44 adjectives to describe penny

We were destined to be bitter poor, what with dues and regalities incident on the passing of the ownership, and I thought it best to leave my mother to farm it, with the help of Robin Gilfillan the grieve, and seek employment which would bring me an honest penny.

The gas would cost a pretty penny, to be sure, for it would compel the trader to return to Nome earlier than he had intended doing, but money seemed no object to the zealous explorer.

Melchior offered thirty golden pennies, Balthasar gave frankincense, and Caspar myrrh; but all else they quite forgot, and only remembered that they bowed before the Child, and said "Thanks be to God.

The advertisement gave the following clue: there are "two marks by which he is easily known, viz., on the back of each arm, about two or three inches above the wrist, a small roundish scar, less than a silver penny, like a large mark of the small-pox.

It restrains his liberty; it makes him pay something, a mere penny in the pound, of his debt to the government; but it does not make him a chattel.

Little Sallie Mandy and the shiny penny.

SEE Groves, Ernest R. GRUELLE, JOHN B. Raggedy Ann's lucky pennies.

And they all showed him that what they asked in payment was just one little penny.

There is a tradition, that the thirtie pence, for which the Saviour of the world was sold and delivered to the Jews, by the traitor, Judas, were of this kinde.

My sins will never fall heavily on me; my virtue will gain me neither extra pence nor praise.

"Now, shoot thou well, Gilbert," cried the Sheriff, "and if thine be the best shaft, fivescore broad silver pennies will I give to thee beside the prize.

First, the agitating labourer is strongly of opinion that, besides giving the land and subscribing, and paying a large voluntary rate, the landlord ought to defray the annual expenses and save him the weekly pence.

The work went forward with a vim, for ever before each worker was the thought of that tiny girl, the precious pennies saved one by one by childish self-denial.

Thur's sixpence vor the sausingers, tuppence vor bread an' butter, an' dreppence the pop,that meaks 'levenpence"; an' I drows down a shillin', and ses, "Thur's the odd penny vor the young 'ooman as waited upon me.

In 1363 another statute concerning diet and apparel fixes the price of poultry, a young capon three pence, an old one four pence, a hen two pence, and a pullet one penny "for the great Dearth that is in many Places."

" I said, "Auntie, what have you in that box?" She reached to her basket, untied some coins from the corner of the soiled ragthree pennies and a nickel.

Other tables of this period are to be found in a few old country mansions; there is one in Longleat, which, the writer has been told, has a small drawer at the end, to hold the copper coins with which the retainers of the Marquis of Bath's ancestors used to play a game of shovel penny.

" I said, "Auntie, what have you in that box?" She reached to her basket, untied some coins from the corner of the soiled ragthree pennies and a nickel.

But think what it means when week by week you have jealously watched nine solid pennies going in bread, nine more in meat, and another six in tea!

Tommy couldn't help laughing, though there was a twinge of pain at his stout little heart, as he fingered the solitary penny in the faded cap.

He devoured the exciting feuilleton stories in the evening papers he vended, and spent his spare pennies at the cinema theatres in the vicinity of his poor home.

" Another example of shrewd and ready humour in one of that class is the following:In this case the idiot was musical, and earned a few stray pence by playing Scottish airs on a flute.

Strike after strike secures its triumphant penny, and no return of Peterloo, or baton charges on the Liverpool St. George's Hall, driving the silent crowd over the edge of its steep basis "as rapidly and continually as water down a steep rock," as was seen during the strikes of August 1911, can now check the infection of such a hope.

Realizing that they were now lying at the exact distance of 440 yards from the stockade that protected the thing they had come to stealif you can call "stealing" the forced sale the Master now planned consummating, by having his bankers put into unwilling hands every ultimate penny of the more than $3,500,000 involved, once the coup should be put throughrealizing this fact, Bohannan felt the tug of a profound excitement.

It is possible that these wayward uncounted pennies dropped into their own pockets.

44 adjectives to describe  penny