166 adjectives to describe pent

On this point of taxes the ablest pens, and most eloquent tongues, have been exercised; the greatest spirits have acted and suffered.

You pen better than you did a twelvemonth ago; and if you continue to improve, you bid fair to win the golden pen which is the prize at your young gentlemen's academy.

Says the pig, "You will care If I act like a bear And tear your two wings from your neck," "What a nice little pen You have got!" says the hen, Beginning to scratch and to peck.

My flesh rebels at anything approaching to harshness," and then he went complacently back to his library to weave and fashion the graceful phrases which flowed from his facile pen.

Kossuth, the brave champion of liberty, its eloquent pen and herald, was dragged to a damp and dark subterranean prison-cell in the castle of Buda, and detained there, while his father and mother and his family, who were looking to him solely for their support, were robbed of the aid of their natural protector.

By her active exertion and by her busy pen she continued to pursue these two lines of work down to the year of her death.

" "The following detailed account of this lamentable catastrophe has been kindly contributed by the graphic pen of the only survivor, Thomas Thurnall, Esquire, F.R.C.S., &c. &c. &c., late surgeon on board the ill-fated vessel."

Helen F. Morley (W); 26May61; R276651. Notes with a yellow pen.

I suppose he thinks I may distinguish myself some time, and that the discerning world will be after a scratch of my gifted pen!

Spurts from an interrupted pen.

With the practised pen of a lawyer Henshaw quickly wrote down a short declaration, signing it with a flourish and then flicking it across the table to Gifford.

In this he was carefully entering yesterday's transactions with a reed pen, which he dipped frequently in a brass inkpot filled with a sponge soaked in a muddy black fluid.

And I made a rural pen, And I stained the water clear,

It is indeed a sad thought that this graceful pen will give us nothing more of its quality.

'Now, don't interrupt me in your impulsive way, but hear me outit would be far more kind and sensible in every way for you to sit right down at that little writing-table, take out your stylographic pen and write and tell my mother that I have a bad attack of influenza....

It is now in my possession, and is, perhaps, one of the best productions of his masterly pen.

He looked in at the narrow pen where he had lived up till now; saw the beaten ground, the stale fodder, the little trough where he had drunk water, and the dark shed in which he had slept.

The queer little pig that Mr. Harry had christened "Daddy Longlegs," had been washed, and he lay on his heap of straw in the corner of his neat little pen, and surveyed his clean trough and abundance of food with the air of a prince.

and until we have wrung our self-respect from unwilling hands and from unwilling pens there can be no co-operation.

The everyday person muse be considered and supplied with everyday pens, and the everyday person, although he buys cheap pens, is a more profitable customer than he looks.

Unable to wield the sword, he seizes his poetical pen, resolved to become the Chronicler and Historian of the war, and thus add his little mite for the improvement of future generations.

The critical pen of Mrs. Inchbald justly remarks, "To the honour of a profession long held in contempt by the wiseand still contemned by the weakShakspeare, the pride of Britain, was a player."

The candour of Sir Walter's historic pen levels our bristling prejudices on this score, and sees fair play between Roundheads and Cavaliers, between Protestant and Papist.

" "For A, his magic pen evokes an O, And turns the tide of Europe on the foe.

They are certainly very simple and telling, and I advise every one to open the "Mornings in Florence" and learn how the wilful magical pen deals with them; but it would be a pity to give up Ghirlandaio because Giotto was so different, as Ruskin wished.

166 adjectives to describe  pent