176 adjectives to describe phase

Only the United States maintained that the indemnity should be limited to the reparation of the damages: a reparation which in later phases included not only reconstruction of destroyed territories and damage done to private property, but even pensions to the families of those dead in the War and the sums in grant paid during it.

The good and bad sides of this peculiar phase of civilization have been often enough commented on by historians.

It was a logical downfall, which she could not stop, and the successive phases of which she herself fatally precipitated.

And how forcibly are we impressed, in surveying the varied phases of the French Revolution, that nothing but justice and right should guide men in their reforms; that robbery and injustice in the name of liberty and progress are still robbery and injustice, to be visited with righteous retribution; and that those rulers and legislators who cannot make passions and interests subservient to reason, are not fit for the work assigned to them.

The committee found itself in entire disagreement with the opinion that the increased employment of women was a passing phase, and made recommendations bearing on such measures as improved technical training for girls as well as for boys, a minimum wage for unskilled men as well as women, equal pay for equal work, and the abolition of "half-timers."

After the Russian revolution in March, 1917, the military affairs of the new nation entered upon a curious phase.

Certainly, it was a dreadful thing to doan offense the enormity of which was utterly inexcusable except under the stress of a purely impersonal and scientific necessity for investigating a mental phase of humanity which had always thrilled him with a curiosity most profound.

With the retirement of the great soldier, however, from the cares of command which necessarily interfered in a large degree with pious exercises and meditations, the religious phase of his character became more clearly defined, assuming far more prominent and striking proportions.

There were three distinct phases of this campaign to "rid the woods of the agitators."

A fourth phase of the early Infant School was the strong belief of both teachers and inspectors in uniformity of work and of results.

Measuring the photochemical phase of vision.

But the practical phases of life are prompt in asserting themselves.

He said the roughness of manners prevalent in the haphazard western aggregation of New Englanders, Virginians, Carolinians and Georgians would prove but a temporary phase.

THE PHENOMENON OF PAUSE Let us conceive of sleep less narrowly than we are accustomed to: think of it only as one phase of the phenomenon of pause, of arrested physical activity, universal throughout nature.

Here the poet has had the art to select a typical phase of business life, which naturally presents itself in the form of an ascending curve, so to speak, of emotional crises.

Aurelius had typified a gentler phase of Rome, a subtler dignity, but even he, whose worst severity was tempered by the philosophical regret that he could not kill crime with kindliness, had worn the imperial purple like Olympus' delegate.

"Certainly a remarkable phase," Mr. Clarkson observed, "although I concluded that, in regard to beauty, the voice of the people is not necessarily identical with the voice of God.

If they did, one very unpleasant phase of our national life would be greatly changed for the better.

Backwoods utopias: the sectarian and Owenite phases of communitarian socialism in America, 1663-1829.

R603664. Battle report: Pacific war, middle phase.

If they are realistic it is not to the exclusion of spiritual elements; and the poetic, sentimental phases of human existence are never ignored.

Hastily touching at some of the other British islands, they made Antigua, Barbadoes, and Jamaica, successively the objects of their deliberate and laborious studyas fairly presenting the three grand phases of the "experiment"Antigua, exemplifying immediate unrestricted abolition; Barbadoes, the best working of the apprenticeship, and Jamaica the worst.

SEE Elson, William H. KEENAN, JOSEPH H. Thermodynamic properties of steam, including data for the liquid and solid phases.

R631581. Business, legal, and ethical phases of engineering.

Her subjective immortality derived much of its acceptableness and beauty from those poetic phases given to it by idealistic pantheism.

176 adjectives to describe  phase