63 adjectives to describe pane

This window was too high to reach from the ground; but, mounting on a buffet which stood beneath it, Father Holt showed Harry how, by pressing on the base of the window, the whole framework descended into a cavity worked below, from which it could be restored to its usual place from without, a broken pane being purposely open to admit the hand which was to work upon the spring of the machine.

The planks of the floor were more to him than other planks; something else than sunshine had often shone in to him through the little panes,he touched them gently; he walked softly over the rag-carpet on the aisle.

He walked across to the frosted window and gazed out of the upper panes up to the sky.

During work-hours nobody passes along these streets, and on raising one's head one sees only lofty chimneys belching forth thick coal smoke above the roofs of big buildings with dusty window panes.

Just as the daylight began to show blue behind the frosted panes, and the yellow lamplight grew pale and sickly, Rance Belmont rose and stretched his stiffened limbs.

Then he changed colour a little as a smart hat and a pretty face crossed the tiny panes.

There had been a long narrow pane of yellow-green glass over the front door.

He had caught a glimpse of Mrs. Hill's white frightened face peering through the dirty little glass pane in the parlour door.

It was a small affair, with little grimy window-panes, where were displayed knives, scissors, and razors, with locks and keys of many odd sorts.

They all had tiny old-fashioned panes of glass and were fastened with wooden buttons.

On my desk now at home there are a few long, rusty nails, an old lock of fifteenth-century workmanship, and a little broken window with leaded panes, which serve as mementoes of this destruction.

And forever the heart of the water throbs and beats, Though bound by a million gleaming fetters and crystal rings, No sound on lonesome mornings the lonely watcher greets, But the frosty pane is impressed with the shadow of coming wings.

A swinging sea-lamp of brightly polished brass gave them light, which in the daytime could be obtained through the four deadeyes, or small round panes of heavy glass which were fitted into the walls of the cabin.

He never in his life saw a flagstone sidewalk, nor an asphalted street, nor a pane of glass six feet square.

The windows, from the floor to the ceiling of each stately apartment, were composed, respectively, of but one enormous pane of glass, so transparently pure that it was said to be a finer medium than even the vacant atmosphere.

In one, a poor little shack of two rooms, there was a lighted pane, and as they passed, Sylvia heard the sick wail of a little child.

"We shall soon get rid of him, though," said Ergimo, as I followed him to the stern, to watch with great interest the method of dealing with the monster, whose strange form was visible through a thick crystal pane in the stern-plate.

THE OLD CARRYALL It's alone in the dark of the old wagon-shed, Where the spider-webs swing from the beams overhead, And the sun, siftin' in through the dirt and the mold Of the winder's dim pane, specks it over with gold.

Overhead a skylight with dingy panes diffused a dull blue glimmer which discovered a yawning door at her elbow, a pocket of black mystery beyond, and on the uppermost steps of the staircase her patient yellow shadow, his upturned eyes inscrutable but potentially revolting with their very concealment of the intent behind them.

There was not much snow on the ground, and the ice on the little river at the rear of the house was as smooth as a polished window-pane.

The windows, from the floor to the ceiling of each stately apartment, were composed, respectively, of but one enormous pane of glass, so transparently pure that it was said to be a finer medium than even the vacant atmosphere.

Three deeply-embayed windows, having stout wooden bars, filled with minute diamond panes, set in leaden frames, were allotted to each floor; while the like number of gables, ornamented with curiously-carved coignes, and long-moulded leaden spouts, shooting far into the street, finished the roof.

At last you shine forth, O Fire, O Sun, through the misty window pane!...

The thunder rolled over voiceless chambers; and the lights had been put out within the windows, on whose multitudinous small panes the lightning glared.

Through the small, octagonal panes of the little windows encircling the choirrow upon row, like an antique necklace of opals set in frosted stoneworkthe sunlight slanted in a rainbow mist, broken by splashes of yellow flame from great wax candles in immense golden candlesticks, rising from the floor and steps of the altar, as from the altar itself.

63 adjectives to describe  pane
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