mecca and Taif, who, before Islâm, would have excelled only in the organization of commercial operations or in establishing harmony between hostile families.

This charge was a sterling feat, and unless the town had been occupied that night most, if not all, of the cavalry would have had to withdraw many miles to water, and subsequent operations might have been imperilled.

[730] 'His [Young's] plan seems to have started in his mind at the present moment; and his thoughts appear the effect of chance, sometimes adverse, and sometimes lucky, with very little operation of judgment....

It was not without the greatest reluctance that he was induced to take up the quarrel at all: for he had the strongest aversion for warlike operations in the existing state of India, and particularly on the frontiers of Afghanistan; and he had no small distrust of those military tendencies and that thirst for opportunities of distinction which are apt to characterise the ablest Governors of frontier provinces.

Under these circumstances, if such an institution is deemed essential to the fiscal operations of the Government, I submit to the wisdom of the Legislature whether a national one, founded upon the credit of the Government and its revenues, might not be devised which would avoid all constitutional difficulties and at the same time secure all the advantages to the Government and country that were expected to result from the present bank.

4. Sufficiently remote from the principal apartments of the house, that the members, visitors, or guests of the family, may not perceive the odour incident to cooking, or hear the noise of culinary operations.

The constant operation of such potent agency would reduce me, I am convinced, to imbecility.

This was fully realized by the Kaiser, who about October 1, at the end of the second month of the war, proceeded in person to his eastern frontier to direct the defensive operations against Russia.

DEPUTY CHIEF OF NAVAL War operations in Home STAFF Waters. ASSISTANT CHIEF OF NAVAL Trade Protection and STAFF anti-submarine operations.

I repeat this declaration before the whole world and I may add that if England will remain neutral, we are preparedassuming mutual treatmentto undertake no hostile operations against France's commercial marine.

Hence the advantage of a well-assured base and generally of a pyramidal outline, because this is the figure of braced and balanced equilibrium, assured to all natural objects by the slow operation of natural laws, which we must take care not to violate in our haste, unless for due cause shown.

Bruges, about eight miles from the sea, was the real base of enemy submarines and destroyers, Zeebrugge and Ostend being merely exits from Bruges, and the use of the latter could only be denied to the enemy by land attack or by effective blocking operations at Ostend and Zeebrugge, for, if only one port was closed, the other could be used.

358 adjectives to describe  operation