20 adjectives to describe photography

SIMON, RICHARD L. Miniature photography; from one amateur to another.

Kodak data book on infrared and ultraviolet photography.

He came back inscrutably, but within a week his results on aerial photography were public property.

EASTMAN KODAK CO. Notes on tropical photography.

"They were talking about amateur photography, and he pulled a print of that out of his pocket and made her a present of it; said it couldn't be beaten.

"He was at that time much interested in celestial photography.

A guide to better photography.

SEE Pictorial photography.

Profitable photography with the miniature camera.

DAVIS, WILLIAM S. Practical amateur photography.

That's Mrs. Schuyler post-trick photography, of course.

AIRCRAFT, ARMY WING.Strategical reconnaissance including the reconnaissance of areas beyond the tactical zone and in which the enemy's main reserves are located, also distant photography and aerial offensive, will be carried out by an Army squadron under instructions issued direct from G.H.Q. Protection from hostile aircraft will be the main duty of the Army fighting squadron.

"The government is particularly interested in him because of his contributions to aërial photography.

Prinsep(mother of the painter), Lady Somers, and Mrs. Cameron, who was the pioneer in artistic photography as we know it to-daywere known as Beauty, Dash, and Talent.

It is true that with careless photography one face may be allowed to dominate, but with the care that ought to be taken, and with the precautions described in the Appendix, that does not occur.

For a long time it was believed to be impossible to remedy this defect; and even when it became known that bromide of silver could be made more sensitive to yellow and red by staining it with certain dyes, the subject received very little attention, because it was also known that the increase of sensitiveness was too slight to be of practical value in commercial photography.

He must know how very simple a process this 'composite photography' is, and that among photographers there is no mystery whatever in it.

The Victorian age introduced anaesthetics and antiseptic surgery, developed photography, the sciences of chemistry and physics, of biology and zoölogy, of botany and geology.

We would gladly give here in full George's portrait of her tutor; but if we should stop to sketch all the admirable photography of this work, our review would become a volume.

I have also shown that the image on the screen might be photographed then and there, or that the same result may be much more easily obtained by a method of successive photography, and I have exhibited many specimens made on this principle.

20 adjectives to describe  photography
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