26 adjectives to describe oyster

There it is!" Ford had already explained to the rest that it was "against the constitution and by-laws of Fulton Market to eat a raw oyster without the lemon-juice," and Dick would have blushed if he could.

Mrs. Perrine and her usual burying-colleague, "Mis' Browst," had gotten up a snug supper of fried oysters, and between that and the fresh relish of horror from the funeral were in a high state of enjoyment.

Garnish your dish with a few pickled oysters, capers, and mushrooms, if you have any; so serve them up.

Along comes the hungry Starfish, with thousands of its relations, finding the fat oysters very good eating.

cried Lobster Bob, "let's have a squeeze of music from Billy, afore the boat comes up"; and, plumping down one of his creels in the middle of the crowd, he lifted up the musician, and seated him upon the rough, cold oysters,a throne fitter, certainly, for a follower of Neptune than a votary of Apollo.

The oysters as seen, he says, by the Dominican Du Tertre, at Guadaloupe, grew on the branches of trees, and, "are not larger than the little English oysters, that is to say, about the size of a crown-piece.

Diseased oysters, though not edible, produce pearls, and a pearl of great price is the object of this quest.

He wanted a duty upon foreign oysters.

27.In conversation, the possessive pronoun your is sometimes used in a droll way, being shortened into your in pronunciation, and nothing more being meant by it, than might be expressed by the article an or a: as, "Rich honesty dwells, like your miser, sir, in a poor house; as, your pearl in your foul oyster."Shakspeare.

Each layer is presumed to be annual; so that a pearl must be of slow growth, and those of large size can only be found in full-grown oysters.

A healthy oyster never produces a pearl.

You get a hot bit of chicken into your mouth and think it is all right, and then your tongue comes against an iced oyster, and the mixture is so exciting you are stimulated all the time; and you drink a very fine old Burgundy with it, which is also a feature of the place.

He wished to be the oyster pure and simple, a part of nature.

He's particularly fond of roasted oysters, is Jennings, since a certain night when I introduced them to his unaccustomed palate.

a cupful of sliced vegetable oysters, a stalk or two of celery, two slices of onion, a parsnip, and half a carrot in water just sufficient to cover well.

"Do you mean the tall melancholy looking waiter, who used to eat the spare oysters and drink up what was left in the glasses, behind the screen?" "Ha!" exclaimed my friend.

Well, after the tenth oyster he passed me two slips of buff paper, pinned together.

Caldrons of shrimp, crabs, prawns, and lobsters bubbled, and monstrous heaps of tiny oysters were being opened.

In the sea, when wishing to surprise a meaty, toothsome oyster, they waited in hiding until the two valves should open to feed upon the water and the light, and had often introduced a pebble between the shells and then inserted their tentacles in the crevice.

Among these are met with in many places beds of a great oyster, now unknown in life.

To make taffaty tarts To make fresh Cheese To make Sugar Cakes or Jumballs To hash a shoulder of Mutton To dresse Flounders or Plaice with Garlick and Mustard A turkish dish To dresse a Pike To dresse Oysters To dresse Flounders To dresse Snailes To dresse pickle fish To fricate beef Pallats A Spanish Olio To make a Spanish Olio.

Moreover, the habits of the creatures grow more entertaining as you become familiar with them, and even the dull oyster begins at last to show some signs of individual character.

Diseased oysters, though not edible, produce pearls, and a pearl of great price is the object of this quest.

" The eldest Oyster looked at him, But never a word he said: The eldest Oyster winked his eye, And shook his heavy head Meaning to say he did not choose To leave the oyster-bed.

"He nearly made a slip when he was lifting up that fake fried oyster.

26 adjectives to describe  oyster