484 adjectives to describe phrases

Eight miles" Did she expect to turn a sinner from the gates of heaven with a mere phrase?

Our school textbooks tell us that action and reaction are equal and opposite; and this familiar phrase gives meaning to the saw, Pelmavè dakâl dakè, 'She is equal, the thing struck to the hammer,' meaning that woman's equality to man is no more effective than the reaction of the leather on the mallet.

Presently she steadied herself and began explaining in feeble little phrases, sandwiched between sobs and gasps: "Shetuk a broochKep'kep' layin' it roun' inh-her way, th-that young Sam Arkwright did,a-an' finally sheshe tuk hit.

Perhaps the proverbial phrase just quoted may have had its origin in the natural phenomenon here described.

This, to use a homely phrase, made their leaders feel out of it.

The German language contains a very expressive phrase, Stimmungsmacherei, which means creating or preparing a certain frame of mind.

With the incantation of technical phrase over the witch-brew of adventure, gambling, and romance, that simmers in the mind when men tell of finding gold in the ground, with the addition of this salt of science comes a savour of homely virtue, an aroma promising sustenance and strength.

10.That singular notion, so common in our grammars, that a participle and its adjuncts may form "one name" or "substantive phrase," and so govern the possessive case, where it is presumed the participle itself could not, is an invention worthy to have been always ascribed to its true author.

On the broad expanse of ocean, or, in nautical phrase, with plenty of sea-room, if his bark is in good condition, he fears little or nothing, but when his vessel approaches its goal, visions of disaster arise before him, and he becomes anxious, thoughtful, and taciturn.

The servants would explode at dinner if the lad, asking for something which wasn't at table, put on that countenance and used that favourite phrase.

The ice in the glasses tinkled a brief phrase of music, the tops burgeoned with a luxuriant summer green, and the straws were of a sweetly pastoral suggestiveness.

His conversion was larded with foreign phrases and foreign oaths, and every thing he said was accompanied with a significant shrug.

With the liberty of supposing a few ellipses, an ingenious parser will seldom find occasion to speak of "adverbial phrases."

Colonel Musgrave, it is to you that, as the vulgar phrase it, I take off my hat.

I told her so, in some such pretty phrase as I could muster for the occasion.

The pastime, recently come into vogue, of collecting Bromidioms, is a pursuit by itself, worthy enough of practice if one appreciates the subtleties of the game and does not merely collate hackneyed phrases, irrespective of their true bromidic quality.

So far front being it a colourless text, as it is in some few places which present a parallel to our Synoptic Gospels, the Clementine version both frequently includes passages that are found only in some one of the canonical Gospels, and also, we may say usually, repeats the characteristic phrases by which one Gospel is distinguished from another.

He was not accustomed to dealing with such wordless grief, and he found his favorite phrases sadly inadequate to the occasion.

There was no conversation, merely an exchange of formal phrases, but I had some funny experiences.

Papias is lionized in order to upset the antiquity of the four Gospelswhich upsetting, however, depends on a dogmatic interpretation of an ambiguous phrase, and the absence of positive testimony.

Two years later, in 1879, when he made the journey across the plains, he had many opportunities to record Americanisms far more emphatic than the harmless phrase quoted here, which can hardly be called an Americanism.

He has a wonderful command of language, and he makes his meaning clear by striking phrases, vigorous antitheses, anecdotes, and illustrations.

No set phrases.

A book of useful phrases.

Take the following phrases, and think whither they carry us.

484 adjectives to describe  phrases