140 adjectives to describe outbursts

I wish," she added, with a sudden little outburst unusual in Violet, "that that horrid old driver hadn't told us that horrid story.

cried she, with another passionate outburst.

"Shortly after this he went out to hunt, and remained away for many days endeavoring to get some provisions for home use, but without avail; he returned weary and hungry, only to be met by his wife with a more than usually violent outburst of scolding.

Possessing a command of language and fluency of speech that would have been creditable to some of the foremost orators, he would talk by the hour, and his occasional outbursts of eloquence often surprised and always entertained the weary distributors.

I wish," she added, with a sudden little outburst unusual in Violet, "that that horrid old driver hadn't told us that horrid story.

And as they barked in many keys, but always fortissimo, they ran frantically this way and that as though chased by somebody, or something (perhaps the odor of gasolene), or chasing one another in a mad outburst of canine exuberance.

Appearances had been too strong against me for any such spontaneous outburst from even my best friends.

And that day the trouble came to a climax, beginning with a trivial dispute about a bit of glass-paper in the workroom, then developing into a furious exchange of coarse, insulting language, and culminating in a frantic outburst from Euphrasie, who shrieked to the assembled work-girls all that she knew about her sister.

The work thus heralded over the Republic with such perfect e pluribus unum concord is entitled English Items; and the embodiment of the "aggregate outburst of the great American heart" is a Mr. Matthew F. Ward, whose work is sent forth to the public from one of the most respectable publishers in New YorkD. Appleton and Co., Broadway.

"Yes," replied Ralston, with a rare and sudden outburst of confession.

" Mr. Merridew stared in silent astonishment at this unexpected outburst.

When all those seated at the table saw Dominique in the old people's arms, and learnt the whole story, there came an extraordinary outburst of delight; deafening acclamations arose once more; and what with their enthusiastic greetings and embraces they almost stifled the messenger from the sister family, that prince of the second dynasty of the Froments which ruled in the land of the future France.

Nor had this been deliberate; it was the mere outburst of sudden passion, arising through my intercourse with the young woman.

The axiom of ancient science, "that the corruption of one thing is the birth of another," had its popular embodiment in the notion that a seed dies before the young plant springs from it; a belief so widespread and so fixed, that Saint Paul appeals to it in one of the most splendid outbursts of his fervid eloquence: "Thou fool, that which thou sowest is not quickened, except it die.

Will the expectations which the mighty outburst of New York's heart foreshadowed, be realized?

" Here there was a brief outburst of applause, but when it ended, it was observed that there was a low, soft laughter.

He knew all the arts and tricks of oratory, the modulation of the voice to almost a whisper, the pause for effect, the rise through light, rapid-fire sentences to the terrific, thundering outburst of an electrifying climax.

Nor were his dreams altogether pleasing to his father, who rebuked him with this indignant outburst of feeling: "Shall I and thy brethren indeed come to bow down ourselves to thee on the earth?"

Still Mrs. Thrale's petulant outburst was natural enough.

Invited to write a comedyand it will be here remembered that Giordano Bruno had composed Il CandelaioCampanella replied with this impassioned outburst of belief in the approaching end of the world.

Fearing a teasing retort, he bridled the tender outburst and rode along pensively, revolving pretexts for another day's stay in Acredale.

They gazed with quiet pleasure upon the lovely landscape, and listened to the negroes as they sang their old, rude, touching madrigals, shouting, at times, to the horses of their teams, and not seldom sending on the air the loud rejoiceful outburst of their laughter.

Finally there was no talk at all, save for sporadic outbursts, and the blue smoke and the brown curled up slowly in undisturbed drifts toward the ceiling until a bright halo formed around the gasoline lamp.

For that, since that fearful outburst of the nether pit, all Europe has arisen and awakened into manifold and beautiful new life, who can deny?

He paced the floor backward and forward rapidly, his hands clasped behind his back, and finally calmed down and begged his visitor's pardon for his uncontrollable outburst of passion.

140 adjectives to describe  outbursts
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