91 adjectives to describe photograph

In Palestine, possibly to a greater extent than in any other theatre of war, our map-makers had to rely on aerial photographs to supply them with the details required for military maps.

She looked across at the framed photograph on the wall; six girls in the group and herself the youngestthe reward for perfect recitations and perfect deportment for one year.

'Do you wish you had waited for the other one till now?' asked Margaret softly, but she did not know that he had been killed in South Africa; she had never seen the shabby little photograph.

(Australian official photograph)]

When he was shown a colored photograph, which Gerald had just had taken for his Rose-mother, he at once said that was the one named George.

And I believe the army surgeon is right, who said to me one day: 'If instantaneous photographs could be taken after a battle, and millions of copies made and scattered through the world, there would be no more war.

That is like a mental photograph.

They were a mournful lot, these would-be, ten-dollar-a-week custodians; Mr. Heatherbloom wondered if his own physiognomy in a general way would merge nicely in a composite photograph of them?

Most of the stalls in the bazaar were devoted to the sale of rice, wheat, and tobacco, cheap cutlery, and Manchester goods; and I noticed, with some surprise, cheap photographs of Mrs. Langtry, Ellen Terry, Miss Nelly Farren, Sylvia Grey, and other leading lights of society and art, spread out for sale among the many-bladed knives, nickel forks and spoons, and German timepieces.

To the second picture he turned with a deeper hope, but his heart fell at once, for all he saw was an enlarged photograph, two mountains, snow-topped in the distance, and in the foreground, first a mighty pine with the branches lopped smoothly from the side as though some tremendous ax had trimmed it, behind this a ranch-house, and farther back the smooth waters of a lake.

As a crowning stamp upon his dignity he had a clerk who handled the ordinary routine of work in the front room, while Hardy set himself up in state in a little rear office whose walls were decorated by two brilliant calendars and the coloured photograph of a blond beauty advertising a toilet soap.

I looked at the back of the torn photograph, and saw that it had been taken by a well-known and fashionable firm in New Bond Street.

The best way to study Michelangelo's last work in marble is to take the admirable photograph produced under artificial illumination by Alinari.

Here he took innumerable photographs of his friends and their children, as indeed he had been doing for some time under less favourable conditions.

But not ordinary amateur photographs; his work is more technical and quite excellent of its kind.

[Illustration: BottomA remarkable actual war photograph of British machine gunners operating from German second line; captured in the great Cambrai drive.

It is satisfactory to record that subsequent aerial photographs showed that much damage to workshops, etc., had been caused by this bombardment.

" There was also a much blurred photograph of the fine old farm-house, from which it was difficult to deduce much except that it had a gambrel roof.

We had occasion to put a little cross on the pavement of a double photograph of Canterbury Cathedral,copying another stereoscopic picture where it was thus marked.

The plain gown with its long folds, the uncovered throat, and rich simplicity of her fair hair had often reminded Fenwick and a few of his patrons of those Florentine photographs which now, since the spread of the later Pre-Raphaelites and the opening of the Grosvenor Gallery, were to be seen even in the shops of country towns.

He had opened the case, and inside it was a photographthe photograph of a woman with bold, dark eyes and full lips and oval facea face so typically French that it was not to be mistaken.

Somebody told me (a little bird, I suppose) that you had been having better photographs done of yourselves.

To produce the effect that made the people in the theatre forget their surroundings and feel as if they were actually overlooking the race-track itself, about five thousand separate photographs were shown.

On the walls of the Markovitch dining-room all kinds of pictures were hungold family photographs yellow and dusty, old calendars, prints of ships at sea, and young men hanging over stiles, and old ladies having tea, photographs of the Kremlin and the Lavra at Kieff, copies of Ivan and his murdered son and Serov's portrait of Chaliapine as Boris Godounov.

"I ought not to begin our acquaintance by doubting your word: but these things are no dabbler's work;" and Tom pointed to some exquisite photographs of minute corallines, evidently taken under the microscope.

91 adjectives to describe  photograph