332 adjectives to describe performances

But when we think of the joy of such imaginative play as that of Red Indians, shipwrecks and desert islands, we feel that these show a craving for experience, for life, such a craving as causes the adult to lose himself in a book of travels or in a dramatic performance, and which explains the phenomenal success of the cinema, poor stuff as it is.

That I, an old scout who had never seen more than twenty or thirty theatrical performances in my life, should think of going upon the stage, was ridiculous in the extremeso they all said.

You see, the guardian would have to give a bond to the extent of a great many thousand dollars for the faithful performance of his duties.

I can't say I admired it as a musical performance then, and I don't appreciate its harmony now.

Probably the epilogue for the amateur performance of "Richard II.," given by the family of Henry Field, Barren Field's father (see Vol.

"Andy, are you glad you joined the circus?" questioned Luke, one day, after a particularly brilliant performance in the ring.

Mr. Dogget was first taken notice of as an excellent actor, from the admirable performance of his part in this play.

The Letter from Italy to my Lord HALIFAX may be considered as the Text, upon which the book of Travels is a large Comment; and has been esteemed by those who have a relish for Antiquity, as the most exquisite of his poetical performances.

The length of the tour of enlisted men detailed as special guards, other than stable or park guards, will be so regulated as to permit of these men being held accountable for a strict performance of their duty. 23.

ON THE WESTERN FRONT Artillery fighting with mortars and long-range cannon was a continuous performance during December and January in nearly every section of the western battle line.

From the Thlinkit point of view, this was a most remarkable performance on Ted's part, but Kalitan thought it must be all right for a "Boston boy," for even the stern old chief seemed to regard happy-go-lucky Ted with approval.

" To obtain uniform results practice had to come before actual performance, and many weary hours were spent over drill in reading, drill in number, drill in handwork, drill in needlework.

It would seem that the true way is for the people of the country to address themselves to the better performance of their own duty in selecting their legislative representatives and in holding those representatives to strict responsibility for their action.

"It is, doubtless, a very spectacular and very stirring performance to cast your cap over the wind-mill in the face of the world; but, after all, is it not a bit foolish, Patricia?

A lucky break, a farce comedy in three acts; a reproduction of the original professional performance by Nathaniel Edward Reeid.

On Thursday, June 24, I dined with him at Mr. Dilly's, where were the Rev. Mr. (now Dr.) Knox, master of Tunbridge-school, Mr. Smith, Vicar of Southill, Dr. Beattie, Mr. Pinkerton, authour of various literary performances, and the Rev. Dr. Mayo.

Having finished this little performance, the old lady walked to the back window, and looked out into the flower garden, although there was really nothing there to see.

Thinking over all this, Andy realized that the beginning and end of all his troubles was his irrepressible tendency towards acrobatic performances.

Prediction of the adjustment and academic performance of college students by a modification of the Rorschach method.

That law enforces, on the plea of either party, "specific performance" of the marriage contract.

The routes for guns were not chosen until the whole country had been reconnoitred, and it was a highly creditable performance for artillery to get their field guns and heavy howitzer batteries through to the time-table.

That he did not live, however, to finish his curious performance, is the misfortune of the republic of letters."

You had a spirited performance always going on before your eyes, with nothing to pay.

It came to him suddenly, as he stood up, that someone might have seen this singular performance and carried the tale away for future laughter.

During my excursions up and down the Pearl stream, I had frequent opportunities of hearing artistic performances of this description on board the mandarin and flower-boats.

332 adjectives to describe  performances