14 adjectives to describe parterre

While Damon examined with an eager eye the gay parterre of beauty that appeared before him, a general whisper was excited upon his account.

The little parterre to be described, includes the sheltered town of Dorking, environed with rich lawny slopes, variegated with villas in the last taste; and little heights, from whose clustering foliage peeps the cottage roof of humble life.

On again ascending, you catch a fine view of Box Hill, and the amphitheatrical range of opposite hills, with one of the most magnificent parterres in nature.

Though thousands of leagues have interposed between the arid sands from which they have been imported into this peaceful and common home, the camel of the Thebais, as he ruminates in his grassy parterre, surveys with composed surprise the wild dog of the Tierra del Fuego and the sharp-eyed dingo of Australia.

My business has, therefore, been the rough business of a pioneer; and while hewing a road through the trackless forest, along which all might hereafter travel with ease, I had no time to attend to those minute graces of composition and petty perfection of arrangement and collocation, which are the attribute of the academic grove, or the literary parterre.

It is culled from Liverpool, (next to our own metropolis) the most literary city in the empire; but many of its flowers have been gathered from our metropolitan parterre.

Through a large porte-cochère, opening upon the banquette immediately beside and abreast of the store-front, one entered a high, covered carriage-way with a tessellated pavement and green plastered walls, and reached,just where this way (corridor, the Creoles always called it) opened into a sunny court surrounded with narrow parterres,a broad stairway leading to a hall over the "corridor" and to the drawing-rooms over the store.

In this wasted solitude you meet, all of a sudden, the most smiling parterre.

Only there was no mistake about thisthe Italian parterre; and a sudden tightness grew round her heart, and she thought of Mirko and the day she had last seen him.

The vast parterres a thousand hands shall make, Lo!

nor dare Come here with your colorless winglets to sweep The king of this brilliant parterre!" He thought, at these words, that together they flew, And, facing about, made a stand;

Fish of a score of shapes and of all colors of the spectrum wove in and out the branches and caverns of this wondrous parterre.

The front part of the house consisted of several reception rooms, without front walls, and immediately adjoining them, on the ground floor, elegant parterres; and on the first floor magnificent terraces, which were also decorated with flowers, and afforded a most splendid view over the animated scene on the river, the enchanting scenery around, and the mass of houses in the villages situated about the walls of Canton.

And he pointed to the walls, on which bloomed the fantastic parterre of the old pastels, flowers not of the earth, grown in the soil of paradise.

14 adjectives to describe  parterre