1509 adjectives to describe people

" "But how about the colored people?

Joy and rejoicing on every side, the Roman people walking about like free men.

The little thing lay upon its face across her lap, paddling and kicking with its little bare arms and legs, as such little people are very apt to do, while being dressed.

Yet, perhaps the Indians and the Kamtschadales will be gradually moulded into a hardy, civilized people: and here may be the scene of many a fierce conflict between your people and the Russians, whose numbers, now four times as great as yours, increase almost as rapidly.

I want to get into the jungles sometime and win those poor, ignorant heathen people for Jesus.

But there are such, and they may be seen and heard, barking, and snarling, and snapping in their envy, at honest peoples' heels every day.

The Whig says this morning that that beast Lincoln has to keep himself guarded by a regiment of negroes, as the Northern people want to kill him.

"Intelligent people, I thought," Beaumaroy observed, as the three friends pursued their way across the heath towards Old Place.

The unfortunate people had been overtaken by the dreadful disease, and had been compelled to halt on their journey until it abated.

All the same, I sometimes think rude, primitive people have a vigor we have not.

Had made money out of it by threatening respectable people with his pewter squirt, and they would give him money rather than have their clothes soiled.

With the curious blindness common to all married people (and indeed to any people who live together), clever Edith had been entirely taken in, in a certain sense; she had always felt (until the 'Townsend case') half disdainfully but satisfactorily certain of Bruce's fidelity.

This is a tribe which has puzzled wise people for a long time, for the Thlinkits are not Esquimos, not Indians, not coloured people, nor whites.

You think it wrong to tell tales, and yet quite right that innocent people should suffer for things done by these miserable cowards!" "No, sir," answered Diggory: "we've come now to try to get Oaks out of a scrape; though wewere afraid" "Afraid of what?" "Nothing, sir.

But, nevertheless, plain common-sense people, such as most Englishmen are, are afraid of this enthusiastical religion.

They are almost a separate class in Franceare very earnest, religious, honourable, narrow-minded people.

By the time decent people reach middle age they have weeded their circle pretty well of these unfortunates, unless they have a taste for such animals; in which case, no matter what their position may be, there is something, you may be sure, in their natures akin to that of their wretched parasites.

They are almost a separate class in Franceare very earnest, religious, honourable, narrow-minded people.

He had a perfectly unreasonable desire to carry her away, by force, if necessary, and to protect her from clever people, and to buy things for her.

I sometimes think the country-folk round about where I live the most sensible people I know.

Prussia, grasping bull-dog as she is, makes capital out of it, and calls us to her side, while our stupid people burn with a Prussian fever, which may turn to a plague to-morrow.

The task which we must undertake with our inmost feeling, with all the ardour of our faith, is to find once more the road to peace, to utter the word of brotherly love toward oppressed peoples, and to reconstruct Europe, which is gradually sinking to the condition of Quattrocento Italy, without its effulgence of art and beauty: thirty States mutually diffident of each other, in a sea of programmes and Balkan ideas.

They make their profit and maintain themselves out of the labour and the taxation of the subject peoples.

The popularity of opera among fashionable people in this city varies inversely as the intelligibility of the language in which it is sung.

Without insisting too much on the stories of atrocitieswhich are still to a certain extent sub judiceit does rather appear that even those excesses which the Commissions of inquiry have reported (and which occurred, be it said, chiefly in the early days of the campaign) were due to an intoxication, not merely of champagne but of excited self-glorification and blindness to the human rights of peoples at least as brave as themselves.

1509 adjectives to describe  people