93 adjectives to describe pearl

"My Lily Bell, my precious pearl, my sylph!

In the palm of the right hand there is a priceless pearl.

"For stealing valuable pearls from some foreign woman.

" "Oh, what would I not give to get my child!" said the afflicted mother; and she wept yet more, and her eyes fell into the depths of the Lake, and became two costly pearls.

Besides, if you cry when it's cold, the tears may freeze on your cheeks, like little pearls, and fall off.

In spite of all these Roman basilisks, That seek to quell us with their currish looks, We will to Pontus: we'll have gold, my hearts; Those oriental pearls shall deck our brows.

Deep in the bosom of the ocean, Where sunshine fades to twilight gloom, The pure pearls lie, and the coral bloom Rests unsway'd by the upper motion Calm and still the hours pass by The lovely things that sleeping lie, Deep in the bosom of the ocean.

The shifting folds of gloomy cloud began to glide asunder, and through the gauzy veils which lingered in the interspaces, there came a dim radiance which lighted up the rain-drops "lingering on the pointed thorns;" and the tall meadow grasses were swaying to and fro with their loads of liquid pearls, in courtesies full of exquisite grace, as we whirled along.

Princess Marguerite looked charming, dressed in white, with her splendid pearls and beautiful fair hair.

Matched pearls.

The purple pearl.

Betty Gordon and the lost pearls.

The twelve pillars also, that uphold the canopy, are set with rows of fair pearl, round, and of an excellent water, that weigh from six to ten carats apiece.

Thy face, Marinaset round with lustrous pearls!

On each side of the red cheeks other braids were looped over the ears hung with broad earrings of filigree set with rough pearls and emeralds, or gold loops and pendants of coral, and an unexpected tulle ruff, like that of a Watteau shepherdess, framed the round chin above a torrent of necklaces, necklaces of amber, coral, baroque pearls, hung with mysterious barbaric amulets and fetiches.

It reads thus:"The kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchantman seeking goodly pearls: who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it."

"And hath great Accad lost so many sons, And left so many maids unmarried ones?" He eyed the image where the goddess stood Upon a pedestal of cedar wood O'erlaid with gold and pearls and uk-ni stones, And near it stands the altar with its cones Of gold adorned with gems and solid pearls, And from the golden censer incense curls.

As for color: the pink and blue pearls often grow white, at times, especially if kept long in darkness, but sun-baths restore their former tints.

Restless pearls.

In the centre of the collection was one curiously wrought pearl, so formed as to represent a star, and the sparkling of several diamonds from within, produced a very brilliant effect.

Jarvis's gift to Bambi was a dull gold chain, hung with tassels of baroque pearls, an exquisite feminine bauble.

The collection embraced the rarest and most valuable pearls known to exist.

The result was a dress pattern of soft black silk, brocaded with a small leafy design, a graceful lace-edged, muslin fichu, and an onyx bar pin upon which three butterflies were outlined by tiny pearls.

Capitana Loleng, the energetic and intelligent Capitana Loleng, had her account-book open before her, but she neither read nor wrote in it, nor was her attention fixed on the trays of loose pearls, nor on the diamondsshe had completely forgotten herself and was all ears.

In London, in the Ritz and Carlton restaurants, American refugees, loaded down with fat pearls and seated at tables loaded with fat food, besought your pity.

93 adjectives to describe  pearl